Your Ultimate Guide To The 2019 Super Bowl Commercials

Super Bowl 53 is almost here, and commercials are starting to roll in before the big game. Check back as we update with more ads!


Harrison Ford, Forest Whitaker and other stars make an appearance in this funny ad about Amazon Alexa fails.

Avocados From Mexico

Kristin Chenoweth is a judge for the "Human Canine Show," and you guessed it, the competitors win avocados.


Budweiser is now brewed with 100 percent renewable electricity from wind power.


The dating app ad is teasing a new campaign starring Serena Williams.

Burger King

Burger King's only released teasers for now since the actual commercial will be playing during the game!


A Coke is a Coke no matter who or what is drinking it.


Luke Wilson stars as the "Close Talker."


Chance the Rapper and the Backstreet Boys team up to bond over the new Flamin’ Hot Nacho Doritos. See an extended version here.


The world's first Super Bowl commercial you can expense starring 2 Chains and Adam Scott.


Jason Bateman is the elevator operator bringing passengers to the floors of their nightmares.


Jeep's "Big Game Blitz" features One Republic and an instrumental version of the national anthem, all set to images.


Matt Leinart tests out Lexus' Quarterback Safety System Plus!

Mercedes-Benz USA

Cool commercial with an appearance from Ludacris! What if you had the power to change how things happen?

Michelob Ultra

Zoë Kravitz and ASMR, what could be better?


Christina Applegate takes some very unruly passengers home from the grocery store.


Known for her role in the classic horror film "I Know What You Did Last Summer," Sarah Michelle Gellar stars in this commercial all about what you would do to get killer skin.


Steve Carrell, Cardi B and Lil Jon all think Pepsi is "More than OK."

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut and The NFL go together like Goff and Gurley (from the Rams).


Mr. Peanut is always there in "crunch" time. Watch for an appearance by Charlie Sheen and Alex Rodriguez!


Devices never get the chance to try Pringles stack creations!


Tony Romo and his effortless life!


Michael C. Hall stars in "Skittles The Musical" which will actually be performed one time only live in front of an audience the day of the Super Bowl.

Stella Artois

Sarah Jessica Parker and Jeff Bridges bring back their legendary characters, Carrie Bradshaw and "The Dude," outfits and all.


College football star Toni Harris and Toyota's RAV4 Hybrid.

Turbo Tax

The debut of a very interesting and sensitive robot named RoboChild...


Wildlife Puts On Adorable Show

Wildlife Puts On Adorable Show

Up in Saskatchewan, Canada, Brandon White captured some incredible footage of wildlife being downright adorable at sunset. From beavers and river otters to stunning birds — everyone's showing up to the party. Lucky us! View Now
Dog Jumps Out The Window & Dogs Meets Spider

Dog Jumps Out The Window & Dogs Meets Spider

This hilarious dog is literally so nervous trying to run through this house! He didn’t recognize his owner and went into instant panic mode and leapt out a window in the back of the house just to get away from who he thought was a total stranger. Next, to another few dogs whose owners are curious what their reactions will be to a big remote-control-spider. They seem a little cautious at first and ultimately they just play around in a mindset of confusion and playfulness! View Now


Cook Old-School Italian Meals With Nonna

Cook Old-School Italian Meals With Nonna

I'm sure most of us can remember great times of helping your grandmother cook or maybe skipping the helping part and just eating her amazing food. Nonna Elda is an 81-year-old great-grandma who loves to share her recipes. Her granddaughter Alessandra films and runs her accounts, and she's super popular on TikTok! View Now


Gayle Bass And Christian Vera Visit The Cheech Center

Gayle Bass And Christian Vera Visit The Cheech Center

If you thought Richard Anthony "Cheech" Marin — yes, the Cheech — was just an actor, comedian, musician and activist, then think again! Cheech has passionately collected Chicano art for years, and became the owner of the largest privately owned collection of Chicano art in the world. View Now
Tia Mowry Sings The Songs That Mean Something To Her

Tia Mowry Sings The Songs That Mean Something To Her

Fans probably know Tia Mowry best from her iconic sitcom “Sister, Sister,” where she starred with her twin Tamara. However, fans might not know that Tia is big into music. InStyle asked the star to sing some of the songs that had the biggest impact on her life. From Tupac Shakur to Celine Dion, her musical taste really runs the gamut. View Now
Fans Sing ‘You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling’ To Tom Cruise

Fans Sing ‘You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling’ To Tom Cruise

Usually, it’s Tom Cruise who is surprising people with his big movies and even bigger stunts. This time, however, while he was filming Mission Impossible 8 in South Africa, it was Mr. Cruise’s time to be surprised by his fans. A large group of fans serenaded the megastar with “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling” by the Righteous Brothers, just like that iconic bar scene from the original "Top Gun." View Now

Love is in the Air

You’re Kidding…Right?

You’re Kidding…Right?

Leave it to your closest friends and family to prank you even on one of the most important days of your life…your wedding day. When Dontae turns to his brother and best man Shadon for the ring, he gets nervous when Shadon is fidgeting like he forgot the most important thing he needed to remember. When he pulls out a ring pop, everyone is cracking up besides the groom himself. But don’t worry…he didn’t actually forget the real ring! via ViralHog View Now

RTM Hall of Fame

Chicken Sandwich With A Side Of Independence

Chicken Sandwich With A Side Of Independence

An advocate mom, a patient employee and a hungry teen are the recipe for a heartwarming trip through the Chick-fil-A drive-thru. The 17-year-old Ste'ce is sitting in the backseat. He has autism and is nonverbal. His mom Shayla knows her job is to help instill indepence in her son and here she does just that by reminding Ste'ce to ask for what he needs. In this moment all that's required is a picture menu and the few extra moments it takes to teach inclusiveness. Ste'ce's smile speaks volumes! View Now
Notice Anything Unusual About This Guy's Tongue?

Notice Anything Unusual About This Guy's Tongue?

Kobe Freeman was enjoying a hamburger when he felt a sharp pain in his mouth. Somehow, a bee had gotten onto Kobe's burger and it stung his tongue while he was eating! His tongue swelled up to massive proportions, so he took to social media to find a remedy that worked. You can keep up with Kobe Freeman on Instagram and TikTok. View Now
Home Invasion Captured Live On Zoom!

Home Invasion Captured Live On Zoom!

What started as just a normal Zoom classroom meeting turned into a call for action to help a fellow student. A woman in Ecuador was robbed while she was taking part in the virtual classroom, her laptop capturing the whole thing. Other students and the professor sprang into action, contacting the police right away. Fortunately, nobody was harmed and the suspects were arrested soon after the incident. The cellphones they stole led the police right to their location. View Now