At RightThisMinute, the videos are the news. The television show provides an entertaining way to watch the best new videos from all over the world, before you'll see them somewhere else. RTM combines the power of a nationally syndicated weekday television show with an all-video website, two apps, and a social community that loves to share videos. The massive amount of information and video available to the average person increases exponentially every year, especially with the rise of smartphones. News is everywhere. Around the clock, producers in the RightThisMinute newsroom sift through all that content to offer the best videos and the stories behind them to both a new and traditional audience on television, the web, and mobile. RightThisMinute is new, engaging, funny, important, informative, and just plain interesting. Available positions:

  • Website Producer/eJournalist

Website Producer/eJournalist

RightThisMinute has an immediate opening for a website producer/eJournalist. Here is your chance to work on a rapidly-growing national brand. We are a nationally-syndicated television show cleared in 92 percent of the country. We also operate a website with 2.5 million page views per month. Candidate must be willing to work flexible/news hours (exact shift TBD).

Our web producers and eJournalists scour the web (and the world) for interesting, compelling videos and the stories behind them. We find viral videos before they go viral, and break news with unseen video. We serve up videos to our viewers on our website and our television show before they will be seen anywhere else. The television show and the website work in tandem to showcase interesting and new videos, breaking news, and promotions. 

Responsibilities include:

  • Find and curate interesting and informative videos and news
  • Work to find breaking news stories, unseen videos, and exclusive content
  • Gather information/facts and write web copy and kick-butt headlines 
  • Monitor and manage the website's homepage, selecting a good mix of relevant content, ultimately making it a thing of beauty
  • Monitor major news websites and blogs for breaking news and trending topics
  • Create and/or select engaging thumbnails for website stories
  • Contact video creators/content sources
  • Promote show content/website content on our social media pages, to an audience of more than 500,000, and occasionally respond to concerns/questions/comments
  • Occasionally produce and edit video for the website

A background in journalism, online content, blogging, video production, and/or television is encouraged. Must be able to work under deadline pressures and live in Phoenix, Arizona. A basic knowledge of SEO, Google Analytics, social media, and video editing is a plus.

RightThisMinute is a nationally syndicated weekday television show that was brought to life by a unique partnership between MagicDust Television and Cox Media Group, Raycom Media, Inc., and The E.W. Scripps Company. launched in September 2011.

Submit your resume to or post a video resume online and email us a link.

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Store Employees Claim to Have Footage of Ghost in Backroom

Store Employees Claim to Have Footage of Ghost in Backroom

It's tough to say exactly what security footage recorded in the backroom of this business in Nottingham, England. Is the image a ghost? A technology glitch? A smudge on the camera lens, perhaps? The people who posted the video seem pretty sure it's the ghost of the shop's previous owner, but as of yet, the ghost has not responded to interview requests, so this claim can be neither confirmed nor denied. Watch and tell us what you think? View Now

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'Overwatch' Creators Design Character From Little Girl's Fan Art

'Overwatch' Creators Design Character From Little Girl's Fan Art

Blizzard Entertainment, known for the massively popular "World of Warcraft," is seeing huge success with the recent release of their latest video game, "Overwatch" — a multiplayer first-person shooter that's fun for all ages. We say that, because Shane Hickey's adorably talented daughter, Ava, is a HUGE fan. So much so, that this little artist actually developed her very own character for the game. View Now
Couple Surprising Families With Their Adopted Baby is Beautiful

Couple Surprising Families With Their Adopted Baby is Beautiful

This video montage will put a big smile on your face and give you a healthy dose of the feels. Lacey and Banks Farris struggled through years of infertility and a failed adoption. So they decided that when baby Finley finally came into their lives, the perfect way to surprise their families with the news was by just showing up as a family. Watch their amazing reactions!   View Now
Controversial Footage of Chiropractor Treating Newborn Goes Viral

Controversial Footage of Chiropractor Treating Newborn Goes Viral

Shocking video shows a chiropractor in Australia cracking the back of a four-day-old baby. The chiropractor has agreed not to treat anyone under the age of 18 years old until the investigation is completed. Officials are worried that chiropractors are offering medical advice claiming to be able to treat illnesses like autism, ADHD, ear infections and colic. View Now


Machine Head Guitarist's Stolen Guitar Found in Storage Unit Six Years After Theft

Machine Head Guitarist's Stolen Guitar Found in Storage Unit Six Years After Theft

In 2010, Machine Head guitarist Rob Flynn's home was robbed, and two of his prized guitars were stolen. After six years, Flynn had pretty much given up all hope of ever seeing those guitars again. Then he got an email from someone named Holly Cherry. Holly had recently bought the contents of a storage unit for $10, and inside found a couple of guitars. After doing some research, she discovered they were Flynn's stolen guitars. View Now
Here's Seven Things Guys Wish Girls Knew

Here's Seven Things Guys Wish Girls Knew

There are literally hundreds of books designed to tell women what men want. The problem is, most of them are written by women. YouTuber Adrienne Finch wanted to spread some knowledge in the, "What Men Want" department, so she decided to ask someone qualified to talk about it - her boyfriend.  View Now
Emilia Clarke Spills All About Dothraki Language

Emilia Clarke Spills All About Dothraki Language

Emilia Clarke (AKA Daenerys Targaryen) recently spilled all about the Dothraki language, including how it's even won awards! That’s according to Clarke though, who couldn’t really tell the audience which awards—but she swears it’s true! Aside from telling everyone how she prepares for the role (which seems exhausting, I might add) she also recited a little bit of the Hanson classic, “MMMBop” but in Dothraki! She's the real MVP; and we love her for it!  View Now


Pigeon Rescued From Chimney & Bird Oblivious To Feline Predator

First, this pigeon got stuck in the chimney of a home. A rescuer came to the house removed the bird and set it free. Then, watch this bird that wasn't even fazed by a danger of a cat that was obviously trying to catch it. The cat tapped the bird on the back and it finally flew away.  View Now

Giant Python Takes Bite Out of Man's 'Manhood'

Warning: Sympathy pains and graphic images A Thai man was rushed to the hospital after a bloody encounter with a giant python nearly took his manhood. The python somehow slithered through the plumbing of the man's home and latched its fangs into his penis — as he sat to use the toilet. The man desperately tried to free himself, but the snake refused to let go. It took close to 30 minutes for the man to pry himself free, according to reports. View Now

Crafty Bird Steals Dogs Fur and No One Knows Why

What exactly is going on here?! According to the dog’s owner, the same bird has been coming back several times a week to pluck the pup’s fur. We assume the crafty creature is using the fur to make a cozy nest—but why doesn’t the dog care? So. Many. Questions. View Now

Divers Light Up the Sea With UV Rays

Diving with manta rays? Awesome. Dancing with manta rays glowing in the light of UV rays? It's out of this world. Just ask  Laura-Jane Fyfe and her friends, who took a dip underwater off the coast of Hawaii, and lit up the night with UV lights. They swam alongside a school of feeding manta rays, who looked stunning under the black light. View Now