What the Heck Exploded Over Russia Two Weeks Ago? 03:45

It was the explosion seen 'round the world. A meteor exploded over Russia, injuring 571 people and sending 34 to the hospital. But what caused this phenomenon to happen? NASA has spent the past two weeks making progress in understanding the origin and make-up of the unexpected space rock, and they shared their findings in this week's ScienceCast. 

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Another Meteor Explodes Over Russia

Similar to the meteor explosion seen over Russia last year, another object went streaking through the night sky in Murmansk around 2:00 a.m., although it does not seem to have shaken things up nearly as much as last time. It has not been officially confirmed as a meteorite, however, and some say it may have been space debris reentering the Earth's atmosphere. View Now

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Mission Impossible Paintball Trick Shots

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