Boar Swimming Offshore, Rescued Duckling Refuses to Leave Rescuer

These boaters were shocked to spot a boar swimming about four miles from the shore in Italy. They were able to rescue it and it ran away into the forest. Then this man found a tiny duckling and helped it get back into the water. The duckling refused to leave and kept coming right back to him. View Now

Dolphin Gives Heat Dancer Her Phone Back After Retrieving it From the Ocean

While in the Bahamas, Miami Heat dancer Teressa Cee got the opportunity to go swimming with dolphins. And she was having a blast, too, until her phone was accidently dropped in the water. It sank to the bottom forever lost in the deep blue — or so she thought! Cacique, the hero dolphin, was there to save the day! #Unbelievable is right! View Now

Puppies Rescued From Flood Mud in Uruguay

Flooding throughout Uruguay means lots of moving earth, which was bad news for a month-old litter of puppies. These little dogs got trapped underground, but were rescued by some dedicated Uraguans. They were a little muddy upon breaching the surface, but other than that seem to be doing just fine. View Now

Nautical News- Whale, Sea Lion

First this kitesurfer got quite the surprise when a whale surfaced very close to him near the Gold Coast of Miami Beach. Last these fishermen caught an unexpected animal from the sea. They were shocked to see a sea lion emerge from their net.  View Now

Woman Begs Bear Not To Eat Her Kayak

You've got to this this moment when Mary Maley was trying to reason with a wild bear. You can hear her begging the bear not to eat her kayak. At one point she even tries spraying it. Obviously the bear doesn't speak English or understand humans and it proceeded to attack her kayak. View Now

Rescued Raccoon Saved From Wash After Being Orphaned

This baby raccoon was rescued from a Los Angeles, California wash by a rescue crew called SMART. The baby raccoon's mother was killed and the baby left to fend for itself. The team used a DJI Phantom Drone 3 to locate the baby raccoon. A rescuer rappelled down into the wash to save the animal. The baby raccoon was picked up by a wildlife rehabilitator and is expected to make a full recovery. View Now

Angry Birds: Attack, Impaled

You've got to see this http://viralhog.comcrow that attacked this bicyclist in Canada. The man did not approach the bird so he was shocked when it flew onto his back and pecked his neck. Then check out this bird that was rescued by a window cleaning crew. The bird was impaled on the balcony of a building. View Now