Beth Troutman on Family, Love, and Life after RightThisMinute

All good things must come to an end, and today marks the last day with Beth Troutman as lead host for RightThisMinute. Beth's mother is currently battling cancer, and as a loyal member of her family, Beth and her supportive husband decided to move back to North Carolina to be with Beth's mother in her time of need. View Now

Taxi Mafia in Leh Attacks Unsuspecting Tourists

Popular tourist location Leh, India is seen a major drop in visitors ever since the recent rise of a taxi mafia. This group of taxi drivers attack tourists driving rental cars out in the mountains, where they are helpless. in a location that normally sees 300,000 tourists a year, this is a problem that needs to be fixed as soon as possible. View Now

Rushed Drivers

Hurried drivers are the bane of the road. One driver got extremely upset at the driver ahead of her for pulling over, and didn't seem to notice that they pulled over because of an ambulance. Then a semi truck going through a bridge blazes through, hitting the steel bar at the top of the bridge entrance. View Now

Former 'Make Roads Safe' Ambassador Takes Car Selfie, Causes Crash

Singer and "Make Roads Safe" ambassador Nigar Jamal was recording a video selfie with her friends while driving down the road when the driver loses control of the vehicle, causing a crash. The irony of her ambassadorship and distracting passenger behavior seems lost on Jamal, who commented about the dangerous road rather than her actions when asked about the accident. View Now

Violent Ambushes For Money and Revenge

Two unfortunate people were recently ambushed and violently attacked in Russia and Australia; a store cashier and a recently released convict. The cashier was beaten with a metal pole by a robber, and the former prisoner was taken by surprise by gang members as he was exiting the prison.  View Now

President Obama Joins Jon Stewart One Last Time on 'The Daily Show'

President Barack Obama went on the "The Daily Show" to offer a long goodbye to his old friend, Jon Stewart, before the host leaves in August, unless the executive order to keep him there goes through. (Ha!) In the extended and exclusive interview clip from Comedy Central, the President reflected on his accomplishments and also shared his opinions on the role of government. View Now

The Internet Adventure Club Hits a Bump in the Road

Daniel the Pirate from the Internet Adventure Club has been galavanting across the country since he stopped by RightThisMinute last June, but he recently hit a patch of bad luck in Seattle. His car was broken into, and a lot of valuable equipment—and his pasport— was stolen. It's unfortunate that someone out doing good gets rewarded with misfortune, but good things are surely on the horizon for this optimistic adventurer. View Now

Passenger in Car Chase Exchanges Fire Wirth Police

A police chase in Brazil that ended in an arrest got incredibly dangerous when the one man began shooting at police. The passenger of the vehicle being chased fired at the police cars following him, while the thirteen-year-old driver drove recklessly until they were finally stopped and captured on Guaîba Bridge. View Now

Car Falls Through open Drawbridge & Woman Nearly Hit by Bus

Not paying attention on the road can be a dangerous mistake. Someone driving on a drawbridge in the Netherlands wasn't paying attention, and didn't notice that the bridge was still closing until they were careening into the water below. Then a woman walking across the street in Brazil didn't see an oncoming bus until it was almost on top of her. View Now

Man Caught Beating Dog With Metal Bar & Man Steals Car in 16 Seconds

A disturbing overreaction could cost one Australian man a year of his life behind bars. After seeing a dog act in what he thought was an aggressive manner, this individual took the dog (which was not his own) and beat it with a metal pole until it stopped moving. In just a matter of moments, both the dog and this man's lives were changed forever. Another crime that happened just as quickly occurred in Campinas, Brazil. A criminal was able to break into a car, get it started and drive away in under 16 seconds. Police are still on the lookout for this lightning-fast car thief. View Now

Cab Driver Violently Attacked by Racist Passenger

Footage of a cab ride in 2013 has recently surfaced showing a passenger in Calgary, Canada verbally and physically abusing his cab driver. The driver came out against his treatment to Global News, as the passenger was billed for the damages to the cab, but faced no consequences for his behavior towards the driver. View Now

Crime Partners That Left Their Buddy in the Dust

They say there's no loyalty among thieves, and it looks like a few criminals really took that to heart. A man and woman involved in a high-speed chase, made it away from police, but officers tracked down the car and arrested the woman; her accomplice had long since vanished from the scene. Another couple of criminals got caught off-guard by an off-duty police officer mid-heist; the officer shot one, who was arrested while the other weaseled away. There are going to be some awkward reunions in prison when police catch up with the ones who got away. View Now

Controversial Video of Police's Use of Force in Skate Park Arrest

What started off as a routine noise complaint at a skate park in Ripon, California, quickly escalated into a controversial arrest. Police were initially called to the park because an individual was playing loud music, but when police approached the individual, his friends got involved. One of his friends, Eduardo Maldonado, demanded to know why his friend was being approached. Some yelling, multiple tasings and a trip in the back of a patrol car later, and the video of Maldonado's arrest has ignited outrage online. View Now

Two Videos That Will Make You Run Outside and Thank a Firefighter

Firefighters put themselves in unseen danger every time they take a call. One firefighter working on a house fire was hit in the face and nearly killed by a live wire (i.e. full of electricity). Another group of firefighters at a hospital got in a spot of trouble when their ambulance caught fire. They had to call in a neighboring fire department for help. View Now

The Last of the Snow in Boston Has FINALLY Melted

Winter was wicked cold in Boston. The remaining snow in the city finally melted this past week. Yeah — it's July. Boston got a record 110.6 inches of snow this past winter, and it was contained to a "snow farm" that was once 75 feet high. Apparently the trash under all the snow helped insulate the pile, delaying the melting process. No, really.   View Now