Aurora Borealis Lights Up The Night Sky

You've got to see these three videos of the night sky lit up. The first is from Tasmania check out the southern lights in this amazing shot. Then from Finland we see beautiful green northern lights. Finally in Norway the Aurora Borealis is an amazing sight to see. View Now

WWII Bomb Explodes in Crimea

This second World War aerial bomb exploded not far from the Crimean coast. This operation was conducted to eliminate mines and make the waters safer.  View Now

Funny Fails: Kayak, ATV, 4 Wheeler

First this kayaker in Vietnam's Ha Long Bay attempts to get in the water but her shorts get stuck on the kayak and she can't swim away. Second these ATV riders can't get it up the hill and it actually ends up flipped upside down. Last this four wheeler flips over while riding in Michigan.  View Now

Arsons Torch a Car & Peruvian Traveller Packs a Stowaway

A bold arson recently set fire to a car in broad daylight, dousing the vehicle in flammable liquid before setting it ablaze and running away. Police report that multiple vehicles have been targetted outside of this residence, and are investigating the string of arsons. A man traveling in Peru wanted to bring a friend, but didn't want' to fork out the cash for an extra plane ticket, so they thought they would just stow him away in a suitcase. Unfortunately for them,  dog sniffed out the stowaway before boarding and cut their vacation short. View Now

Dash Camera Records Two Terrible Car Crashes

Watch this Russian dash camera footage of a terrible car crash. The Honda went into oncoming traffic and hit a grain truck and was shredded by the collision. Luckily the 35-year-old female driver only sustained a broken bone due to the fact that this was a foreign vehicle. Now check out this Argentinian cyclist video from the road. The video shows a white car that rolled over and landed on its side. Bystanders rushed to the aid of the driver and helped flip the vehicle right side up and get the driver out of the car. View Now

South Carolina Woman Saves Two Pizzas, Dog From Floods

There's nothing funny about the floods in South Carolina. That much is obvious. But in a lighter moment in Columbia, South Carolina, where rain levels have reached 20 inches, this woman was interviewed on TV, and you can't help but smile at her reaction to the question from WIS 10's Sam Bleiweis, "did you grab anything when you walked out the door?" Angela Williams gave an answer that wasn't expected: she grabbed two Totino Pizzas and her doggie and left. View Now

Three Horrible Crash Scenes from the Streets

You won't believe your eyes when you see these three vehicles crash into pedestrians and other cars. First this truck slammed right into a man crossing in the crosswalk. Then this truck hit two pedestrians in the road after another truck caused an accident. Then this female driver and her female passenger must have been in a hurry because they made an unsafe lane changed that caused this accident.  View Now

Helicopter Hiker Rescues

You've got to see these two daring helicopter rescues. First this crew located and rescued this 29-year-old woman who was hiking and got lost. Last this woman was rescued after falling and being injured. View Now

Trashy Jewel Thief and Sleazy Reptile Snatcher

Crime is a dirty business. Police recently uploaded a video showing a team of jewel thieves in Florida rolled up to a jewelry shop, broke through the door, and loaded up a trash bin with goods. Then a solitary reptile thief walked into an animal shop and walked off with an expensive tortoise. View Now

Bizarre Beach Cop Car Chase, Woman Steals Smartphone

You won't believe your eyes when you see this bizarre beach cop car chase. The police were pursuing a suspect when the driver drove his vehicle right into the ocean. Then watch this woman steal a smartphone and walk away. She is a smooth criminal who doesn't even break a sweat. View Now

Three Crazy Crashes

First this dirt bike rider in Israel slammed head-on into a quad bike that was carrying a driver and passenger. Luckily there were no serious injuries. Second this bicyclist Mike was travelling in Wyoming with his dog Bixby. He tried to get tow up a mountain and he and the dog fell over. The dog landed on its feet but Mike injured his knee. Third this biker had a bad crash on this Yz 85 and busted his collar bone, but the good news is he captured it on video according to his friend. View Now

Good Bus Driver, Bad Bus Driver

Some days you're the bug, some days you're the windshield. One bus driver had a bug of a day when someone came at him with a machete. He didn't get cut, but the individual did beat him severely before authorities arrived. View Now

Two Birds and Their Unusual Toys

First this bird Eric has cabin fever and it's causing him to find entertainment in a cup of coins. Check him out tossing coins all over the house due to his frustration. Then this sweet little bird doesn't even need toys because it has a wonderful paper towel to jump on, play with and roll itself up in.  View Now

Gamer Gets Arrested, Then Robbed, and Livestreamed the Whole Thing

Livestreaming is huge in the gaming community, with some streamers racking up millions of loyal followers. One such gamer was streaming one evening, when a knock was heard at his door. Not wanting to disconnect his loyal fans, he opened the door to find a police officer. The officer was responding to a noise complaint, and he proceeded to arrest the individual.  View Now

UPDATE - Father Punishes Son By Running Over his Xbox 360

You may remember the story about a father who punished his son for disobeying him by running over his Xbox 360.The father Trey Cosby joined the RightThisMinute hosts for an interview via Skype. Cosby said he records all of the aspects of his family life positive or negative. He also said that his son behavior has improved and he has begun doing chores to earn money to buy his own video game console. View Now

Students Injured Attempting 10-Level Human Pyramid

Students were injured when this ten level human pyramid came tumbling down onto them. You can hear the crowd gasp in horror and shock. Two students had to be helped as they were visibly in pain. This incident took place in Japan at a school. These types of displays are reportedly very popular in the country despite the high number of injuries.  View Now

Crazy Crimes You Won't Believe Caught on Camera

First, check out these thieves unloading stolen market food merchandise from their clothes. You won't believe how much meat is stuffed down their pants. Then, these two masked burglars broke into a jewelry store and stole expensive merchandise.  View Now

Customer Angrily Makes it Rain at Jewelry Store & Mom Dishes Out Justice in Police Station

One of these public attacks may have been warranted the other, not so much. A shopper felt she was getting the Pretty Woman treatment in a jewelry store in China, so she decided to prove her wealth by throwing wads of cash into the sales associate's face.  Meanwhile, a young man at the police station doesn't get money thrown in his face, just a beating from his mom. To put it mildly, she seemd a tad displeased at her son's arrest. View Now

Armed Citizen Stops Robbers, Thief Poses as Student to Steal Wallet From Purse

Robbers held some pedestrians at gun-point and demanded their valuables in Brazil. All of the sudden an armed citizen came out of the building the pedestrians were about to enter fired shots and scared the robbers away. The robbers fled on motorcycles. Then this thief posed as an inquiring student interested in courses. The thief was really there to steal a wallet from the female employees purse. View Now

Unique Rescues From Punjab to Missoula

Five individuals trapped in raging waters were saved by Sikhs who bravely unraveled their turbans so the men in the water could have something to grab onto. This was an incredible gesture, as unraveling their turbans could have significant religious implications. Just as amazing was the rescue of a woman in Missoula, who was saved by the outstretched paddle of a nearby kayaker. View Now

Father Punishes Son By Running Over his Xbox 360

This father has been hotly criticized for posting this video offering a bold ultimatum. He asked his son to choose between getting spanked with a belt, or losing his Xbox 360 for disobeying him. The son chose to keep his video game console, but before returning it to his son, the father ran it over with his car. Many have criticized this dad's parenting because of this punishment; both the son and the father have since uploaded their response to the video.  View Now