Step 1: Get the free app for your mobile device.


RTM Videos

Entry form is accessable only through the RTM Videos App. You may not enter via desktop computer, web browser or email.

Step 2: Launch the app and tap "Win iPad"

Step 3: Complete and submit the entry form

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where can I see the complete rules?


How often may I enter?
One entry per person per household address per day.


How can I know if I am a winner?
We will contact you by email. Make sure to check both your inbox and spam folders. Look for emails sent from a RightThisMinute.com address.


How often is a winner selected?
One winner will be selected each day starting April 8 through April 25, 2013.


Can I enter using a web browser?
Sorry, the only way to enter is though the RTM Videos app on iOS and Android devices. Entering is not possible on desktop or laptop computers or on mobile web browsers.


Can I enter at your web site or by email?
We will not be accepting entries at our web site or by email.


Do you have an app for Windows smartphones, Blackberry devices or other mobile platforms?
Not right now. The RTM Videos app is designed for iOS and Android.


What if I don't have a smartphone or the app isn't available for my device, is there any other way to enter?
You must enter via the RTM Videos app. We are not accepting alternative forms of entry, including, but not limited to, email, phone, Facebook, Twitter, telegram, or smoke signals.


Why can't I see the entry form on my mobile device?
Sadly, some iOS or Android mobile devices may not be able to access the entry form. If your device can not access the form, it will not be possible to enter.


I have the RTM Videos app but there's no "Win iPad" button?
You may not have the most recent version of the RTM Videos app
. Try downloading the latest version.


I'm in Canada. Why can't I enter?
We love Canada and we are glad you are watching RightThisMinute. But the legal guys in the suits say that only legal residents of the United States and District of Columbia can enter. But please keep watching RightThisMinute!