How to Make Fish Tacos Using a Clothes Iron

If you have a hankering for fish tacos but you don't have a way to cook them, fear not, because Rebecca Brand has you covered. Rebecca went to the Santa Monica Harbor for fresh fish, then gave us a colorful tutorial of how to cook a fish taco using an iron as a heat source. First, melt your butter on some foil, then down goes your fish onto the tortilla. Add some mayo and another tortilla and apply more heat. Toss in some pickles for some acidity, maybe a little hot sauce, and — yum — you've got a flat taco that is now the envy of the sea! View Now

Babies & Kids Amused on All Types of Levels

First we have two adorable sisters opening a box. What is it? OMG — they are Disney World wristbands! Next we have daddy and his 10-month-old twin boys, who couldn't be happier with raspberries and baby wipes. Smiles all around! View Now

This Pug Sure Knows How to Relax

It's hot as heck! Can you blame this guy for lying in a bucket of water, wearing his red shades and catching up on his beauty sleep? Of course not! If only all of us could look that cool taking a nap. The snoring is just the cherry on top. View Now

The Family That Drifts Together Stays Together

Taking his five-year-old son out for a fun ride in a racecar, Toxa Avdeyev showed some slick drifting moves while his son screamed in excitement. Similar screams were made from mandee moo's daughter, who got incredibly excited when she thought she saw a picture of her dad in a magazine. It was actually David Beckham, but hey! Why ruin the kid's excitement. View Now

This Is Precisely Why You Should Always Listen to Your Mom

Are you a grown woman who still depends on your pacifier, bottle or diaper to get through the day? You're not alone. Listen to these women who also ignored their mother's pleas to leave the "Binky" behind, or to act like a "big girl" and leave the diapers behind. Take this video as both a warning to always obey your mother, and a sign that - if you're like one of these women - you're not alone. View Now

Maybe You're Just Not Punny Enough for the Puns

Who has thumbs and loves puns? We do! Who doesn't love puns? Puns are awesome. You're probably watching this expecting these words to be full of puns. Because, you know, this College Humor sketch is all about puns. Well we stand by our puns. Don't hate puns because you ain't puns. Pun this. Pun that. Puns puns everywhere. Isn't it just punderful? View Now

Pitbull Loves it's Owner, & Emu Really Loves a Tourist

It's really a great feeling to connect with nature, but it looks like a certain emu in the Outback wants to do a bit more than connect with his new American friend. Why can't the bird keep things platonic, like this woman's pitbull? It wants nothing more than to just be there for its owner, whether she needs it or not. View Now

So Fintastic: It's 'Sharknado 3' Day

Guys, it's here. The best-worst (or worst-best) movie of the year debuts today: Sharknado 3. Check out this extended recap of the first movie, narrated by the great Joe Rogan. And if you want to laugh at the most recent part of the shark-tire trilogy, watch Sharknado 3 on Syfy. View Now