Woman Finds Maggots in Airplane Trail Mix 3:01

It's the last thing you would expect to find in your airplane snack bag! After flying from Los Angeles to Sydney, Victoria Cleven reached for her trail mix and got a nasty surprise - live maggots! We talked to her about what happened once she recorded the trail mix maggots on her cell phone and shared that documentation with Qantas, the airline who passed the trail mix out to passengers.

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Original Video: Woman Finds Maggots in Airplane Trail Mix

Check out this video of a discovery a woman found on her trip from Los Angeles to Sydney. Maggots were crawling in her trail mix, which was supplied by the Sydney Biscuit Company. She thought that the food tasted strange, and turned on the overhead light to discover the maggots! Qantas reimbursed her for a little under half of her ticket price, but she says it is not enough - so we check in with her through Skype to find out what's happening now. View Now


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