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Make Your Own Tetris Tater Tots

Whoever told you not to play with your food? They obviously weren't privileged enough to ever have Tetris-themed tater tots. They're easy enough to make, then you can just drop them in place and eat the completed rows as you go! View Now

Pac-Man Is a Big Monster in New Adam Sandler Movie

In 1982, NASA sent a time capsule into space in hopes of contacting other life forms. Included were examples of our lives and culture. It was intended to be a message of peace. Unfortunately it was taken the wrong way. An alien lifeform responded by sending real-life video games to attack humans on earth. In Pixels, due to be released this summer, Adam Sandler, Peter Dinklage, Josh Gad and Kevin James have been chosen as the heroes to save the earth from Donkey Kong and a large, angry Pac-Man before it's Game Over. View Now

Guy Stirs Up Controversy by Dumpster Diving in a Gamestop Dumpster

A dumpster diving video has gone super viral! In the video, you can see a guy going through a dumpster behind a Gamestop and finding loads of video games and game accessories which have been destroyed and thrown out. It has sparked quite the controversy as he berated the game company for doing this instead of donating the goods. But, a Gamestop spokesperson told us that this was an anomaly and their policy strictly states these goods would be sent to a refurbishing center where they would be fixed to be resold or donated. View Now

Kate Upton in the Bathtub. Enough Said.

On paper, the relationship between supermodel Kate Upton and Game Of War developer Machine Zone Inc. are polar opposites. But the relationship has worked really, really well. Centered within a huge $40-million-dollar advertising budget, this smokin' hot Super Bowl commercial is just part of the overall marketing plan for this free-to-play video game. View Now

Apparently, EA Sports Correctly Predicted the Super Bowl

This is one of the first thing EA has gotten right in a long time. Prior to the Super Bowl, the Patriots and Seahawks played an exhibition game of sorts on Madden '15. EA correctly predicted the outcome of the game. Spooky.  View Now

Old People Playing GTA V Is as Funny as You Think

The Grand Theft Auto video game series is no stranger to controversy. We also know that many old people dislike video games. So, when you put those two together, you get some wonderful results. This is old people reacting to GTA V.  View Now

Folks Watch Virtual Reality Beating Featuring Cops

A handful of BuzzFeed employees recently took part in an experiment featuring a virtual reality atmosphere that showed cops beating a man. The employees were given a fake cell phone to tape the harassment, despite not knowing what they were going to see prior to the experiment. The test subjects offered their opinions on the experiment after going through the process. View Now

Getting That Monopoly Money With an Awesome Rap

Dan Bull lays down a rich beat about the Hasbro/Ubisoft classic, notorious for dividing families and ruining friendships all in the name of game night. SERIOUS QUESTION THOUGH: Has anyone actually finished a game of Monopoly? Like actually finished it... without cheating or flipping the board? Anyone? View Now

This GTA V Wildlife Documentary Is Legit

Done in the style of a BBC/Discovery/Animal Planet wildlife documentary, explore the serene, dangerous, and mysterious underwater world of GTA V's ocean blue. It's so well done it could probably serve as a decent voice over resumé, and the "facts" calmly relayed in this impressive film might even by true. View Now

Woman Takes the 'Play' Out of Her Boyfriend's PlayStation

Apparently, this woman is fed up with her boyfriend's video game addiction. She decided to film herself destroying his PlayStation. As you could've guessed, the boyfriend wasn't happy about it. But you can't believe everything you see on the Internet and this video is proof as our skilled RTM detectives have discovered. View Now