Controversial Police-Involved Shooting Footage Released

Watch this dashcam footage from a police pursuit of a vehicle in Fairfield, Iowa. The vehicle being pursued turned sharply onto a dirt road and lost control. At that point, the driver of the vehicle attempted  reversing into a field to escape police capture. The two police officers chased the suspects on foot while shooting at them. The two suspects were taken into custody uninjured.    View Now

Everybody's Looking For a Good Deal - Even if It's Illegal

From Texas to the Northern TZerritoy of Australia, everyone's looking to save a couple bucks - sometimes through nefarious means. A bikini shop in Australia recently posted a video of a bikini-jacker slyly stealing their swimwear. The people of Australia were outraged and the video went viral. You just don't mess with swimwear in a place like Australia. View Now

Belligerent College Student Assaults Manager Over Mac & Cheese

You've got to see this angry, violent, likely intoxicated and definitely hungry University of Connecticut college student assault and verbally abuse employees at the campus student union. The student refused to leave the premises after being asked to leave by the manager for drinking alcohol. The establishment does not allow alcohol and the student is not of legal drinking age. He kept insisting on receiving his order of jalapeño bacon macaroni and cheese. View Now

Trashy Jewel Thief and Sleazy Reptile Snatcher

Crime is a dirty business. Police recently uploaded a video showing a team of jewel thieves in Florida rolled up to a jewelry shop, broke through the door, and loaded up a trash bin with goods. Then a solitary reptile thief walked into an animal shop and walked off with an expensive tortoise. View Now

Gamer Gets Arrested, Then Robbed, and Livestreamed the Whole Thing

Livestreaming is huge in the gaming community, with some streamers racking up millions of loyal followers. One such gamer was streaming one evening, when a knock was heard at his door. Not wanting to disconnect his loyal fans, he opened the door to find a police officer. The officer was responding to a noise complaint, and he proceeded to arrest the individual.  View Now

Crazy Crimes You Won't Believe Caught on Camera

First, check out these thieves unloading stolen market food merchandise from their clothes. You won't believe how much meat is stuffed down their pants. Then, these two masked burglars broke into a jewelry store and stole expensive merchandise.  View Now

Motorcyclists Rob Jewelry Shop, Car Wash Brawl

First this video of motorcyclists robbing a jewelry shop in Malaysia. The robbers were armed and this crime was captured by a bystander. Next check out this footage of a brawl that broke out in a car wash in Russia. Three people can be seen fighting in front of a vehicle. View Now

Dramatic Footage of a SUV that Hit a Motorbike and Fled the Scene

Check out this scary footage from the helmet camera of a rider of a motorbike. The motorbike was struck by a vehicle in Australia. The driver of the SUV did not even stop to check on the rider but instead fled the scene of the accident. The motorcyclist was very lucky to survive this crash uninjured. Police are still searching for the suspected hit-and-run driver. View Now

Machetes, Scythes, and Unexpected Beatdowns

After getting away with various crimes for over a year, a group of criminals - known for wielding machetes and scythes - has been caught by authorities in the UK. One woman in Russia, however, couldn't wait a year for her local criminal to get caught, and took matters into her own hands. View Now

You Go Outside Your Door and Find a SWAT Team Waiting

Imagine going outside of your front door and finding a SWAT Team waiting for you. Brian of the YouTube channel RealmanPwns was a victim of an internet trend called SWATTING. Swatting is a hoax performed by a person who finds out your contact information via the internet and reports you as a threat to authorities. Many members of a video casting site that Brian frequents have been victimized by this anonymous troll or trolls who are plaguing the members of the site and police officers. View Now

California Minor Disobeys Officer's Commands, Causing Big Scene

WARNING: Adult language. A minor was allegedly stopped by a police officer for jaywalking at the San Joaquin Regional Transit District in Stockton, Calif., and after he didn't comply with orders from the officer to take a seat, a scene was caused and several other officers were called in for back up. This video picks up as the boy is refusing to obey the officer's commands. View Now

There Has to Be a Better Way to Claim a Parking Spot

This woman sacrificed her body for the sake of a parking spot she wanted to reserve in Denver, Colorado. In this footage, you can see that she stood her ground even as a vehicle attempted to parallel park and run her over in reverse. Suddenly another vehicle pulls up behind the vehicle and a driver gets out and threatens to wait all day. The driver gave up and drove off and the woman secured the parking spot she almost died for. The funny part is this whole scuffle happened when there was a multi-level parking garage in the near vicinity. View Now

Thief Caught With Armful of Items Stolen From Car

This thief was caught by the owner of this vehicle as she rummaged through his belongings. When she turned around with an armful of his items he immediately confronts her. The female thief proceeds to put the things back into the car, shuts the door and starts walking away. The woman attempts to explain herself in Spanish and broken English to another woman, but the car owner doesn't believe a word and calls the police. View Now

NYPD Releases Video of the Shocking 'Misidentified' Arrest of James Blake

The New York Police Department released video showing the arrest of James Blake. In the video, you see the moment a plainclothes officer ferociously grabbed the retired tennis star before slamming him to the ground and cuffing him. Blake was misidentified as a suspect in a fraudulent credit card ring. The NYPD as since issued an apology for the incident and has stripped the officer involved of his gun and badge. View Now

Cameras Catch Careless Criminals

You've got to see this security camera footage from an Australian convenient store. These suspects used a stolen front-end loader to bust down a wall and steal an ATM. Then check out this video from a car workshop in Brazil. This car thief was thwarted by the mechanic who was working on the vehicle. A mob of people caught up to the suspect later and beat him up sending him to the hospital. Finally, this dog went into an internet cafe looking for some food in the trash. You can see a man attempt to kick the dog, but the dog noticed and moved over. View Now