Motorcyclists Jumps Median into Oncoming Traffic, Fatally Wounds Other Rider

In a tragic accident in Mexico, one rider's actions resulted in the death of another. The reckless driver was taking sharp turns very quickly, and ended up losing control and rode over the median, into oncoming traffic. A motorcyclist on the other side of the median swerved to avoid getting hit, but was hit and fatally wounded by another vehicle. This tragic incident is a grave reminder to ride very carefully. View Now

'Can Your Car Get Any Louder? Like Go Get It Fixed Or Something!'

This woman was walking down the street and trying to talk on the phone, but a Ferrari that was stopped at the light was making so much noise she couldn't hear. So she screams at the driver, "Can your car get any louder? Like go get it fixed or something!" The Ferrari driver decides to show the woman just how loud this engine can rev. It spooks the woman and she actually dropped the phone on the pavement while crossing the sidewalk. View Now

These 3 Aren't Getting Safe Driving Discounts on Insurance

Check out this dash camera footage from a red BMW in Australia. The driver was driving down a road when he had to swerve quickly to avoid a van towing a trailer that was in the wrong lane. The BMW slightly clipped the van and almost flipped over but landed on its wheels. Next you've got to see this dash camera footage from an intersection accident. The driver filming the footage was struck by an oncoming SUV after that driver mistook the gas pedal for the brake. Last this camera footage came from a Russian driver's dash camera. View Now

These Crimes Are Brash, Brazen and in Your Face

These criminals were shameless in their heists. One man knocked some items off the shelf at a grocery store to distract an elderly woman, and when she looked to see what the commotion was, he stole from her purse. The other criminal went into a store and distracted the clerk so he could steal from her wallet.  View Now

Reporter Loses It Over Bug During Live Shot

A San Diego reporter lost it on live TV after a large flying insect came too close for comfort. Fox 5 weatherman Brad Wills was discussing the soaring temperatures when the bug flew near his head prompting absolute terror.  View Now

Teen Motorcyclist Racks Up 34 Traffic Charges

This 19-year-old man racked up 34 traffic violations while riding on an off-road motorcycle. Police saw this footage of the teen speeding, riding recklessly through building and driving on sidewalks. The teen was charged and will now have to appear in court for the charges.  View Now

The Great and Terrible Face of Rain

Whirlwinds, rain, high-speed wind. These natural occurrences can create beautiful sights to behold - until they begin to wreak mass destruction. Brian Snyder saw the beautiful side of nature; the people of Zhangzhou, China, not so much. View Now

Race Car Rollovers

You've got to see this race cars wreck and roll over on the course. First, racer Robert Consani's car flipped and started rolling at the ERC Rally. Then, Col Ruddock's dash camera captured the wreck that rolled his car on its roof. View Now

Car Hits Motorcycle, Driver Attempts to Flee Scene

This footage shows a woman with a bloody nose denying that she was driving a totaled white car that struck a motorcyclist in Detroit, Illinois. The video appears to show the female driver running away from the scene of the accident. Police stated that the white vehicle was driving southbound on the freeway when it hit the motorcycle. The car then veered off the road, up an embankment, onto a frontage road and into a neighborhood when where it finally flipped over. The female driver in the white car was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. View Now

Atlanta Armed Robbery, Dallas Business Burglary

The Atlanta Police Department are looking for help identifying two suspects who entered a Metro PCS phone store and allegedly committed an armed robbery. In this video, you can see two employees quickly duck behind the counter as the two suspects enter pointing handguns. Next, Dallas police are searching for this suspect who burglarized a local business by breaking a glass window and crawling through it. Security camera footage captured the incident. View Now

Fire Engulfs Three Car Passengers

This is scary dash camera footage of a fire that engulfed three car passengers. The passenger in the back seat can be seen igniting a lighter and then suddenly he burst into flames. The fire quickly spreads to the driver and front passenger as well. The three men did survive the fire with burns that sent them to the hospital, but they will be okay.  View Now

Angry Aussie Assaults Agitated Auto-Commuter via Aqua-Attack

There is generally a mutual respect between commuters, and when someone disregards this universal agreement, it causes major ripples. One commuter in Australia committed two cardinal sins on one ride—she took up two seats and she played loud music. When confronted about her behavior she made things even worse by spraying her fellow commuters with her water bottle. Not cool. View Now

Man Rams Through Two Police Vehicles When Stopped at Checkpoint

A police checkpoint in British Columbia got ugly when on man decided he didn't want to be stopped. After refusing to leave the vehicle and getting pepper sprayed, this individual drove through two police vehicles to get away from the checkpoint. He was later caught wielding an axe while attempting to set his vehicle on fire. He is in police custody and is receiving mental health evaluations.  View Now

Man Rescued From Car Crushed by Trees

A huge storm in Canada left one man trapped in his own crushed vehicle. Trees that had blown down destroyed this man's vehicle while he as in it, but was able to get out with the help of some people who saw the wreckage. It's amazing he was able to make it out of the vehicle, given the damage caused by the fallen trees. View Now

Angry Pedestrians Seek Revenge on Reckless Drivers

You've got to see these two wild scenes of pedestrians seeking revenge on reckless drivers. First this group of workers attacked this Mercedes after the driver ran into the crew of workers. Next this driver drove onto the sidewalk to try to take out these two pedestrians. After he reversed and tried to drive away a group of men followed the driver on foot.  View Now

Three Signs You Just Might Be Hooked on Crime

Is it possible to be addicted to crime? These guys might make an interesting case study because there seems to be no rhyme or reason to the amount of illicit activity they're involved in. The first criminal in Brazil blew up an ATM with a stick of dynamite, which is a good idea if you just want to blow stuff up and get a few singed bills out of it. Police later found a group with a large cache of dynamite, suggesting there may have been more blown-up ATM's in the future. View Now

Roly Poly Vehicles

These two Russian drivers found out the hard way that dangerous driving doesn't always end well. The first truck driver cut off a car, lost control and rolled into an electric pole. The second driver was caught on security camera turning and tipping over on its side also into a pole. View Now

Victim Pulls Gun on Robber, Clumsy Cigarette Crook

These robbers were riding a motorcycle when they approached a vehicle to carjack it. They tried to rob this driver at gunpoint, but the driver surprised the robber when he pulled a gun on the robber. Also, check out this very clumsy cigarette cat burglarer. He smashes in the window to enter a convenience store and can't seem to jump over the counter. View Now

Crowd Watches in Shock As Half of Building Collapses

An office building in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, had some serious architectural issues during construction, which resulted in half of the structure collapsing before completion. The building had been evacuated, and it would appear that the rest of the structure will need to be torn down before reconstruction begins. View Now

Drivers Having Really Bad Days

This driver ran over some street clean up crew members and they retaliated by tossing his car into the water of a wash near the street. Next, this driver tried to evade this tow truck driver by trying to drive right off the back of the tow truck.  View Now