At RightThisMinute, the videos are the news. The television show provides an entertaining way to watch the best new videos from all over the world, before you'll see them somewhere else. RTM combines the power of a nationally syndicated weekday television show with an all-video website, two apps, and a social community that loves to share videos. The massive amount of information and video available to the average person increases exponentially every year, especially with the rise of smartphones. News is everywhere. Around the clock, producers in the RightThisMinute newsroom sift through all that content to offer the best videos and the stories behind them to both a new and traditional audience on television, the web, and mobile. RightThisMinute is new, engaging, funny, important, informative, and just plain interesting. Available positions:

  • Website Producer/eJournalist

Website Producer/eJournalist

RightThisMinute has an immediate opening for a website producer/eJournalist. Here is your chance to work on a rapidly-growing national brand. We are a nationally-syndicated television show cleared in 92 percent of the country. We also operate a website with 2.5 million page views per month. Candidate must be willing to work flexible/news hours (exact shift TBD).

Our web producers and eJournalists scour the web (and the world) for interesting, compelling videos and the stories behind them. We find viral videos before they go viral, and break news with unseen video. We serve up videos to our viewers on our website and our television show before they will be seen anywhere else. The television show and the website work in tandem to showcase interesting and new videos, breaking news, and promotions. 

Responsibilities include:

  • Find and curate interesting and informative videos and news
  • Work to find breaking news stories, unseen videos, and exclusive content
  • Gather information/facts and write web copy and kick-butt headlines 
  • Monitor and manage the website's homepage, selecting a good mix of relevant content, ultimately making it a thing of beauty
  • Monitor major news websites and blogs for breaking news and trending topics
  • Create and/or select engaging thumbnails for website stories
  • Contact video creators/content sources
  • Promote show content/website content on our social media pages, to an audience of more than 500,000, and occasionally respond to concerns/questions/comments
  • Occasionally produce and edit video for the website

A background in journalism, online content, blogging, video production, and/or television is encouraged. Must be able to work under deadline pressures and live in Phoenix, Arizona. A basic knowledge of SEO, Google Analytics, social media, and video editing is a plus.

RightThisMinute is a nationally syndicated weekday television show that was brought to life by a unique partnership between MagicDust Television and Cox Media Group, Raycom Media, Inc., and The E.W. Scripps Company. launched in September 2011.

Submit your resume to or post a video resume online and email us a link.

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Chefs Grin and Bear Taste Test of Microwave Meals

Chefs Grin and Bear Taste Test of Microwave Meals

Facts have put together another thought provoking video. This time, they gathered some top line chef's in Ireland and asked them to sample a few microwaved meals. The results were mixed after they tasted an Irish beef dinner, flamed grilled cheeseburger, vegetable spaghetti, and sticky toffee pudding (dessert). Comparisons included carvery, canteen, school lunches, airline food and the surprising - "tastes like my grandma's cooking" (ouch). View Now
When Amy Schumer Takes Over Your Tinder Account, All Bets Are Off

When Amy Schumer Takes Over Your Tinder Account, All Bets Are Off

Tinder is not for the meek. It takes a very secure person to turn over their phone to Amy Schumer to let her do as she pleases with their Tinder profile. One Vanity Fair staffer did just that, and the results are hilarious. Although Amy may not be very familiar with the app (or so she says), her filtering techniques are solid. Watch! View Now

Mother's Day

Family Members Surprised By Reunions With Loved Ones

Family Members Surprised By Reunions With Loved Ones

First, watch the moment when these kids surprised their mom on her 50th birthday by arranging a visit from their grandmother. Next, check out the moment when a daughter surprised her mother in the teacher's lounge when she arrived home a few days early from an overseas trip. View Now
How-To Make DIY Jewelry Trays

How-To Make DIY Jewelry Trays

RightThisMinute's how-to guru Jessica Hord shares a simple way to create beautiful trays to hold your favorite jewelry. You'll Need: -- White oven-bake clay -- Colorful oven-bake clay -- Gold paint pen Instructions: 1. Separately warm equal sections of the white and colorful clay by rolling between your hands. 2. Once soft, twist both together. View Now


Richard Sherman Goes Undercover to Surprise Seattle Lyft Passengers

Richard Sherman Goes Undercover to Surprise Seattle Lyft Passengers

These Seattle residence just thought they were getting into a normal Lyft with a very talkative driver — but little did they know the one in the driver's seat just happened to be a member of their football team's "Legion of Boom!" Richard Sherman couldn't help but make fun of himself as he drove unsuspecting fans around Seattle. Their reaction when he finally "introduced" himself was nothing short of priceless. View Now
Ellen Remembers Prince With Video of 'Kiss' Performance on Her Show

Ellen Remembers Prince With Video of 'Kiss' Performance on Her Show

Everybody is finding their own way to cope with Prince's sudden and tragic death that came way too soon. Ellen re-shared this awesome video of the pop icon performing "Kiss" on her show during the very first season. She says that's kind of a big deal because celebrities of his stature usually wait to see if a show is going to make it. Watch his amazing performance.  View Now


Unlikely Friendship Forms Between Elderly Man & Otter

An elderly man, Seppo Laamanen, from Finland has formed an unlikely friendship with an adorable otter. The otter first showed up at the 65-year-old man's door malnourished and emaciated.  Seppo fed the otter worms and fish and now the otter visits him frequently for food. View Now

Drone Helps Search For Family's Missing Husky

Jon Weisser and his family were driving in a truck in New Mexico when the car crashed and rolled over. All of the members of the family survived including the three-month-old baby, but their dog, Fenway, ran away. Fenway is a 16-year-old husky who is deaf and afraid of men. One of the family's other dogs did pass away shortly after the crash, but another dog survived and is home waiting for Fenway's return. The husky was Weisser's first dog after he served in the Navy. View Now

A Man and His Beary Big Best Friend

Meet Jimbo a 1,500-pound, 9-foot-tall grizzly bear who has become the star resident at the Orphaned Wildlife Center in New York. Jimbo has been at the rehabilitation center since owner - Jim Kowalczik - took him in as an injured cub and as you can tell, the two have a very close relationship. Plus, we bet Jimbo gives the best hugs! View Now