RightThisMinute Talks to Amanda Oleander the Queen of 'Periscope'

If you're not already familiar with Amanda Oleander, let us introduce you to her. She is the queen of Twitter's brand new live broadcasting app, Periscope. She has shot to stardom by live streaming her days, becoming even more popular than celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres on the platform. She joined RTM to tell us all about it, and even showed us to the more than nine million users who love her. View Now

Control Your Phone with the Stroke of Your Hair

You've probably seen someone stroke their hair a few times. Turns out they either just like the feeling of their hair or they're spies. Well, not really spies but they are doing something sneaky! Hairware is a new device woven into hair extensions that can activate apps on your phone. Now we can all be suspicious of people with long hair... View Now

New App is Kind of Like Tinder, But for Sober People

If you're sober it's tough to be around your buddies when they're pounding beers and throwing back shots. That's why there's a new app designed especially to connect sober people with others who refrain from drinking and drugs. It's called the Sober app and it works like Tinder where you swipe left or right and accept friends or not. Hey, there's no need to not be social just because you're sober, and that's where the Sober app comes in.  View Now

You Will Never Download an App the Same Way Again

Do you ever take the time to stop and read those lengthy, wordy notices that come up when you want to download an app on your smartphone? Of course not. Most of us don't even bother. But perhaps we should. This eye-opening video by Silent Circle will certainly make you think twice the next time you're prompted to push that "Allow" button on your personal cell phone.  View Now

See Your Steps: App Tracks Ballet Moves

Ballet can be so interpretive and it can be more difficult for some to see all of the steps taken. That's where Electronic Traces comes into play. Designer Lesia Trubat González created the wearable technology that, with Lilypad Arduino technology, tracks where the dancer meets the ground and sends the information to an app, where a graph can then be created. From here, dancers can further work on their dance moves with the advanced data provided. View Now

'Les Mis' Gets a Millennials Update

Warning: This video contains explicit lyrics. Les Misérables is a classic tale still beloved in our contemporary times, but an update regarding today's social issues isn't out of order, and Honora Talbott has offered up an entertaining musical commentary on how, although there are countless social media outlets made to connect people, it's even easier to feel so alone. Like super omg-I'm-almost-30-what-have-I-done-with-my-life-almost-nothing alone. View Now

How to Prepare for a Tinder Date

Apparently preparing for a Tinder date may involve denouncing Zumba class, pointing out the colors of your clothes, getting shoe-sand in your eye, and losing the ability to form complete sentences. Better luck next time, Megan MacKay. #YoureTooGoodForHimAnyway View Now

Consequences of a Real Life Tinder

Tinder is an interesting dating app, but what if you could use its power in real life? Sure you'd get some pretty awkward exchanges but you'd also be able to meet your future love interest right away. Okay, maybe the positives don't outweigh the negatives, but it sure would make dating a lot more interesting. Video Courtesy: Third String Kicker View Now

Say NO to Friends' Instagram Clichés While Remaining Anonymous

Wouldn't you love to discreetly tell your "friends" on Instagram to take it easy on the selfies? Pic Nix by a&g allows users to sneakily politely let other users know if they're using and abusing their right to Instagram by posting one too many clichés. Don't fear the moral hangover because you can remain anonymous. See how it works. View Now

Snapchatting Is a Bit of an Art

For those not familiar with Snapchat, it's an app that allows you to send temporary picture messages to others. And just as you probably speak or text differently to different people - such as your friends, your crush, or your mom - your style of Snapchat must change too. Luke (aka Mippey5) demonstrates those striking and honest differences! View Now

Snapchat Becomes a Platform for Murder

Welcome to Snapchat where everything is gone in a matter of seconds, even murder. When a guy's lifestyle decisions put him in a life or death situation, he becomes the victim of a 10-second homicide on Snapchat. Although this is just a film directed by James Corbett, it has an eerie realistic feel to it. View Now

Avoiding Jet Lag & Training Your Toothbrush

IT'S TECH TIME!!!! Our first item is a new app for the iPhone called Entrain, and it is the perfect program for traveling. The app helps you dictate your jet lag by giving you advice on sunlight exposure. Our second item is a Kickstarter for Kolibree, which is a smartphone-connected toothbrush. View Now

Drones Accomplish Tasks For You With New App Concept

It's an app for the future. Imagine having the ability to call drones to do things for you. Get pictures taken, explore, receive weather updates and live feeds all with a few swipes on your smart phone. You can do all that and more with Gofor. Well, not yet since this "drones on demand" app is just a concept at the moment. View Now

A New App Helps You Drop Pounds in Pictures

If you're looking to get thinner in front of the camera, a new app can help you. College Professor Sue Green created SkinneePix to melt any unflattering pounds from your pictures. As the RTM crew points out, this could be a great way to motivate folks to lose weight.  View Now

If Instagram Were Around in the 1980s...

Instagram is almost as big as Facebook nowadays. But what if the popular social media photo-sharing app had been developed in the 1980s? Squirrel Monkey shows us exactly what that would look like. Let's just say there would be at least a half dozen extra steps before you could share your awesome, filtered, "artsy" photo to all of your followers. View Now

This Guy Is Happy Flappy Bird Got Deleted

Dave Days though games were supposed to be fun, but he really hates what he's become... addicted to flappy bird. Set to the tune of Bastille's "Pompeii," it's a fun parody of a very turbulent relationship with the notorious app. At least one person is glad the game got deleted. Now he no longer feels like he got slapped in the face after crashing into a pixilated pipe. View Now

Rating Things Is Cool

Have you ever wanted to rate your neighbor or your steak from last night? Well, a new app called "Proust" allows you to rate literally everything. From your ex-wife to whales, nothing is sacred. View Now