Dad Sings Adorable Lionel Richie Remix to Baby

"You wanted a snack and I said, 'fine.' In your dreams you've eaten this a thousand times. I sometimes see it walk outside your door — Jell-O! Is it me you're looking for? I can see it in your eyes. I can see it in your smile. It's all you've ever wanted, and your arms are open wide. And I wonder where you are. And I wonder what you do. Are you somewhere eating Jell-o? I love you." View Now

The Trials and Tribulations of Trying to Contour Your Face

This video contains explicit language: Just blame Kim Kardashian. She's the celebrity that made contouring "a thing." So now, naturally, every makeup-wearing woman wants her makeup to look that great so we've got to give a shot, right? This is Lewana's attempt at contouring and highlighting so that her makeup looks on point. Let's just say it's not as easy as it looks.  View Now

All the Hunting Stereotypes That Are Funny Cause They're True

If you enjoy the sport of hunting, then you can probably relate to at least one or maybe all of these stereotypes compiled by Dude Perfect. There's always the guy who wants to bring their dog, the haggling that goes on during the gun purchasing - whether it's with the gun dealer or the wife - and then there's the "blind nappers." You know who you are.  View Now

Kidnapping Prank Goes About As Well As Could be Expected

YouTube Prankster Ron Dias' friend from acting class mentioned she felt uncomfortable leaving class at night because she thought the area was sketchy, so he thought he would help put her at ease. Just kidding, he pretended to get her kidnapped and scared her out of her gourd, and probably out of his life. Prankster's gonna prank. View Now

Disney Cover Band Makes Things Awkward in the Park

A Disney-themed cover band dubbed “The Little Mermen” recently played matchmaker in Washington Square Park. The New York City group targeted unsuspecting parkgoers and sang “Kiss the Girl” in hopes of getting people to kiss on camera. The awkward interaction surprisingly worked for a few couples—but then again, sometimes it didn’t.  View Now

Pranksters Bait Bike Thieves With Painfully Hilarious Results

Police use bait cars, pranksters use bait bikes. YouTube pranksters TwinzTV decided to leave a nice bike unlocked and see if anyone would steal it. But wait, you're saying to yourself, is this some kind of social experiment where they track down the thief and have a heartfelt one-on-one about the importance of respecting the property of others? View Now

Wedding Hires Hypnotist as Entertainment, Guests Find Him Entrancing

A wedding videography in the UK recently posted a video of a unique guest at one of the weddings they filmed. The guest was a hypnotist, and he made the most of his time on stage, having the wedding party rock out, swap names and all sorts of fun gags. He even pulled the 'ol, "have the subjects think they're trying to tickle a donkey while riding it" gag. Classic! View Now

Stripper T-Rex, Bad Basketballer

Check out this T-Rex trying to learn to pole dance. Luckily for this dinosaur pole dancing requires more lower body than upper body strength. Then you've got to see the world's worst basketball player ever. View Now

Bullish Bear, Chompy Catfish

A mamma bear's got to protect her cubs. When a dog came across a little bear family, it got aggressive. But the bear did too, causing the dog to quickly head for the hills. And as a final act of rebellion a caught catfish latched itself onto it's would-be killer's hand. The fisherman and his son released the catfish back into the water, left with only a bloody hand and an awesome video to remember the occasion by. View Now

Bros Tackle Gym Etiquette With Drake 'Back to Back' Parody

WARNING: Adult language. Drake came in hot this summer with a couple of diss songs within a week of each other aimed at Meek Mill. The latest was a record called "Back to Back," which was a top-25 hit on the Billboard charts in America. These bros took the song and created a parody called "Curls in the Squat Rack," dissing other gym users who have poor gym etiquette. Nailed it. View Now

Why 'Aladdin' Would Never Be Made Today

The folks over at Screen Junkies always hit the nail on the head when it comes to creating the honest version of movie trailers. This week they took a Disney classic, Aladdin, and broke down why it would never be made in today's politically correct society. Racism, stealing, deception and kidnapping — it's all covered here. Also, Robin Williams was pretty fantastic, wasn't he? View Now

Kate Winslet Makes a 'Butt Face' With Jimmy Fallon

This game is pretty simple. Kate Winslet and Jimmy Fallon just snapped some selfies on an iPad's Photo Booth app. Simple enough, right? Until Winslet turned it up a notch with some funny faces, including the "butt face," created with the "mirror" effect that took away her nose. But when your face is a butt, you're probably better off without a nose. View Now

Tony the Tiger is Back in Raunchy Parody

WARNING: This video is highly suggestive and sexual in nature. Tony the Tiger is not really back, and he's not really helping prostitutes with confidence and illegal, um, transactions. But for all intents and purposes . . . Tony the Tiger is back, and he's grrrrreat! View Now