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Personal Information

RightThisMinute appreciates visitors to our website and your privacy is important to us. As a general policy, we do not automatically collect your personally identifiable information when you visit our Website. In certain circumstances, we may request, allow or otherwise provide you an opportunity to submit your personally identifiable information in connection with a feature, program, promotion or some other aspect of our website. Whether or not you provide this information is your choice; however, in many instances this type of information is required to participate in the particular activity, realize a benefit we may offer, or gain access to certain content on our website. RightThisMinute does not collect personal information that is not provided to us. Additionally, RightThisMinute will not disclose your personal information to any third party without your consent, except when necessary to deliver a requested service. Upon request, we will provide you with the information that we maintain about you.


User Content

Any information you disclose voluntarily in content you upload or share, on becomes public information. We cannot control the actions of our site users and advise you to use your discretion in sharing information about yourself on the Internet. All information sharing is optional and done so at your own risk. We encourage you to be careful and responsible when disclosing personal information online.


Demographic Information

We may use aggregate data such as income, age and geography to further customize our content and enhance our services. We may share this information with advertisers and the media. Likewise, we may share this information with another company in the event that we merge, are acquired or participate in a joint venture with another company. All aggregate data will be shared without any personally identifiable information about our individual subscribers.


Web Site Usage Information

Likewise, we and some of our partners, may make use of cookies (small text tiles placed on your computer's hard disk by our server). They are used to collect non-personal traffic information such as the number of visits to our site and pages visited. This information will be used to assess how subscribers are using our services so that we may better serve you. This data will also allow us to manage the functionality of the site. RightThisMinute does not use cookies to retrieve information from a computer that is unrelated to our site or services.


Browser Level Information and IP Addresses

Our web servers automatically collect limited information about your computer configuration when you visit our site, including the type of browser software you use, the operating system you're running, the resolution of your computer monitor, the website that referred you, and your IP address. (Your IP address is a numerical address that is used by computers connected to the Internet to identify your computer so that data (such as the web pages you want to view) can be transmitted to you. We also use IP address information for systems administration and trouble shooting purposes. Your IP address does not tell us who you are.) This  information is used to deliver our web pages to you upon request, to tailor our site to the interests of our users, and to measure traffic within our site.


Data Collected in Connection with Ad Serving and Targeting.

We use third-party Service Providers, such as ad networks, to serve advertising to you when you visit our Site. These Service Providers may use information about your activities while you navigate through this Site and other web sites and that they collect through cookies to provide you with advertisements about products and services that they think may be of interest to you. The information used by these Service Providers for these purposes generally does not identify you personally (in other words, the Service Providers are not using your name, address, email address, or phone number for these purposes) but it may include the IP address of your computer, browser information and time & date of visit. Data collected relates to your behavior while on this site and other websites: what ads you clicked on, what content you viewed, etc. Third parties may also gather user data and our privacy policy may not describe the privacy practices of those parties.


Linked Sites

Although RightThisMinute may provide links to third party sites, we are not responsible for the content that appears on those sites nor do we endorse these sites. Please review each site's privacy policy to determine their use of information, as we have no control over information that is submitted to, or collected by, these third parties.



To support our efforts we sell sponsorships of RightThisMinute mailings and on the blog to advertisers who we think you'd like to know about. These advertisers will either be identified as a Friend of RightThisMinute, Custom Mail, Advertisement, Featured Link or Sponsor.


Public Forums

We may offer chat rooms, blogs, message boards, bulletin boards, or similar public forums where you and other users of our website can communicate. The protections described in this Privacy Policy do not apply when you provide information (including personal information) in connection with your use of these public forums. We may use personally identifiable and non-personal information about you to identify you with a posting in a public forum. Any information you share in a public forum is public information and may be seen or collected by anyone, including third parties that do not adhere to our Privacy Policy. We are not responsible for events arising from the distribution of any information you choose to publicly post or share through our Website.



The features, programs, promotions and other aspects of our website requiring the submission of personally identifiable information are not intended for children. We do not knowingly collect personally identifiable information from children under the age of 13. If you are a parent or guardian of a child under the age of 13 and believe he or she has disclosed personally identifiable information to us please contact us at the e-mail address listed below. A parent or guardian of a child under the age of 13 may review and request deletion of such child's personally identifiable information as well as prohibit the use thereof.



RightThisMinute stores all of the information described above in restricted databases.


Opt-out / Unsubscribe

If we ever send you an email that you did not expressly request, we will provide you with an email address by which you may request to receive no future notices.


Changes to Privacy Policy

RightThisMinute may change this privacy policy. Any changes will be reflected on this privacy policy page. If you are concerned about how your information will be used, you should check back at this privacy policy page periodically. WHEN YOU ACCESS OUR WEBSITE, YOU AGREE TO THIS PRIVACY POLICY. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO THIS PRIVACY POLICY, OR TO ANY CHANGES WE MAY SUBSEQUENTLY MAKE, IMMEDIATELY STOP ACCESSING OUR WEBSITE.



If you should have any questions about our privacy policy, please contact us at or by mail at, 9633 S. 48th Street, Suite 185, Phoenix, AZ 85044


This Robotic Bricklayer Will Change The Building Industry

This Robotic Bricklayer Will Change The Building Industry

Building a home isn't always the fastest process, but new technology is hoping to change that. Fastbrick Robotics came up with a giant robot that can lay bricks with laser precision. The Australian company claims that in just two days, this machine can build all of the walls needed for a standard home. The machine's speed and accuracy are crazy to watch. View Now
This Backyard Gender Reveal Is A Home Run

This Backyard Gender Reveal Is A Home Run

This couple's gender reveal party was a grand slam, thanks to the reaction from the dad-to-be. He had a baseball bat in his hand and was ready to swing for the fences. When he finally hit the baseball, it cracked open revealing the upcoming baby's gender. While the hit was great, the best part was really the celebration afterward. You would have thought this adorable couple just won the World Series. We can safely call this gender reveal a home run.  View Now

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Eagle-Eyed Shopper Rips Apart ATM Skimming Scheme

Eagle-Eyed Shopper Rips Apart ATM Skimming Scheme

We all know catchy sayings like "Leaves Of Three, Let Them Be" that warn us away from Poison Ivy and other hazards but we should really come up with something about sketchy ATMs with wobbly parts. We call dibs on "If It's Loose, Vamoose!" Even though he probably didn't have such a cool limerick in mind, Eli Maguire's Aussie skepticism saved him an embarrassing credit card statement and perhaps quite a load of money during this ATM visit. View Now
You'll Never Want to Use a Waterslide Again After This

You'll Never Want to Use a Waterslide Again After This

If you've got plans to go to a waterpark anytime soon, you may want to avoid watching this video!  A Dallas, Texas man was recently injured after flying off a waterslide and falling into a rocky cliff area below. David Salmon took to Facebook to post a slow-motion version of the incident, and honestly, it looks terrifying! Salmon says he suffered a broken arm, fractured ribs and other lacerations on his body. View Now
Nick's Car Shift: Mustang GT California Special

Nick's Car Shift: Mustang GT California Special

It's hard not to have fun on four wheels when you're rolling in a Mustang. The staple in Ford's stable garners decades of devout fans and followers. And after driving this 2016 GT California Special, I get it.   I spent a week with the "Stang" but on this day I galloped through the Tonto National Forest on my way to Bartlett Lake. The road there is a fun mix of twisties, switchbacks and desert straightaways. I often visit this lake , it's one of my favorite Phoenix area destinations and I've never had this much fun getting there.   View Now
Can You Find The Drowning Child?

Can You Find The Drowning Child?

We all know just how HARD it is to find Waldo of Where's Waldo. But what if Waldo is now a drowning child? Welcome to every lifeguarding shift. Thankfully, an eagle-eyed lifeguard is on duty at this wave pool and dives in to help the nearly invisible panicking youngster. This dramatic rescue is part of the Genesis Project's South Carolina campaign, which brings swim clinics and hopes to build new pools in, especially vulnerable rural areas. View Now


Stars Recreate ‘Fight Song’ Video To Show Support For Hillary Clinton

Stars Recreate ‘Fight Song’ Video To Show Support For Hillary Clinton

A group of celebrities are banding together to voice their support for presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. A-listers like Elizabeth Banks, Mandy Moore and Eva Longoria released their own a cappella version of Rachel Platten’s “Fight Song” at the Democratic National Convention last night. The song was played while Clinton accepted her party’s official nomination—because every good campaign needs a fight song, right? View Now
'Snooki' Releases First Music Video, & It's As Crazy As You'd Expect

'Snooki' Releases First Music Video, & It's As Crazy As You'd Expect

WARNING: Adult language is used. Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi just released her first music video—and we’re so glad she did. Her single titled “Yung Mommy” is a walk down “Jersey Shore” lane, with a couple of shoutouts to her former roommates. She also pokes fun at her past and present lifestyles showing that she still has that crazy sense of humor. View Now
'Game Of Thrones' Production Teaser Will Get You Excited For New Season

'Game Of Thrones' Production Teaser Will Get You Excited For New Season

WARNING: Adult language is used.  If you’re already having “Game of Thrones” withdrawals, you’re not alone. Luckily, “Game of Thrones” producers knows your pain, and they’ve released this Season 7 teaser, which gives us all a behind-the-scenes look at all the work that goes into creating such a fantastic show. View Now
Watch Michelle Obama Get Her Freak on With Missy Elliott, James Corden

Watch Michelle Obama Get Her Freak on With Missy Elliott, James Corden

Micelle Obama has got some serious dance moves! The First Lady recently rode shotgun in James Corden’s car as part of his “Carpool Karaoke” segment for the “Late Late Show.” Mrs. Obama confessed that it’s the first time in eight years that she has been able to ride in the front passenger seat. (Crazy, right?!)  View Now
Justin Bieber Denies Fan a Hug, Has Zero Shame

Justin Bieber Denies Fan a Hug, Has Zero Shame

Add hugs to the list of things Justin Bieber just will not do.  Two months after taking to Instagram to post an elaborate message about no longer taking pictures with fans, the Biebs is saying that he’s not one for hugs either (maybe not in so many words).  Check out what happened when one girl approached him for an embrace while he was checking out his Purpose Tour merchandise at Barneys in New York City. Ouch—is all we have to say. View Now


Lifeguard Saves Runaway Dolphin Boy & Captain Overboard Learns Lesson

There's no room for the silly mistakes we all occasionally make on the ocean... especially if you're a nine-year-old boy riding an inflatable dolphin toy designed for a pool. Thankfully, this embarrassed boy and floating toy lived to swim another day after an amused British lifeguard comes to their rescue. On the contrary, this European captain on Lake Constance is all but marooned in the water until the wind lets up enough for him to board his rogue dinghy that has floated away. View Now

Sneaky Snakes Show Up In The Strangest Places

We're pretty unanimous here at RightThisMinute that the best place for a snake is behind some nice thick glass. Now we've just got to convince the snakes themselves that we're right because they're still popping up when you least expect them! View Now

Don't Bring A Broom To A Raccoon Fight

Sometimes, even wild animals make us go "aww". Whether it's a biological response to something that reminds us of human babies or maybe we're just weird, but something switches off in our heads and we do really stupid things to these "cute", "adorable" and "huggable" animals. Like, please, guy with a broom—don't get between a raccoon mom and her kits! via ViralHog View Now

Even Cat Lovers Can't Handle These Adorable Kitties

These cats don't speak a word but they've already stolen our hearts. Pooky the Ragdoll/British Shorthair Munchkin and her owner have an adorable bedtime routine most cat owners only dream of—complete with Pooky's even smaller stuffed animal! Words can't express how fluffy and loveable this small kitty is. But hey, even when our feline friends in the second video are naughty, we can't help forgiving them. We give these brazen would-be burglars an A+ for effort! View Now

'Hangry' Tiger Shark Wrestles Hammerhead In Epic Battle Of The Predators

From now on, these fishermen will have the most unbelievable fish tale to tell their friends. At least there is proof that Ryan Willsea and his GoPro were in the front row at a shark fight. A monstrous tiger shark latches onto a much smaller hammerhead, off the coast of Venice, Louisiana. The two predators fight each other until the powerful 1000-pound tiger shark rips a bite out of the hammerhead. Fight over! View Now

Croc Hide-And-Seek With Coyote Peterson

Crocodiles and their alligator cousins are never to be taken lightly. We always hope people give these big lizards their space and take extra care. That said, it's a good thing our friend Coyote Peterson and the Brave Wilderness crew are pros at dealing with wild animals because they're waking the dragon (AKA hibernating American Crocodile) in the name of science. That giant mama crocodile just wasn't having it! We can't really blame her for being grumpy, though. View Now

Running Of The Bulls Goes 'Vegan' With A Safe Makeover

Now, you can enjoy running from bulls without the fear of death or serious injury. That's thanks to a untraditional revamp of the classic running with bulls celebration. In Spain, kids of all ages can run from giant, inflatable bull costumes. Its a safe way to celebrate the tradition without harming people or animals. View Now