Watch in Horror as Autocorrect Comes to Life

  Autocorrect is simultaneously a major timesaver and the bane of every texter's existence. Collective Noun decided to bring Autocorrect to life to see what it would be like to have someone constantly fixing your sentences. It ain't pretty folks. View Now

Been Invited to Watch 'Netflix and Chill?' This Is What It Means

Apparently a term has forced it's way into our modern vernacular and it's rather telling of the times. If anyone asks you to watch "Netflix and chill," there may not be any movie-watching whatsoever. Buzzfeed asked some of their trusty employees for their input and this is what they had to say. Use the term at your discretion.  View Now

Reporter Loses It Over Bug During Live Shot

A San Diego reporter lost it on live TV after a large flying insect came too close for comfort. Fox 5 weatherman Brad Wills was discussing the soaring temperatures when the bug flew near his head prompting absolute terror.  View Now

Say Goodbye to Boring Days at the Office With These Hilarious Tips

Tangled cords complicating your life? Not sure how to leave work early and go unnoticed? Stuck in a death match with the rodent behind your desk? Then Tripp and Tyler have some solutions for you! They've set out to make work better for office drones everywhere, one bizarrely genius tip at a time. View Now

Kanye West Makes Stand-Up Comedy Debut

Kanye West gave what many considered to be an inspiring acceptance speech for the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award at the MTV Video Music Awards. It was pretty much the opposite of what everyone thought it would be. Put a laugh track over it and jumble the order of what was said, however, and you've got yourself a pretty solid (and confusing) stand-up comedy routine. Well done, David Elmaleh. View Now

Wiener Dog Can't Be Tamed at Baseball Game

One Dachshund, or “wiener dog,” stole the limelight at a minor league baseball game in El Paso recently. The adorable pup was one of several other wiener dogs competing in a race held by the El Paso Chihuahuas. While most of the wieners dashed to the finish line, this doggy wasn’t living by any rules. In our eyes, he's the real winner here. View Now

Because Everyone Wants a Tour of Toilets From Around the World

Cut Video sent one of their producers on a very important assignment. He must shoot footage of public restrooms around the globe from Japan to Dubai and India to Bangkok. Yea, it's a little gross - particularly when you see said producer using the porcelain throne. Lucky for us, it's only No. 1. Now watch at your discretion.  View Now

See American Kids Try Out Lunches From Around The World

American kids aren't the more adventurous eaters — but what happens when they're served school lunches from around the world? This ridiculously adorable compilation is everything you'd expect. From "I like pizza way better" to "It looks like a big piece of poo surrounded by corn," these kids didn't hold anything back.  View Now

Miley Cyrus Poses as Australian Reporter to Report on Herself

Miley Cyrus recently hit the streets of Los Angeles to find out how people really feel about her. Disguised in a wig, glasses and dark lipstick, the songwriter transformed into “Janet” the Australian reporter for a Jimmy Kimmel Live sketch. Unfortunately for the "Wrecking Ball" singer, not everyone is a fan. View Now