Mountain Bike Crashes: Wheels Up, Riders Down

First up check out this bicyclist miss a landing on a hill while riding a mountain bike. The rider broke his collar bone. Then see this mountain biker attempt to cross a bridge and crash in the stream. This biker did not get injured in this crash. View Now

Plane Combating Forest Fire Crashes into Lake Skadar

Planes are often used to drop water on forest fires, but usually the main danger the pilot faces is the flames. Unfortunately for one such pilot fighting fires near Lake Skadar in Montenegro, he had more trouble with the lake, and crashed into it. Reports say the pilot has suffered no serious injuries. View Now

Extreme Swooper Crash Lands at National Competition

Canopy pilot, Dan Raymond, endured a rough landing at the USPA Canopy Piloting Nationals competition. Raymond crash landed into a buoy at approximately 70 miles per hour. The poor pilot tore some ligaments in his ankle and was off his feet for the next two weeks.  View Now

Crazy Crashes Caught on Tape

First watch this semi-truck slam into a firetruck. The firetruck made an unsafe left turn without noticing the oncoming semi-truck about to slam into it. All of the passengers were trapped in the wreckage until rescue crews freed them and they were taken to the hospital. In total 4 firefighters and one driver of the semi-truck were injured in the crash. Then see this crash that occurred after the driver lost consciousness. A wheel flew off of the vehicle and smashed into traffic coming from the other direction. The video from the crash was captured via dashcam in Brazil.  View Now

Crash Course for Drivers

Scary security camera footage shows a motorcyclist slam through a shop window in Uruguay. It's shocking to see that he wasn't wearing a helmet and surprising that he survived the accident with only an injury to his ankle. The second video features a furious driver in England tailgating a motorcyclist who had a camera filming the whole ordeal. Folks, please look twice for motorcycles and drive safe.  View Now

Rear-End Crash Starts Domino Effect & Impatient Driver Gets in an Accident

Two car accidents in Australia that were lucky to have been caught on dashboard cameras. One driver was fully stopped in traffic but got hit into the car in front of her by the car behind her. Her footage shows that she was stopped a safe distance from the car in front of her, and should help with insurance claims. Another driver was trying to squeeze through two cars in traffic, but got impatient and went before there was enough room, hitting the one of the cars. View Now

Mini Bike Jump Ends in Injury & Diving Board Fail

Two fun activities had some painful conclusions recently. One of the stunt enthusiasts at 1PugLife hit the ground pretty hard during a mini bike jump, which resulted in some painful pubic bone injuries.Then a swimmer jumping off of the diving board slipped off the board in a very painful way. View Now