Takeru Kobayashi Inhales an Entire Pizza in One Minute 02:12

Reasons why your Super Bowl party was not as cool as this one:  

1. You didn't have a world champion eater scarfing down an entire pizza in exactly a minute. 

2. You didn't have a room full of screaming people cheering said world champion eater on. 

According to TMZ, Kobayashi decided to attempt to break his world record for eating a 12-inch pizza, which stands at 1 minute 9.36 seconds). In the clip, Kobayaski downs the 12-inch Dominos pizza in 60 seconds flat- but, it wasn't an official event so it doesn't count as a new record. TMZ also reported  that while Kobayashi's rep wouldn't comment on how much he was paid, his publicized  rate for lunch or dinner appearances is $15,000.

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