Three Different Ways to Crash on a Bicycle

If you're in the UK, two great ways to crash on your bike is during a fox hunt or by riding on the wrong side of the road. If you happen to venture out to Russia and want to eat it, just look for a sign warning you of danger and speed directly towards it. View Now

Funny Fails: Mini Segway, Face Plant & Back Flip

You've got to see these three people take tumbles. First this poor gal slips off of a mini Segway. Second this guy attempts a jump in a warehouse and falls flat on his face. Third this man slams straight into the ground after attempting to do a backflip from a car.  View Now

Men V. Women: The Rejection Experiment

WARNING: ADULT LANGUAGE USED. Mustering up enough courage to ask someone for their number is never easy. Whether you’re a girl asking a guy, or a guy asking a girl; rejection can come in many forms. Turns out women often tend to take a more ruthless approach when it comes to saying nope.  View Now

Why You Should (Not) Buy an Acrylic Water Pipe

Please don't smoke it's bad for you, but if you're going to anyways because you make your own life decisions, please don't buy an acrylic bong. This dude is convinced that glass bongs are the worst because they break all the time, and you should buy acrylic ones instead. He sets out to prove it to us, and well, yeah, that just happened. He's most likely fooling us with this one, but either way it's pretty funny.   View Now

Car Beats Selfie, Golf Club Beats Car

Sometimes the world is as simple as a game of Rock, Paper Scissors. A man taking a selfie behind a drifting Ferrari quickly found out that Car Beats Selfie, but a man frustrated with Mercedes discovered that Golf Club beats Car.  So does this mean that Selfie beats Golf Club? That should make for an interesting video. View Now

Justin Bieber Throws Tantrum After Performance

Justin Bieber is supposedly a changed man now, but his performance on the “TODAY” show may prove differently. The “What Do You Mean?” singer recently threw a hissy fit on stage in true Bieber-esque fashion. Luckily for the audience, they witnessed the entire meltdown.  It looks like his recent bout of “soul searching” didn’t actually pay off—but is anyone really surprised? View Now

Fail-Boats Crash & Tumble

You've got to see these three boat accidents. The first are kayakers falling out of their white water rafts. The second is a man and his dog who got their vessel stuck under a pier and had to be rescued. Finally the third video is a boat that crash lands on the dock.  View Now

Funny Phone Fails

Fail Army presents the "Cell and selfie fails" video. Check out the funniest moments of selfies gone wrong, animals stealing phones, animals trying to eat phones and other crazy moments. RightThisMinute hosts interviewed the Fail Army crew via Skype to get all of the details on their new app which inspired this compilation.  View Now

Amazing Backflip, Fail Backflop

Check out this amazing backflip football catch in slow motion. Then you've just got to see this drunk man attempt a backflip from a bridge. Basically it results in a backflop. View Now