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Privacy Policy





Personal Information

RightThisMinute appreciates visitors to our website and your privacy is important to us. As a general policy, we do not automatically collect your personally identifiable information when you visit our Website. In certain circumstances, we may request, allow or otherwise provide you an opportunity to submit your personally identifiable information in connection with a feature, program, promotion or some other aspect of our website. Whether or not you provide this information is your choice; however, in many instances this type of information is required to participate in the particular activity, realize a benefit we may offer, or gain access to certain content on our website. RightThisMinute does not collect personal information that is not provided to us. Additionally, RightThisMinute will not disclose your personal information to any third party without your consent, except when necessary to deliver a requested service. Upon request, we will provide you with the information that we maintain about you.


User Content

Any information you disclose voluntarily in content you upload or share, on becomes public information. We cannot control the actions of our site users and advise you to use your discretion in sharing information about yourself on the Internet. All information sharing is optional and done so at your own risk. We encourage you to be careful and responsible when disclosing personal information online.


Demographic Information

We may use aggregate data such as income, age and geography to further customize our content and enhance our services. We may share this information with advertisers and the media. Likewise, we may share this information with another company in the event that we merge, are acquired or participate in a joint venture with another company. All aggregate data will be shared without any personally identifiable information about our individual subscribers.


Web Site Usage Information

Likewise, we and some of our partners, may make use of cookies (small text tiles placed on your computer's hard disk by our server). They are used to collect non-personal traffic information such as the number of visits to our site and pages visited. This information will be used to assess how subscribers are using our services so that we may better serve you. This data will also allow us to manage the functionality of the site. RightThisMinute does not use cookies to retrieve information from a computer that is unrelated to our site or services.


Browser Level Information and IP Addresses

Our web servers automatically collect limited information about your computer configuration when you visit our site, including the type of browser software you use, the operating system you're running, the resolution of your computer monitor, the website that referred you, and your IP address. (Your IP address is a numerical address that is used by computers connected to the Internet to identify your computer so that data (such as the web pages you want to view) can be transmitted to you. We also use IP address information for systems administration and trouble shooting purposes. Your IP address does not tell us who you are.) This  information is used to deliver our web pages to you upon request, to tailor our site to the interests of our users, and to measure traffic within our site.


Data Collected in Connection with Ad Serving and Targeting.

We use third-party Service Providers, such as ad networks, to serve advertising to you when you visit our Site. These Service Providers may use information about your activities while you navigate through this Site and other web sites and that they collect through cookies to provide you with advertisements about products and services that they think may be of interest to you. The information used by these Service Providers for these purposes generally does not identify you personally (in other words, the Service Providers are not using your name, address, email address, or phone number for these purposes) but it may include the IP address of your computer, browser information and time & date of visit. Data collected relates to your behavior while on this site and other websites: what ads you clicked on, what content you viewed, etc. Third parties may also gather user data and our privacy policy may not describe the privacy practices of those parties.


Linked Sites

Although RightThisMinute may provide links to third party sites, we are not responsible for the content that appears on those sites nor do we endorse these sites. Please review each site's privacy policy to determine their use of information, as we have no control over information that is submitted to, or collected by, these third parties.



To support our efforts we sell sponsorships of RightThisMinute mailings and on the blog to advertisers who we think you'd like to know about. These advertisers will either be identified as a Friend of RightThisMinute, Custom Mail, Advertisement, Featured Link or Sponsor.


Public Forums

We may offer chat rooms, blogs, message boards, bulletin boards, or similar public forums where you and other users of our website can communicate. The protections described in this Privacy Policy do not apply when you provide information (including personal information) in connection with your use of these public forums. We may use personally identifiable and non-personal information about you to identify you with a posting in a public forum. Any information you share in a public forum is public information and may be seen or collected by anyone, including third parties that do not adhere to our Privacy Policy. We are not responsible for events arising from the distribution of any information you choose to publicly post or share through our Website.



The features, programs, promotions and other aspects of our website requiring the submission of personally identifiable information are not intended for children. We do not knowingly collect personally identifiable information from children under the age of 13. If you are a parent or guardian of a child under the age of 13 and believe he or she has disclosed personally identifiable information to us please contact us at the e-mail address listed below. A parent or guardian of a child under the age of 13 may review and request deletion of such child's personally identifiable information as well as prohibit the use thereof.



RightThisMinute stores all of the information described above in restricted databases.


Opt-out / Unsubscribe

If we ever send you an email that you did not expressly request, we will provide you with an email address by which you may request to receive no future notices.


Changes to Privacy Policy

RightThisMinute may change this privacy policy. Any changes will be reflected on this privacy policy page. If you are concerned about how your information will be used, you should check back at this privacy policy page periodically. WHEN YOU ACCESS OUR WEBSITE, YOU AGREE TO THIS PRIVACY POLICY. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO THIS PRIVACY POLICY, OR TO ANY CHANGES WE MAY SUBSEQUENTLY MAKE, IMMEDIATELY STOP ACCESSING OUR WEBSITE.



If you should have any questions about our privacy policy, please contact us at or by mail at, 9633 S. 48th Street, Suite 185, Phoenix, AZ 85044


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