Customer Angrily Makes it Rain at Jewelry Store & Mom Dishes Out Justice in Police Station

One of these public attacks may have been warranted the other, not so much. A shopper felt she was getting the Pretty Woman treatment in a jewelry store in China, so she decided to prove her wealth by throwing wads of cash into the sales associate's face.  Meanwhile, a young man at the police station doesn't get money thrown in his face, just a beating from his mom. To put it mildly, she seemd a tad displeased at her son's arrest. View Now

Armed Citizen Stops Robbers, Thief Poses as Student to Steal Wallet From Purse

Robbers held some pedestrians at gun-point and demanded their valuables in Brazil. All of the sudden an armed citizen came out of the building the pedestrians were about to enter fired shots and scared the robbers away. The robbers fled on motorcycles. Then this thief posed as an inquiring student interested in courses. The thief was really there to steal a wallet from the female employees purse. View Now

Unique Rescues From Punjab to Missoula

Five individuals trapped in raging waters were saved by Sikhs who bravely unraveled their turbans so the men in the water could have something to grab onto. This was an incredible gesture, as unraveling their turbans could have significant religious implications. Just as amazing was the rescue of a woman in Missoula, who was saved by the outstretched paddle of a nearby kayaker. View Now

Father Punishes Son By Running Over his Xbox 360

This father has been hotly criticized for posting this video offering a bold ultimatum. He asked his son to choose between getting spanked with a belt, or losing his Xbox 360 for disobeying him. The son chose to keep his video game console, but before returning it to his son, the father ran it over with his car. Many have criticized this dad's parenting because of this punishment; both the son and the father have since uploaded their response to the video.  View Now

Fox Sports Reporter Hit By Car On Live TV

Fox journalist David Medrano Mora was reporting live from Guadalajara Airport in Mexico recently when he was struck by a car mid-broadcast. Somehow, the confused anchor back at the studio managed to keep his cool during the bizarre incident. Fox News later revealed that Mora didn’t suffer any serious injuries, just a mind-blowing story to tell. View Now

Interesting Towing Tools

First this ship tried to help tow this sunken Fiat but was unsuccessful. Then this truck driver tries to dismantle a large truck with the tow hitch.  View Now

Nautical News- Whale, Sea Lion

First this kitesurfer got quite the surprise when a whale surfaced very close to him near the Gold Coast of Miami Beach. Last these fishermen caught an unexpected animal from the sea. They were shocked to see a sea lion emerge from their net.  View Now

Motorcyclists Rob Jewelry Shop, Car Wash Brawl

First this video of motorcyclists robbing a jewelry shop in Malaysia. The robbers were armed and this crime was captured by a bystander. Next check out this footage of a brawl that broke out in a car wash in Russia. Three people can be seen fighting in front of a vehicle. View Now

Woman Blocks Road and Holds Line of Vehicles Hostage Outside of Her Property

A line of cars en route to go horseback riding were stopped by an elderly woman that parked her car like a barricade in front of the other vehicles. She demanded driver's information, and stated that they were illegally driving on her property. The woman eventually let everyone through, but has not commented on the situation. The horseback riding company has stated that all roads leading to their establishment are open to the public. View Now

Dramatic Footage of a SUV that Hit a Motorbike and Fled the Scene

Check out this scary footage from the helmet camera of a rider of a motorbike. The motorbike was struck by a vehicle in Australia. The driver of the SUV did not even stop to check on the rider but instead fled the scene of the accident. The motorcyclist was very lucky to survive this crash uninjured. Police are still searching for the suspected hit-and-run driver. View Now

Assassination of Russian Businessman Captured on Dashcam

The shootings captured on these dashcams were the result of a blood feud in the cucumber business (Seriously!). After three unsuccessful attempts on Zulfuqar Asadov's life, the Russian businessman was gunned down by his assassins. This is some of the craziest dashcam footage we've ever seen and it could be hard for some people to watch. Viewer discretion is definitely advised!  View Now

Cruel Criminals Caught on Camera

First, this man grabbed a dog by the collar and threw it out of an elevator in Chile. Last, police are searching for this man who shoved a fisherman into a lake in England. View Now

Boat Capsized in India

You've got to see this moment when a boat got capsized by a wave off the coast of India. The boat was full of passengers and you can see it get filled with water and flipped over. Then a group of people from the beach run to rescue all of the passengers who were cast overboard. View Now

Dapper Dudes on Wheels

You've got to see these dudes on wheels. First this motorcycle rider tries to show off and ride on wheel and bites the asphalt. Second this guy and his buddy were goofing off on an atv and they take a tumble. Third the most adorable 3-year-old biker accidently rides into a bush. Last but not least check out these distinguished gentlemen motorcyclists. If you'd like to support and sponsor the RTM crew in this year's Distinguished Gentleman's Ride, you can donate here. View Now

Jail Video Becomes Key Piece of Evidence in Excessive Force Case

Three Lawrence County (Ohio) corrections officers are facing trial for their alleged abuse of power toward a detainee. In the video, captured in the booking area of the jail, the officers can be seen hitting, choking, smothering and slamming the detainee to the ground as he was handcuffed and even strapped to both a chair and gurney at one point. The video has become a key piece of evidence in the ongoing trial. View Now

Woman Steals Audi From Dealership

You've got to see this video of a woman stealing an Audi right off of the dealership lot in front of employees. Apparently, she became enraged when her boyfriend refused to buy it for her. At that point she decided to give herself the car for free. View Now

Parkour Robber, Self Tanner Thief

Check out this footage of a robber attempting to climb from the ninth floor into someone's apartment. Then you've got to see this thief loading his bag with self tanner. View Now

Drift Buggy Tears Up The Pavement

James Carroll spent three years building this drift buggy. He used a motorcycle engine to construct this vehicle. You've just got to see this thing because it is fast and agile. View Now

Ex-Girlfriend Reports Robber, Art Thief Strolls Out of Gallery

The ex-girlfriend of a man who violently robbed and assaulted an antique shop worker turned him in to authorities after she recognized him on security footage. The man was convicted and sentenced to a six year sentence for the crime. He tied the shop worker up and left her in a back room while he stole items from the shop. Then watch this security camera video from a bar and art gallery. This male suspect walked through a crowded room plucked a painting from the wall and strolled out the door. View Now