Crazy Crimes You Won't Believe Caught on Camera

First, check out these thieves unloading stolen market food merchandise from their clothes. You won't believe how much meat is stuffed down their pants. Then, these two masked burglars broke into a jewelry store and stole expensive merchandise.  View Now

Ex-Girlfriend Reports Robber, Art Thief Strolls Out of Gallery

The ex-girlfriend of a man who violently robbed and assaulted an antique shop worker turned him in to authorities after she recognized him on security footage. The man was convicted and sentenced to a six year sentence for the crime. He tied the shop worker up and left her in a back room while he stole items from the shop. Then watch this security camera video from a bar and art gallery. This male suspect walked through a crowded room plucked a painting from the wall and strolled out the door. View Now

Burglar Breaks in and Sets Fire to Business

The Dallas Police Department is in search of a man in connection with a burglary and arson. The suspect can be seen clearly on security camera breaking into a business before leaving just as a fire started. Police are hoping the video will lead to his arrest. View Now

Woman Opens Fire on Armed Robbers in Her House

These three burglars picked the wrong house to rob that night. Little did they know this woman was armed and ready to protect her house while her man slept. She sent them running away with two shots and the entire ordeal was captured on security camera. via Viral Hog View Now

Car Fleeing From Police Crashes into Game Store

A car fleeing from police crashed through a gaming store in Portland, Ore., Thursday. A surveillance camera from inside the store shows the car crashing into Red Castle Games, with two people very close to the crash inside. Shortly after police began chasing the suspect's car because of possible impairment, the driver struck another car, sped off and then crashed into the store. View Now

The Wonderful (and Bizarre) Sights of CCTV

CCTV from around the world picked up some bizarre footage recently. In clip one, a worker at an airport in Russia recently stripped to his birthday suit to get his keys back at customs. In clip two, a man wearing bras and a skirt was caught on surveillance cameras after stealing those items. View Now

Thief Steals TVs Between Her Legs

A long-skirted thief in Costa Rica was caught on surveliiance cameras stealing televisions. She used the technique of sticking the devices up her skirt to jack the merchandise. Police now are looking for the skirt bandit and her accomplice. View Now

Caught on Camera: Woman Throws Raw Meat at Police

The day after Christmas, a woman walked into the Framingham Police Department (Ma.) and threw a box full of raw meat at police officers, claiming she wanted to "feed the pigs." Which doesn't make since at all, because what pigs eat bacon? This lady clearly doesn't know where meat comes from. But that's beside the point. The 24-year-old Lindsey McNamara was arrested. The bystander in this video — recently released by FPD — is the best part of the video. View Now

Surveillance Cameras Capture Dog Robbery

Surveillance cameras at a home in Australia captured a man stealing a dog. Jackson Down, the owner, is absolutely distraught over this crime and his major concern is that the dog could be used to fight. Down and his friends have posted "Stolen Dog" signs around his neighborhood. View Now

Security Cameras Capture Gunmen Attacks

Security cameras in Brazil captured horrifying footage of two recent violent encounters. In clip one, a family was attacked by a man with a gun, who was looking to take their baby. Luckily, one of the members of the family was in the military and shot back at him. In clip two, two gunmen threatened a security guard and took his weapon.  View Now

Crimes of All Kinds Caught on Camera

Two separate crimes were recently documented by surveillance cameras. In clip one, a woman's birthday in San Diego was ruined by a pair of home burglars. The duo took jewelry from her deceased mother, but their faces were caught on camera. In clip two, an arsonist was caught on camera lighting fire to a deli in New York City. He was previously filmed at the counter of the restaurant.  View Now

Solicitors Are Caught on Camera 'Getting Physical'

Two solicitors were caught on camera getting intimate outside of a home in Claremont, California. The owners of the home watched the encounter live from surveillance cameras and eventually confronted the couple, who reportedly work with the Golden State Water Company. The couple was eventually caught in a car getting physical and they were approached by police. Golden State Water has issued a statement distancing themselves from the workers and their names have yet to be revealed. View Now

Surveillance Footage Captures Horrific Abduction and Assault

Surveillance footage out of Pine Bluff, Arkansas captured a nasty brawl that ended in gunfire. Andrew Lawson, 26, was riding a skateboard down the street when a group in a car abducted him, then fired at and pistol-whipped him. As Lawson was trying to stumble away after being shot in the leg and hand, the suspects came back to finish the job. Luckily, Lawson was somehow able to get free. So far, police have been unable to identify any suspects in the June 30 assault. View Now

Robber Nails Pregnant Store Clerk With Horrifying Punch

A Boost Mobile cell phone store in Florida became a crime scene when a robber brutally attacked a pregnant clerk. Caught on surveillance camera, the robber entered the store and punched the young woman so hard, she immediately fell backward. He then took the money from the register and fled. Police reportedly caught up and arrested the suspect the following day. View Now

Surveillance of Horrifying Moments in Elliot Rodger's Shooting Spree

Surveillance cameras inside a convenience store captured a horrifying scene brought on by gunman Elliot Rodger, 22, who went on a killing spree on the University of California at Santa Barbara campus on May 23. One of the victims from the shooting was in the Isla Vista Deli Mart when Rodger opened fire on several innocent bystanders. Christopher Martinez, 20, was in the store, when he was shot in the head by the 22-year-old. Rodger killed seven people (including himself) and injured 13 others during the violent rampage. View Now

Jay-Z and Solange on What Really Went Down in That Elevator

Jay-Z and Beyoncé's sister Solange needed to put that unfortunate elevator fiasco behind them. Quick. So what else is there to do but to set the record straight. Watch "Jay-Z" and "Solange" kiss and make up and explain what really happened that evening after the Met Ball in an elevator at the Standard Hotel, as seen 'round the world on the now infamous surveillance tape. Don't miss a special cameo by Queen Bey herself. View Now

Jay-Z Attacked by Beyoncé's Sis Solange in an Elevator

Looks like Jay-Z has 99 problems plus 1 after this surveillance footage was released by TMZ. Watch as Jay-Z steps into an elevator with his wife Beyoncé, her sister Solange, and several other individuals. Almost as quick as the elevator doors close Solange is throwing swings and kicks at her brother-in-law for reasons unknown. Wonder what the "Jigga man" did to make his sis-in-law so furious? View Now

Crimes in Florida Caught on Camera

A pair of Florida crimes were caught in the act on surveillance cameras. In clip one, a man decided to hold up a liquor store in West Tampa. He was able to get away with money but his face was clearly visible on outside cameras and police have released the footage in order to track him down. In clip two, a woman walked into a Publix Supermarket in Ocala and walked out with a few boxes of wine. She literally came in and out without hassle and police are looking for her. View Now

Russian Bars Aren't Safe from Robbers

Apparently, the entertainment industry in Russia is not a safe profession. In clip one, a man snuck into a Russian club known as Uranus. The robber went through a back window and surveillance video caught the man looking for stereo equipment, as he made off with some supplies. In clip two, a pair of thieves attempted to rob a karaoke bar in Russia. The group stole money from the bar in front of employees and ran out of the place. The police say this situation was an inside job and everyone involved was arrested. View Now

Surveillance Footage Captures Bad Guys in Action

These videos highlight surveillance footage that captures bad guys in action. In clip one, four Russian bad guys broke into a gas station using a sledgehammer and a car. The men went after the safe and got away with $1,100, according to police. In clip two, a man in Florida snuck into a home to steal prescription pills. The suspect stole several things from the home while serving as a lawn maintenance specialist. View Now