IndyCar Driver Justin Wilson Dies After Crash

WARNING: Video may be disturbing to some. IndyCar driver Justin Wilson has passed away after sustaining a head injury in a race at Pocono Raceway Sunday. Debris from a crash struck the driver in the final laps, and he went into a coma after being air lifted to Lehigh Valley Health Network Cedar Crest Hospital. Wilson is survived by his wife, Julia, and two daughters. View Now

Hackers Remotely Kill a Jeep, Create Scary Moment for Journalist

We have now entered a time where hackers can control your car, remotely. Two hackers, Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek, have created a tool that can hack into or hijack a Jeep over the Internet from miles and miles away. WIRED senior writer Andy Greenberg put them to the test and things got a little scary on the highway. View Now

Fast and Ferocious Cars

First up, Jeremy Clarkson posted this video of himself driving faster than 100 miles per hour in his Ariel Atom. He was speeding down country roads when a resident phoned the police. Clarkson was charged and convicted of dangerous driving. Second, Rett Thompson is selling his dream car. He produced this awesome video to showcase the features 2010 BMW 135i M Sport. He searched really hard to find a car with these exact specifications and the awesome part is it only has 38,000 miles.     View Now

Volvo Creates Concept Car With Mothers in Mind

Parents, you know how hard it can be to get to the baby in the backseat of the car, right? And even if you're sitting next to the baby in the backseat, difficulty can persist, right? Well, Volvo created a concept for its 2016 XC90 "Excellence" edition, ditching a passenger seat for a rear-facing baby seat. If the concept becomes reality, there's no telling if the seat can ever be changed into a normal passenger seat when the baby grows up. But we can worry about that later. To the mall, chauffeur! View Now

Riding on Cars with Dogs

Everybody knows dogs love to take a ride in the car; these pups are automotive enthusiasts. Vietnamese authorities are searching for this owner who allegedy let his dog drive his motorbike. Another owner in Thailand let a pooch surf on the hood of the truck. View Now

Almost Crashing a Ferrari During a Test Drive Will Make Your Heart Jump

Driving a Ferrari looks like a blast. And when driving a Ferrari that isn't yet yours, during a test drive, there may be a tendency to be a little more adventurous than usual. The guy had a super close call while behind the wheel of a Ferrari F430, and you can tell it really scared the crud out of him. Instructor gives the thumbs up, though! View Now

Bizarre Incident Caught on Camera as Men Force Woman into Taxi

Strange doesn't even begin to describe this one. A woman was forced into the back of a taxi by a group of men, with the police there to witness it. Whether she was drunk and they were her friends just trying to get her home, we don't know. But she was dropped off at her home safely and the ordeal is under investigation. View Now

The Road Rage From These Drivers Will Enrage You

Two cases of road rage so uncalled for it boggles the mind. A driver in the US harassed the driver behind him for a long stretch of road, all because the other driver honked at him. He stayed in his car, but the two men in their car in the UK took things a step further when a biker kicked their bumper. Both situations were hardly rage-inducing, but watching them go down just might induce a little rage of your own. View Now