Crowd Watches in Shock As Half of Building Collapses

An office building in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, had some serious architectural issues during construction, which resulted in half of the structure collapsing before completion. The building had been evacuated, and it would appear that the rest of the structure will need to be torn down before reconstruction begins. View Now

Drivers Having Really Bad Days

This driver ran over some street clean up crew members and they retaliated by tossing his car into the water of a wash near the street. Next, this driver tried to evade this tow truck driver by trying to drive right off the back of the tow truck.  View Now

Biker Scares Bejaysus Out of Camerman

Check out Alexander Sidorov the Siberian Guy as he races down the road on his motorcycle. He even zooms and zips around on his bike at night. The funny thing is that to make such extreme videos you need a fearless cameraman. Sidorov's cameraman gets a little scared each time the biker speeds past his tripod. You've got to hear his hilarious reactions.  View Now

'Mother Russia, You're Crazy!' -Nick

You've got to watch this eruption of Russian road rage. This driver gets out of his car and attacks the other driver with a knife and a huge stick. Then watch this neighbor who just came over to borrow a cup of sugar. Except the sugar is a cigarette and he actually climbed up from the third floor up to this ninth floor balcony.  View Now

Violent Surprise Attacks at Their Worst

These two attacks were completely uncalled for. A cyclist in the UK, frustrated at a pedestrian that walked in front of her, threw the pedestrian a rude hand gesture. Taking it way too hard, the pedestrian knocked her over nad pushed her into oncoming traffic. View Now

Bora Bora Mountain Climber Helicopter Rescue

This mountain climber was enjoying the beautiful scenery in Bora Bora when he became trapped on a cliff. Luckily he did bring a radio and was able to contact rescuers. He made a makeshift flag and was able to signal the helicopter to his location. He wants this video to serve as a warning for you to not go exploring a challenging and unfamiliar terrain without a guide.  View Now

Underwater Arrest, Subway Suicide Attempt

Check out this man who tried to evade the police officers who were arresting him by jumping into the water handcuffed. The man had trouble swimming and had to be saved by a bystander and then recovered by an officer. Also you've got to see this rescue of a troubled woman who attempted suicide in a subway after an argument with her boyfriend. Police were able to help her just in time.  View Now

Almost Hit by a Ton of Bricks, Confused by Gas Pump

Check out this scary footage of an accident that nearly turned into a tragedy when a car was hit by a truck caring bricks. The bricks in the truck started to pour onto the street after the vehicles collided and the car narrowly escaped. Then you've just got to see this lady who just can't get a clue at the gas station. She pulled up to the pump and used the nozzle from the pump on the other side when there is a perfectly good one right in front of her. View Now

Marital Combat, Nude Biker

First check out this interesting technique this wife used to stop her husband from engaging in a street brawl. She used her legs to apply a choke hold and take down the man. Then you've got to see this naked female motorcycle passenger. She was wearing a helmet thankfully.  View Now

Particularly Plane Proposal

This boyfriend pretends that the airplane he and his girlfriend are in is experiencing an engine failure. It turns out to be all part of an elaborate ploy to propose. The couple is happily engaged thanks to the whole prank.   View Now

Whole New Level of Risky, Crazy Stunts

Check out these three guys doing some really wild stunts on motorcycles and in front of speeding trains. The first guy had his foot too low to the ground and crashed into a guardrail. Then this motorcyclist tried to do a cool trick that flung him off his bike and knocked his shoes off. Last this crazy man tried to run across some tracks faster than a speeding train.  View Now

Teacher Chokes Student, Moscow Parmesan Kidnapper

First this teacher in Brazil choked her student after he refused to relinquish his cell phone. Luckily the other students in the class stepped in to get her to stop. She was later removed from her position at the school. Then this man in Russia waltzed into a grocery store and walked straight over to the cheese aisle. He proceeds to stuff some expensive blocks of cheese down his pants and steal them. Unfortunately for him security was watching and he was captured and arrested. View Now

Trip Down Moron Lane

Check out this driver in a BMW who decided to brake check an ambulance. Then this BMW driver mows down a motorcyclist and keeps driving from the scene. View Now

Gas Station Fire Sparks Debate About Cell Phone Myth

Check out this footage of a fire that started at the pump of a gas station. This man pulls up to the pump on a motorcycle and an attendant begins to pump. The man reaches into his pocket and pulls out a cellphone and at that point a fire ignites. The police department who posted this video cited him using the phone as the reason the fire started, but science says otherwise. View Now