Drunk Driver Falls Asleep on the Road & Small Boy Hit in Crosswalk

It's a dangerous world on the road, both for dirvers and pedestrians. One driver stopped in the middle of the road in China had fallen asleep at the wheel; luckily, the other cars went around his vehicle until the police arrived. But one little boy—also in China—wasn't so lucky. He got hit by a small truck while crossing the crosswalk.  View Now

Doe, a Deer, a Rescued Deer

A group of boaters came across a baby doe in the water, and decided to rescue it. Although deer can swim, the rescuers were afraid it might be too young to make it to shore, so they lent a helping hand. View Now

Doe, a Deer, a Rescued Deer

A group of boaters came across a baby doe in the water, and decided to rescue it. Although deer can swim, the rescuers were afraid it might be too young to make it to shore, so they lent a helping hand. View Now

Elderly Couple Saved From Sinking Car By Two Teens

This elderly couple was very lucky that these two teens acted fast and saved them from drowning in their sinking car. The driver accidently drove the vehicle into the lake in Belgium. The teens were able to pull the couple out of the open windows and into their boat even as water quickly rushed into the car. View Now

Raccoon Rescued From Dumpster

What started off as a dream come true for one little raccoon quickly transformed into a nightmare when it got stuck in a dumpster. Luckily for the little guy, he was spotted by some people passing by, who lowered down a stick to help it out. View Now

Brothers Save Injured Hammerhead Shark From Certain Death

Despite all of the recent fears of shark attacks on the East Coast of the United States, two brothers at a beach in Florida did something spectacular. They rescued an injured hammerhead shark. The heroes dragged the shark from the water and were able to unhook it from all the fishing hooks and steel fishing line that were buried deep in its mouth and tangling its body. They released the magnificent predator back into the water where it swam away safely. View Now

Plane Combating Forest Fire Crashes into Lake Skadar

Planes are often used to drop water on forest fires, but usually the main danger the pilot faces is the flames. Unfortunately for one such pilot fighting fires near Lake Skadar in Montenegro, he had more trouble with the lake, and crashed into it. Reports say the pilot has suffered no serious injuries. View Now

Brothers Save Hammerhead Shark on Florida Beach

A hammerhead shark was helped by a group of men on the beach in Destin, Fla. The shark was dragged toward the shore when someone noticed it was injured, and fishing hooks were stuck in its mouth. Brothers Marcus and Logan Lakos, and a group of others, pulled two hooks and a lure from the shark. Logan then pulled the shark back into the water, and it swam away.   View Now

Litter Runt Lexi Brings Her Love for Life to Animal Sanctuary

From birth, Lexi was destined to become somebody's meal. But sometimes fate and destiny don't quite agree, because fate brough her into contact with Matthew. Matthew volunteered on her farm and fell in love with the little runt. He bought her and took her to Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary, where she will now live a full life. Read Lexi's full story here. View Now

Man and Dog are These Animal's Best Friends

A poor turtle got stuck inside some railroad tracks, and if it wasn't for El Presador's fine turtlemanship, the poor creature would have been in a dire situation indeed. Another duo of fine aquatic creatures, some frogs, had gotten into a similarly life-threatening situation. Who knows what havoc they would have wreaked on each other had a dog not been there to break up their bickering? View Now

These Dogs Were Meant to be Part of These Families

Some pets are just meant to be a part of the families that take them in. Tiko went missing, but just when his family was just about to give up hope, they found him in the last place they thought to look—the local animal shelter. Of course anytime a dog sees their owner it's a special moment, even if they're just running out to the store. View Now