Add a Festive Kick to Your Mug This Thanksgiving With a Gobble Latte Coffee Spoon

Jam-pack your morning coffee with so much deliciousness you'll have no choice but to have the best day ever. Want to try it yourself? See Jessica Hord's video with instructions below:

You'll Need:

-- Red, yellow, & orange sanding sugars

-- Caramel squares

-- Vanilla CandiQuik

-- Chocolate chips

-- Hershey's Kisses

-- Plastic spoons (I used brown.)

-- Squeeze bottle (You can find cheap squeeze bottles at craft stores for $1 or $2.)

Optional for wrapping:

-- Cellophane

-- Twine


1. Soften caramel squares for 5-10 seconds in the microwave on a microwave-safe dish. Spread each square into the bottom of a spoon. (Depending on your spoon size, you made need to half each square for each spoon.)

2. Melt CandiQuik in the microwave and pour into your squeeze bottle. Pipe a line of the CandiQuik down the front of the Hershey's Kiss to form the turkey waddle.

3. Dip in red sanding sugar. Repeat this step with all remaining Hershey's Kisses.

4. Squeeze small drop of CandiQuik on the very tip of the Hershey's Kiss and attach the chocolate chip to form the head. Continue with each Kiss.

5. Now give the turkey plumage around the head by squeezing a little CandiQuik between the chocolate chip and Kiss. Sprinkle with the same sanding sugar you plan to use for your tail feather.

6. Make a "V" shape with your CandiQuik starting a little back from the tip of the spoon. (Remember you need to still place your turkey body on the tip of the spoon, so give yourself room.) Then sprinkle with one of the sanding sugars. Continue this step, alternating between colors of sanding sugar, until you've covered the caramel.

7. Make one thick strip from the bottom of the feathers to the handle of the spoon -- this will be your tail feather. Cover with orange or yellow sanding sugar.

8. Add a small dollop of CandiQuik to the tip of the spoon and attach the finished chocolate turkey body.

9. Wrap with cellophane and twine if you'd like to wrap the spoon, and you're done!



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