Gone Cat-Fishin'

This boat was floating along on a catfishing trip when two kittens were spotted struggling to swim in the Warrior River by Jason Frost and Brandon Key. Frost quickly went from catfishing to kitten fishing for this amazing rescue. Frost joined RightThisMinute hosts for an interview via Skype. View Now

Two Dogs Get Rescued From Tight Spots

It's important to look out for all animals, and in these cases, two of man's best friend needed help out of tight spots. A kayaker came across one dog who got stuck in the foliage near the river. The kayaker was able to get it free from the mud and vines that trapped the poor dog. Another dog got trapped in a gate in India; luckily Animal Aid was nearby and rescued it. View Now

Snake Hooked on Beer & Bird Makes Epic Getaway

This snake doesn't have so much of an alcohol problem as it does a littering problem. Luckily, Tim Faulkner was able to rescue it from its aluminium prison. And a baby bird spotted by Kruger National park videographers escaped from its prison - but his was a leopard, and not a lifeless can. View Now

Bora Bora Mountain Climber Helicopter Rescue

This mountain climber was enjoying the beautiful scenery in Bora Bora when he became trapped on a cliff. Luckily he did bring a radio and was able to contact rescuers. He made a makeshift flag and was able to signal the helicopter to his location. He wants this video to serve as a warning for you to not go exploring a challenging and unfamiliar terrain without a guide.  View Now

SUV Squirrely Stowaway

This woman found a squirrel stowaway in her passenger door compartment. Rescuers retrieved the rodent from the vehicle and it went to the veterinarian. After a few days of healing and resting the rescued squirrel was released back into the wild.  View Now

Boater Gets Caught in a Strainer

Taking a trip down the river can be a lot of fun, but one still needs to be aware of any potential danger. A boater enjoying a nice ride in the water got stuck in a strainer—a piece of foliage that juts out into the water—and had to rescue himself from this dangerous situation. View Now

Hexacopter Saved by Rappelling Rescuer

This pilot was flying his DJI F550 hexacopter when it fell down a cliff about 100 feet. An experienced climber rappeled down the cliff and recovered it. Luckily, it was completely undamaged. View Now

Reptiles, Reptiles Everywhere!

Want to grab some food at a nice restaurant? Boom, there's a giant snake grabbing some takeout. Feel like taking it easy in the backyard? Bam, lizards are duking it out on your tree. Wherever you go, you won't soon escape the Reptile Invasion! View Now

Dog With Neck Injury Rescued

This poor dog Greg was about to be euthanized after sustaining an awful neck injury. The kind rescuers at Vet Ranch took the dog in and stitched up the wound. Weeks later Greg made a recovery and went to a no-kill shelter where he is up for adoption.  View Now

Coral Catshark, Fawn Rescue

These kind humans really saved the day for these animals. First these two scuba divers saved this coral catshark who had a fishing hook and line stuck in its mouth. These kind boaters saved this poor baby dear who was having a hard time swimming to the shore of this pond. View Now

Andre the Giant-Hearted Leads Lone Goose to Water

Andre Bachman came across a confused looking Canada Goose, standing by itself along the road. Andre could have just moved on, but he decided to give the goose a helping hand. He led the goose to water, with it flying along Andre's truck as he went. It's amazing the goose followed Andre, and it appears they parted ways as friends. View Now

Mommy Pooch and Her Pups Rescued

This mother dog was bleeding from glass cut to her leg. She and her puppies were living in a trash-filled hole in the streets when Animal Aid rescued them. They transported the dogs in an ambulance to the rescue facility and nursed the momma pooch and her pups back to health. Animal Aid also cleaned up their home, gave them food and water. View Now

Two Water Rescues That Went Very Well

Passengers of a truck stuck in the water in China was rescued by nearby responders that brought long ropes to help guide them back to shore. Then a lifeguard in England rushed on his surfboard to rescue a small boy that got in some trouble while out in the water. Both scenarios could have gotten very ugly, but pros on the scene were able to take care of things quite handily. View Now

Tourist Rescues Rental Car, Beer Destroyed in Car Accident

This tourist parked his rental car on the waterfront but forgot to put the car on the brake. Passing pedestrians sat on the car to prevent it from rolling into the water before a crane could arrive to lift it. Then check out this dash camera footage featuring a gut-wrenching moment when a pallet of beer fell off a truck in Australia. The beers could not be rescued from the wreckage.  View Now

Lily Finds Out She's Cancer-Free

Lily's family was devastated when a vet discovered she had a six-pound tumor growing inside her. Although surgery was expensive and had no guarantee of success, Lily's family decided to go for it. The surgery was successful, and Lily is now able to live happily with her loving family. View Now

GRAPHIC: You'll Never Guess What is Pulled Out of Sea Turtle's Nose

WARNING: Graphic content and adult language. Christine Figgener, Nathan Robinson and the rest of a research team found this poor olive ridley sea turtle during an in-water research trip to Costa Rica. The crew initially thought they saw a worm in the turtle's nose before discovering what it really was — a long plastic straw. After the straw was removed, the turtle was disinfected with iodine and was released back into the wild. He didn't seem to like the procedure too much, but he's likely able to breathe much easier now. View Now

Lily Finds Out She's Cancer-Free

Lily's family was devastated when a vet discovered she had a six-pound tumor growing inside her. Although surgery was expensive and had no guarantee of success, Lily's family decided to go for it. The surgery was successful, and Lily is now able to live happily with her loving family. View Now

Dropping Love on a Deer and High-Fiving a Bee

A disoriented little deer on the side of the road in Massachusetts got to go for a ride when a driver noticed it looked injured. He took it back to where the deer was from so it could be reunited with its family. Then a thirsty bee got rehydrated and released back into the wild, just as nature intended. View Now

Rescued Kids: Stuck in Fence, Locked in Hot Car

Check out these two amazing rescues. First this little girl accidentally got her head stuck in a fence. Rescue crews used a drill to free her from the posts. The girl was playing with other children in the area when she got her head stuck in the fence. Next this baby boy accidentally got locked in hot car. The father took the baby to the car with him to look for his debit card. When he went to check the next seat the doors all locked trapping the baby and the keys inside. The father immediately called 911 and firefighters were able to open the door quickly. View Now

Toddler Falls Seven Stories & Woman Gets Trapped Under Taxi

When bad things happen, good people step into action. A small child fell out of a seventh story window in Russia, and was rescued by people who were able to climb through nearby windows and get close to the child. Another good person saw someone stuck under a taxi in London and was able to gather a crowd to lift the vehicle off of the woman. Both the child and the woman received only minor injuries. View Now