Dog's Reaction To Seeing The Ocean For The First Time

Life hasn't always been glamorous or even normal for Herschel until now. From being chained up for five years of his life to now having the gift of a second chance, this pooch owes his rescue to the folks of Found Animals Adopt & Shop. Knowing Herschel's chance of adoption rode on the sad struggle of being a German Shepherd, Rocky Kanaka took him on an epic "Dog's Day Out." Soon enough, their vlog vent viral and hundreds of families submitted adoption applications.

Now, Herschel has been given a forever home and it's time for a little road trip with Rocky. The dog's never seen the beach, so it only feels right to show it to him. At the sight of the water, Herschel can hardly contain himself. That's exactly how we feel every single time we see the ocean too, bud.