Kids’ Reactions to Sushi are Priceless

Sushi in the United States is about as popular as pizza and hamburgers these days. But what happens when kids try out the Japanese mainstay for the first time? Surprisingly, they didn’t all hate it. View Now

Those Are the 'Macarena' Lyrics!? Childhood Ruined...

Sooo... Your childhood's a lie, at least when it comes to the "Macarena." That song is totally not what you thought it was. It's not just "Heeey...Macarena! Aaay!" Oh no! There's more to those lyrics and apparently a promiscuous woman is involved. Watch as these "90s Kids" freak out when Distractify Video reveals the truth behind the music. View Now

Sesame Street Re-Created Famous Scene from 'When Harry Met Sally'

This is a pretty smart move by Sesame Street. They spoofed the most memorable scene from "When Harry Met Sally," and used the bit to teach the viewer about patience. Meanwhile, the part we really want to see — when Sally is moaning loudly inside of Katz's Deli, doesn't happen until the very end of the video. Patience. That's what we are learning about today. Nicely done, Sesame Street. View Now

'Cassette Tapes, What are Those?' -Kids

First, you've got to watch this cute little boy loves all of the toys at Target talking to his mom. Last, check out these two boys trying to figure out how to use a walkman cassette tape player. View Now

The Honest Trailer for 'Frozen Fever'

Disney just can't seem to Let it Go. This honest trailer for the sequel to Frozen hits the nail on the head. Frozen Fever was made incredibly quickly, wasn't it? Well, to Disney's credit, they couldn't let the profits just, ahem, melt away, could they? View Now

Kid Has Tooth Pulled Out With Motorbike

Seven-year-old Elias Blomdahl had a loose tooth, and he wanted it gone right away. He knows the Tooth Fairy has deep pockets, and he can't be waisting time! Thanks to a little help from his bother on a motorbike, Elias had his tooth pulled out quickly. Now that's sibling love. View Now

Male Models Just Wanna Show Off Their Abs and Float in a Pool

What do you get when you get two male models, put them in a trendy pool in NYC and let them rap and dance around to reworked lyrics of Big Sean featuring E-40's "I Don't F*ck With You?" This video by Cosmopolitan starring CJ Richards and Eduardo Ramos shot at Dream Downtown Hotel in the Big Apple. It's a perfect farewell to summer video. Wouldn't you agree? View Now

#TBT: Remembering Donald Trump Spoof on 'Sesame Street'

Throwback Thursday: Ten years ago Sesame Street introduced a Muppet spoof of Donald Trump named Donald Grump (get it?). This grouch brags that he has more trash than anyone in the world (sounding familiar yet?) and he's looking for a Grouch apprentice to help him sort all of his trash. Because of Trump's recent run for president, this awesome clip has re-surfaced online, along with obvious jokes about Trump's hair. View Now

Watch in Horror as Autocorrect Comes to Life

Autocorrect is simultaneously a major timesaver and the bane of every texter's existence. Collective Noun decided to bring Autocorrect to life to see what it would be like to have someone constantly fixing your sentences. It ain't pretty folks. View Now