Would You Eat Food Cooked in a Dishwasher?

Check out this new video from PopSugar Food's YouTube channel called, "How to Cook in the Dishwasher: A Whole Super Clean Meal." Would you eat food cooked in a dishwasher? The food is cooked with a method called sous-vide. Sous-vide means "under vacuum" in French. The dishwasher dinner process involves prepping and sealing your dishes in sealable mason jars that will lock out the hot water and soap suds. Your dinner will come out cooked perfectly moist and your dishes will be spotlessly clean. View Now

Creepy Crawling Nematodes Will Gross You Out

Check out this footage from Taiwan. It features a roundworm called a nematode. You can see the creepy crawlers moving around on a rock in the video. This gross species is often parasitic and has digestive systems with openings on both ends. View Now

This Couple Takes Toothbrushing to the Next Level

This couple takes toothbrushing to a extreme level in this funny sketch from Hard Candy. Sharing your toothbrush? Sure. Sharing floss and even mouthwash? Sure; that's using resources wisely, right? But don't you even think about using a cotton swab to dig around in your ear, you disgusting person! View Now

If Fast Food Commercials Kept It Real, Would We Eat There?

It's no secret that fast food is not good for you. Cracked pokes fun at this by creating a faux commercial showing what it would look like if fast food restaurants were completely honest about the food they sell to the masses. It's not all chicken breasts and prime beef, folks. But don't kill the messenger.  View Now

They Say Whoever Smelt It Dealt It

You could hear a pin drop, until a curious sound woke Canela up. They say whoever smelt it dealt it, but we have a feeling Canela was an innocent party in this sneak "gas attack." View Now

Sometimes Revenge is Best Served Hot. Extra Hot

Kurt Wilks and George Barker are currently in a prank war. These wars are usually quite destructive, with many casualties. Today's casualties are two McDonald's drinks, tainted by hidden pouches of hot sauce. It was a worthy cause though - George's face after he drinks not the first, but the second spiked drink is priceless. View Now

The Terrifying Ribbon Worm Will Haunt Your Dreams

Ribbon worms are horrifying, strange, disgusting, gigantic underwater sea creatures that can swallow their prey whole. They're pretty much harmless in regards to humans, which means they're nothing to be afraid of, but they way they move is just so jarring one can't help but be a little cautious around them. View Now