Your Ultimate Guide To The 2019 Super Bowl Commercials

Super Bowl 53 is almost here, and commercials are starting to roll in before the big game. Check back as we update with more ads!


Harrison Ford, Forest Whitaker and other stars make an appearance in this funny ad about Amazon Alexa fails.

Avocados From Mexico 

Kristin Chenoweth is a judge for the "Human Canine Show," and you guessed it, the competitors win avocados.


Budweiser is now brewed with 100 percent renewable electricity from wind power. 


The dating app ad is teasing a new campaign starring Serena Williams.

Burger King

Burger King's only released teasers for now since the actual commercial will be playing during the game! 


A Coke is a Coke no matter who or what is drinking it. 


Luke Wilson stars as the "Close Talker."


Chance the Rapper and the Backstreet Boys team up to bond over the new Flamin’ Hot Nacho Doritos. See an extended version here.


The world's first Super Bowl commercial you can expense starring 2 Chains and Adam Scott.


Jason Bateman is the elevator operator bringing passengers to the floors of their nightmares.


Jeep's "Big Game Blitz" features One Republic and an instrumental version of the national anthem, all set to images.


Matt Leinart tests out Lexus' Quarterback Safety System Plus!

Mercedes-Benz USA

Cool commercial with an appearance from Ludacris! What if you had the power to change how things happen?

Michelob Ultra

Zoë  Kravitz and ASMR, what could be better?


Christina Applegate takes some very unruly passengers home from the grocery store.


Known for her role in the classic horror film "I Know What You Did Last Summer," Sarah Michelle Gellar stars in this commercial all about what you would do to get killer skin.


Steve Carrell, Cardi B and Lil Jon all think Pepsi is "More than OK."

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut and The NFL go together like Goff and Gurley (from the Rams).


Mr. Peanut is always there in "crunch" time. Watch for an appearance by Charlie Sheen and Alex Rodriguez!


Devices never get the chance to try Pringles stack creations!


Tony Romo and his effortless life!


Michael C. Hall stars in "Skittles The Musical" which will actually be performed one time only live in front of an audience the day of the Super Bowl.

Stella Artois

Sarah Jessica Parker and Jeff Bridges bring back their legendary characters, Carrie Bradshaw and "The Dude," outfits and all.


College football star Toni Harris and Toyota's RAV4 Hybrid.


Turbo Tax

The debut of a very interesting and sensitive robot named RoboChild...

Love is in the Air

Exciting Proposal Steals The Show

Exciting Proposal Steals The Show

Austin and Lexy are watching Dierks Bentley at the Country Thunder Music Festival when Austin (a skilled country singer himself) joins the singer in a performance. That's already exciting in itself, but suddenly Austin asks Lexy to join him on stage. He proposes and you can tell that she's absolutely overjoyed! View Now
Crazy Swimmers In Icy River & Photographer Falls Into Water

Crazy Swimmers In Icy River & Photographer Falls Into Water

There's some tomfoolery happening in Russia as a group of friends decides to go for a swim in an icy river. These guys are crazy! Then in Brazil, another person goes for a dip — this time it was definitely unintentional, though. A photographer snapping pictures of a wedding proposal on a dock slips and tumbles into the water. Oops! To donate to the fundraiser for the photographer's damaged equipment on Vakinha. View Now
Beach Yoga Transitions Into Romantic Proposal

Beach Yoga Transitions Into Romantic Proposal

Shaun and Ashley both have a passion for acrobatic yoga, so Shaun thought this would be the perfect time to propose. Shaun set up his phone on the beach to record the yoga, which Ashley had no idea would end in so much more. The couple shows their strength in challenging yoga poses, and Shaun never lets Ashley fall. But she has already fallen deeply for Shaun and happily accepts his proposal in a touching moment at one of their favorite places. Congrats Ashley and Shaun!  View Now


Firefighter Reunites Lost Dog With Owners

Firefighter Reunites Lost Dog With Owners

As a firefighter, Maxx Powell is no stranger to rescuing those in need. While driving, he spots a Husky dog on some train tracks and picks it up to hopefully find the pup's owner. The two strike up quite the bond, but Maxx knows to trust his instincts that this dog must come from a pretty loving home. This story is so sweet! View Now
Beloved Pet Rat Reunited With Owner

Beloved Pet Rat Reunited With Owner

Chris is very distraught when he realizes that his beloved pet rat, Lucy, has suddenly gone missing. Fortunately, this story has a happy ending. Through the combined efforts of Chris, social media, and the local police, Lucy is found and returned to Chris. It's clear from their cheerful reunion that they're both very happy to see each other again! View Now
Precious Baby Lemurs To Brighten Your Day

Precious Baby Lemurs To Brighten Your Day

Six baby lemurs were born at Chester Zoo in the United Kingdom, which is great news! Why? Well not only are they just plain cute, but this will also help wildlife conservation efforts. Lemurs are one of many endangered species that Act for Wildlife is making efforts to save from extinction, so we're happy to hear that they're making some progress. View Now


Spicy Cardi B Music Video Gets Spoonful Of Sugar

Spicy Cardi B Music Video Gets Spoonful Of Sugar

We love the hit song "Please Me" by Cardi B and Bruno Mars, but in case you were looking for a more PG version of the song — JULIA AKS has got you covered! In this hilarious parody featuring Todrick Hall, we see that rather than the medicine, a spoon full of sugar makes the booties go down! View Now
Inside The Home Of Lenny Kravitz

Inside The Home Of Lenny Kravitz

Have you ever wondered what a legendary musician's Brazilian farm-compound looks like? Thanks to Architectural Digest, wonder no more. Watch as Lenny Kravitz, who aslo owns his own design firm, gives a tour of his absolutley stunning property.  Architectural Digest video produced by Condé Nast Entertainment. View Now

Take the Challenge

Randy Santel Takes On Nutella Pancake Challenge

Randy Santel Takes On Nutella Pancake Challenge

Randy Santel is embarking on another tasty food challenge. In the video he faces a towering stack of twelve panackes smothered in nutella, carmel sauce, ice cream, and bananas. Randy is joined by Radim Dvoracek at a Bistro in Kosice, Slovakia where the two both take on their own tower of pancakes, and completely destroy them. View Now
50 Tricks, 50 States, One Ambitious Skateboarder

50 Tricks, 50 States, One Ambitious Skateboarder

Chad Caruso has some big plans for his next 50 days. In this short amount of time, Chad plans to complete the 50 tricks in 50 states challenge, where he is supposed to complete a single skateboarding trick in a new state of the country each day. He has packed his bags, filled his car and is off to a brave start on his journey across America!  View Now

RTM Hall of Fame

Botfly Larva Growing Inside Man's Back

Botfly Larva Growing Inside Man's Back

This one is not for the faint-hearted! For most people, the idea of having a botfly, or any critter for that matter, growing inside their back is a nightmare. However, entomologist (a scientist who studies insects) Phil Torres wears his larva as a sort of badge of honor, representing the years of work he has done in the Amazon. If you dare, click here for the full uncensored video!  View Now
Tidy Mouse Cleans Up Tool Shed Every Night

Tidy Mouse Cleans Up Tool Shed Every Night

A retired electrician named Stephen Mckears could not figure out how objects scattered on his tool shed's work table ended up in an old ice cream tub each night. He noticed that plastic clips, nuts, bolts, screws and other objects would be neatly stacked away each night. After a month of the strange activity, Mckears and his neighbor Rodney Holbrook set up a camera to get to the bottom of the crazy mystery. Word on the street is that the mouse has updated his resume and his looking for a full-time job on a cleaning crew.  View Now
Photographer Captures Scary Moment Colleague Grabbed By Whale

Photographer Captures Scary Moment Colleague Grabbed By Whale

Divers were about 25 nautical miles off the shore of South Africa checking out a naturally occurring phenomenon, when 51-year-old Rainer Schimpf suddenly found himself trapped inside the mouth of a Bryde's Whale. And like a good photographer, colleague Heinz Toperczer was on the boat getting the perfect shot of Rainer hanging out of the whale's mouth. But it didn't take away from the fear everyone felt in that instant. The Bryde's Whale is not aggressive toward humans and is generally good at sensing when people are around. View Now