Watch the Muppets Sing 'Whip/Nae Nae'

The Muppets are doing pretty well on prime time TV. To celebrate their new show, WorldWideInterweb created this awesome parody of Beaker singing "Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)" by Silentó while Rowlf the Dog breaks it down on the ivory keys. View Now

Jennifer Lawrence Plays 'Chubby Bunny'

There's no question in our mind that Jennifer Lawrence is probably the most down-to-earth girl on the big screen, and she proves it time after time. J-Law sat down with her The Hunger Games co-stars Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson to play "Truth or Dare" on MTV. She was asked to see how many marshmallows she could fit into her mouth. When she hit 10, she became the unofficial Queen of Chubby Bunny. View Now

Kids Whose Great Ideas Get Shutdown by Reality

Tupperware is great for kids: It can store toys, be taken underwater, and stacks like a dream. Unfortunately for Elias, however, he's got a taste for the high-end stuff, and kids don't exactly have a reputation for keeping things nice, so he got denied his Tupperware request. View Now

Edward Snowden 'Expert' Trolls HLN, Defends Edward Scissorhands

Yasmin Vossoughian wanted to know all about Edward Snowden and his recent surfacing on Twitter. So she turned to her "expert," Jon Hendren, with questions. Jon, however, took the opportunity to defend Edward Scissorhands. With a Twitter handle like "@fart" would you expect anything else? View Now

Honey Boo Boo Drops Bizarre Music Video 'Movin' Up' With the Fam

She's baaaaaack. Alana Thompson,10, better known as pint-sized diva Honey Boo Boo, has just crossed over into music and brought her band of misfit family with her. The track is called "Movin' Up" and it involves some awkward rapping and a dance that they like to call the "Honey Boo Boo Bop." Alana got her big break on TLC's Toddlers and Tiaras before scoring her very own reality show. We apologize in advance.     View Now

Sorority Girls Taking Selfies Put on Blast at Arizona Diamondbacks Game

Hey, let's all go to a baseball game and, like, take tons of selfies because you know you don't always get it just right on the first try. We have to get one with the pout, the pucker, the peace sign. Oh, there's actually guys in uniforms down there swinging a bat and trying to hit a ball. How fun! This candid and cringe-worthy display of the current state of teendom is brought to you by the Arizona DiamondbacksView Now

These Boys Nailed Their Homecoming Proposals

Boys come up with some pretty wild homecoming proposals, but this one may top them all. Two boys from Illinois wanted to do something uniquely over-the-top when asking their dates, Emma and Claire, to the homecoming dance. Filmed in the style of a ‘80s-themed music video, the proposal is nothing short of absolutely absurd. Turtle necks, gold chains and moustaches (which are real)—how could you say no?  According to Total Frat Move, the ladies said yes.  View Now

Man’s Attempt to Kills Spider Goes Up in Flames

This man has a serious case of arachnophobia. A driver in Michigan recently stopped at a gas station to fill up when he spotted a spider on his gas tank. Instead of flicking it away like a reasonable human being, the man attempted to light the creepy crawler on fire. Turns out the spider was successfully killed—but the gas station is in need of a new gas pump. View Now

Risky New Trend 'iPhone Pinching'

If you have a ton of cash to buy a new iPhone and are a dare devil this new stunt trend is perfect for you. It's called iPhone pinching and it involves holding your cell phone between your thumb and index finger above water, above a large drop or under a heavy object that may fall on your phone.  View Now

Lexy Panterra Gives Guys a Master Class on Twerking

Lexy Panterra has made a career out of being able to move her booty in ways that defy gravity. Now she's taking her twerking skills to the masses. Watch as she teachers this group of manly men how to shake what their momma gave them like only she can. Take note guys, twerking is not just for the ladies. But don't take it from us. Check them out! via Lex Twerkout View Now

Drunk History of How Harriet Tubman Freed Slaves With Army of Bad B*tches

If you still don't know the heroic story of former slave Harriet Tubman, then this is just what you need to catch you up. The re-telling is a little choppy and hilariously alcohol-fueled, but it's as accurate as any other history lesson you'll ever get about this brave woman who led 750 slaves to freedom. The fact that Academy Award-winning actress Octavia Spencer re-enacts these scenes is just the cherry on top. Watch! via Comedy Central View Now

The Only Way You Should Celebrate 'Coffee Day'

Did you know September 29 is National Coffee Day? How about that October 1 is International Coffee Day? Well Edit A Go-Go sure knows, and they pull out all the bells and whistles to celebrate, just as if it were Christmas morning. See how these two celebrate their beloved Java and make sure to mark your calendars! Although... isn't every day "Coffee Day" for most of us? View Now

Men V. Women: The Rejection Experiment

WARNING: ADULT LANGUAGE USED. Mustering up enough courage to ask someone for their number is never easy. Whether you’re a girl asking a guy, or a guy asking a girl; rejection can come in many forms. Turns out women often tend to take a more ruthless approach when it comes to saying nope.  View Now

When This Dad Babysits His Girls, Everyone Wins

Now this looks like one fun Dad. Rujeana, his wife and mother of their two girls, set up a camera in the living room in hopes of getting some fun footage for their Grandma. What she got instead was hilariously candid footage of what happens when Dad babysits, and it's quickly clear that the rules are - there are no rules. Fun zone ahead. Watch! View Now

Prankster Asks Ladies for a One Night Stand

You've got to see this hilarious one night stand prank video. This prankster approached women on the street and asked them to have a one night stand. These women laughed in his face. Warning: Men don't try this at home, you may get slapped. View Now

Why AIM Was the Best Social Media, Ever

Long before the days of hashtags, tweets and Snapchat there was only one way for teens to get in touch with their BFFs outside of school: AIM. If you’ve never experienced the struggle of dial-up Internet you probably aren’t familiar with AOL Instant Messager. Gone but never forgotten, AIM was undeniably the greatest (and most straightforward) form of communication. From away messages and buddy lists, to screennames and SmarterChild — "Generation whY” is bringing back some serious (-ly embarrassing) nostalgia for all of us. View Now