This Much of 'That' Will Kill You

Six liters of water, 70 cups of coffee, 85 full-sized chocolate candy bars at once, one or two ground cherry pits, and a lot of other surprising things will kill you. What to take away from Asap Science in this video? Moderation, moderation, moderation. And we're talking to you, you coffee addicts and chocoholics! View Now

Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary... BLOODY MARY!

PopSugar Food and Hilton have partnered to bring you this amazing video featuring the craziest Bloody Mary drinks with extreme garnishes from all around the country. Check it out because you will not believe these insane toppings that practically turn the cocktail into a meal. View Now

See American Kids Try Out Lunches From Around The World

American kids aren't the more adventurous eaters — but what happens when they're served school lunches from around the world? This ridiculously adorable compilation is everything you'd expect. From "I like pizza way better" to "It looks like a big piece of poo surrounded by corn," these kids didn't hold anything back.  View Now

Robot Ordering Food at the Drive Thru Prank

This prank video will have you rolling on the floor laughing at these poor fast food workers. They open the drive-thru window to reveal that their customer is actually a robot with artificial intelligence and is pretty sassy.  View Now

Bars Haunted by Ghosts and Hooligans

Two bar owners are having some trouble with local riff-raff, but one of them might need an exorcist to fix his problem. Some young men were egging the car of one bar owner, and were seen documenting the moment with a camera. The owner is hoping to find their footage uploaded online so he can find out who they are. View Now

Comically Delicious: Asia's Super Hero Café

Any big fan of comic book culture will likely get a kick out of new Asian restaurant chain DC Comics Super Hero Café, which offers burgers and (dare we say) super heroes of epic proportions. These restaurants can be found in Malaysia, Hong Kong, China and most recently Singapore. View Now

How to Make a Personal Pizza From Scratch

What's better than pizza? How about fresh pizza made from scratch! To make a personal-sized pizza, you'll need water, flour, salt, extra virgin olive oil, sugar, yeast, semolina (or cornmeal will do the trick), spices, sauce, toppings and a little bit of time. Buon appetito! View Now

Weirdest Shopping List Ever

You've got to see this hilarious prank from JStuStudios. The pranksters are reading off of a back to school shopping list and asking for help from store clerks. The items they are looking for don't exist and have some of the funniest and weirdest names ever.  View Now

The Many Emotions of Babies

Angry, hungry, distracted - babies go through a range of feelings and emotions, just like adults. Hunger is probably the biggest motivating force for kids though; not even watching RightThisMinute could distract Kaycee Bennett's baby from her bottle. View Now

Cheeky British Wine Ad Implores You to 'Taste the Bush'

Premier Estates, from the UK, offers a full range of wines from all around the world. But just because they're sophisticated doesn't mean they're stuffy. No — they have a sense of humor, even if it's at the expense of Australia. And we love that about them. Now have a glass and taste the bush. View Now