Violent Ambushes For Money and Revenge

Two unfortunate people were recently ambushed and violently attacked in Russia and Australia; a store cashier and a recently released convict. The cashier was beaten with a metal pole by a robber, and the former prisoner was taken by surprise by gang members as he was exiting the prison.  View Now

Passenger in Car Chase Exchanges Fire Wirth Police

A police chase in Brazil that ended in an arrest got incredibly dangerous when the one man began shooting at police. The passenger of the vehicle being chased fired at the police cars following him, while the thirteen-year-old driver drove recklessly until they were finally stopped and captured on Guaîba Bridge. View Now

Crime Partners That Left Their Buddy in the Dust

They say there's no loyalty among thieves, and it looks like a few criminals really took that to heart. A man and woman involved in a high-speed chase, made it away from police, but officers tracked down the car and arrested the woman; her accomplice had long since vanished from the scene. Another couple of criminals got caught off-guard by an off-duty police officer mid-heist; the officer shot one, who was arrested while the other weaseled away. There are going to be some awkward reunions in prison when police catch up with the ones who got away. View Now

Controversial Video of Police's Use of Force in Skate Park Arrest

What started off as a routine noise complaint at a skate park in Ripon, California, quickly escalated into a controversial arrest. Police were initially called to the park because an individual was playing loud music, but when police approached the individual, his friends got involved. One of his friends, Eduardo Maldonado, demanded to know why his friend was being approached. Some yelling, multiple tasings and a trip in the back of a patrol car later, and the video of Maldonado's arrest has ignited outrage online. View Now

Staff Sargeant Goes Undercover and Discovers an Underbelly of Love

After a series of troubling crimes hit downtown Vancouver, Staff Sergeant Mark Horsley decided to go deep undercover and see what his city is all about. So he got in a wheelchair, acted like he had mental issues, and took to the streets. While more cynical people may have expected him to get mugged or attacked, the reality of what happened to him is a heartwarming surprise.  View Now

Intoxicated Driver Hits Pedestrians & Red—Light Runner Caught by Undercover Cop

When it comes to driving, accidents happen—unfortunately, both of these maneuvers were on purpose. A driver in Manchester, England, rammed his car into a pedestrian, leaving her seriously injured. Another driver ran a light in a school zone and almost hit someone; little did he know a nearby car was an undercover cop. Both bad drivers were caught by police, and are in some serious trouble. View Now

Police Officer Mexi-Can't Land a Zip Line

This Mexican SWAT officer crash landed during a tactical demonstration in front of a crowd of spectators. He was demonstrating zip line move and he crashed into a vehicle very fast. The officer was a part of a team of tactical demonstrators performing for the crowd. He suffered some injuries and had to be taken to the hospital; though his ego may have suffered an even greater blow due to the laughter from the crowd. View Now

Public Servant Mischief, or are They Just Misunderstood?

Two types of public servants are under scrutiny after being showcased in controversial videos: a couple police officers, and a waste management employee. The officers appear to be drag racing—or at least that's what the video poster believes—but couldn't they just be on their way to important police business. The waste management employee was making rounds, collecting the contents of trash cans, when one can in particular was troublesome. View Now

Police Chase Dirt Bike Rider & Two Men Steal a Kid's Bike

Two crimes involving bikes; one traditional, one of the dirt variety. A man being chased by police on his dirt bike ditched his off-road vehicle and ran, only to return ten minutes later to the scene of the crime. In Brazil, a child riding his bicycle got stopped by two grown men who stole the boy's bike. As of yet neither the dirt biker of the bicycle thieves have been caught by police. View Now

Police Officer in South Africa Goes 'Van Damme' on Suspect

Dashcam footage of a police officer chasing down a suspect in South Africa has garnered quite a bit of attention lately, mostly due to the officer's technique. He was able to find the suspect's vehicle while speeding down the road on his motorcycle, then when he was close enough, shot at the suspect's vehicle while operating his motorcycle. The footage looks like something out of an action movie. View Now

PSA: The Brazilian Police Are Not to be Messed With

A man who stole a truck in Brazil recently learned the hard way that crime doesn't pay. A police helicopter followed the stolen vehicle, and a trained marksman shot at the truck until it came to a stop. The footage shows not only multiple bullet holes in the truck but also a fresh bullet wound in the leg of the criminal. Long story short: if Brazil's police force wants to stop a stolen vehicle, they will. View Now

Family Argument So Bad the Street Gets Blocked Off

A few neighbors in Italy went outside of their homes the other day to find items flying out of a nearby window and smashing into the road. There are two theories as to what was going on in: either the 45-year old man who was doing the throwing had been locked in the house by his mother, or his shot put practice was a result of a fight with his wife. One thing is for certain: they won't be invited to the next community barbecue. View Now

Man Gets Shoved Onto Train Tracks & Group of Women Film Being Chased By Police

A man's life might have been changed forever while in a metro station when he was brutally pushed onto the tracks. Two men bumped into each other at the station platform, and on man overreacted, pushed the other, watched him fall down on the tracks, and walked away. The fallen man was helped up, but reports say he is suffering from a serious injury. This man has not yet been caught, but another group of criminals in New Zealand have been. A group of teenage girls recorded themselves being chased by the police while driving a car they had allegedly stolen. View Now

NYPD Officer Dances With Man at Pride Parade

Don't blink or you'll miss it. This is only a 12-second video, but it tells a tale much longer. An NYPD officer dances with a man named Aaron to Michael Jackson's "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough." Aaron was marching with the Big Apple Softball League during the New York City Pride Parade, which occurred just days after the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage in all 50 states. View Now

Woman Takes It Upon Herself to Remove Rebel Flag in SC

Bree Newsome took it upon herself to remove the Rebel flag that flew in front of the South Carolina State Capitol. Authorities were waiting for her as she climbed down, and she was prepared to face the consequences of her actions. Applause also awaited her via the crowd that gathered to watch. View Now

Man Discovers Drunk Driver Passed Out at Traffic Light

When a man pulled up to a traffic light in Belton, Missouri, he discovered a man passed out in his car. After calling police he pulled out his camera a began filming the entire ordeal. The passed out man faces a long list of charges which includes driving while intoxicated. View Now