Homeless Blind Dog Rescued from Trash 1:47

A stray homeless dog was spotted in South LA, when rescuers arrived they discovered that the dog was completely blind and covered with fleas. It was a long road to recovery, but after some surgeries and a good flea bath, little Fiona can see out of one eye and is in a loving home! Want to see more of this touching story? Watch the full video. You can donate to HopeForPaws.org to help facilitate amazing dog rescues like this one!

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Road Raging Truck Driver Feels the Wrath of Karma

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Firefighters Rescue Family Dog Amidst Terrifying Odds

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Not All Crime is Created Equally: A Three-Man Burglary v. Breaking a Birch

Some crimes are all too common, and some are all too strange. A group of robbers held up the Turner Rugby Club in Australia, taking the usual money and goods. That may be fairly normal as far as crime is concerned, but a man in Blackpool has upped the game in the vandalism department. In a fit of rage, he snapped an entire birch tree in half. City officials have offered a reward of $60 for information that will help them catch the Birch Bandit. View Now



Hungry Hungry Kangaroos

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Great White Shark, Huge Halibut

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Doe, a Deer, a Rescued Deer

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Shocking Footage of Human Wearing a Collar

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Kenan Serenades his Girlfriend Who is Not Having It

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Mission Impossible Paintball Trick Shots

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Selfie Stick Scuffle in Sydney

Check out this selfie-stick brawl that broke out on a boat in Sydney. Two dudes get heated when their photo perfection is interrupted by other passengers on the yacht. Do you think this video is real or fake? View Now

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Kids Singing to Teacher Battling Breast Cancer Will Make You Cry

Once in a while one of these videos comes along that hits you right in the "feels." This is definitely one of them. Watch as the kids from P.S. 22 Chorus from Staten Island switch up their annual ritual of singing their last song of the year with their teacher, and instead bring in Mrs. Adriana Lopez. She was diagnosed with breast cancer, so they decided to sing "I'm Gonna Love You Through It" by Martina McBride to her. We all need a good cry every once in a while. View Now

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