Fail-Boats Crash & Tumble

You've got to see these three boat accidents. The first are kayakers falling out of their white water rafts. The second is a man and his dog who got their vessel stuck under a pier and had to be rescued. Finally the third video is a boat that crash lands on the dock.  View Now

Funny Phone Fails

Fail Army presents the "Cell and selfie fails" video. Check out the funniest moments of selfies gone wrong, animals stealing phones, animals trying to eat phones and other crazy moments. RightThisMinute hosts interviewed the Fail Army crew via Skype to get all of the details on their new app which inspired this compilation.  View Now

Amazing Backflip, Fail Backflop

Check out this amazing backflip football catch in slow motion. Then you've just got to see this drunk man attempt a backflip from a bridge. Basically it results in a backflop. View Now

Seriously, Who Let Grandma on the Zip Line?

The water ball fail is understandable because of course someone is going to try and dunk it, and hitting a golf ball into the camera isn't that bad, but letting grandma ride the zip line?  There are dozens of people watching her soar to her doom and no one thought it was a bad idea? Come on! View Now

More Watercrafts, More Problems

First up, see this man learn how not to drive a jet ski. Second, watch this man have the time of his life and then flip his jet ski. Third, check out this pair of horrible boat navigators in the world's easiest canal.    View Now

No One Likes a Chest Thumper; Kid Learns the Hard Way

No one likes a showoff. Throw down a sick jam on your minihoop and let your moves do the talking. If you thump your chest and gloat like you're better than everyone else, karma may just come back to bite you in the butt — or bump you on the head. View Now

Fantastic and Failing Firework Footage

RTM brings you the best and the worst firework footage from the Fourth of July. First up is an epic fail, from Lake Bonaparte in New York, watch as a barge is accidentally set on fire. Second is another fail, a drone vlogger straped fireworks to his drone and accidentally blew it up. If you feel generous you can donate via GoFundMe to help him get a new drone. The last video, by DRT Nation, will restore your faith in drone footage. View Now

Birds Doing the Darndest Things

Watch the first video and see a bird almost get blasted by the one o'clock gun at Edinburgh Castle. Tourists filming on their cell phones are shocked by the sight. You have to check out this bird annoying this poor pooch.  View Now

Street Justice and ATV Fail

In Colombia this woman takes justice into her own hands to free her moped from a tow truck. A crowd of police and bystanders films video, chants and cheers. In the second video, watch a dad fail when he tries to load an ATV into a truck. The makeshift ramp collapses under all of that weight.  View Now

Up Fossil Creek Without a Paddle

This Italian whitewater rafter gets stuck between a rock and a hard place on his third run down a river. His kayak gets stuck and he has to struggle to paddle his way out. Luckily a GoPro caught all of the hilarity on tape. Check out this, thanks to our viewer we get to see his cliff dive at Fossil Creek including underwater video shot from his head.  View Now

Breaking Boat & Nautical Nonesense

Is this dingy boat possessed? No, the passengers were partying too hard and got ejected, but luckily for us, photographer Bill Klipp caught it all on camera to see another boat float to the rescue but not before the rescuer is almost struck by the rogue motorboat. In the second video, you will see a man attempt to dive off the bow of a boat and flop! He emerges from the water visibly red and obviously embarrassed.  View Now

Kicking the Punching Bag Will Result in Fail Overload

WARNING: Potty language. Hey, guy. The punching bag game is for punching . . . with your fist. Trying some kung-fu kick you saw in a movie will only result in a sore hip, humiliation and a total score of zero. Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" is referring to you directly, champ. View Now

Fail: Don't Drone in a Dust Storm!

An Arizona drone pilot attempted to capture the perfect aerial shots of a dust storm, and the video that resulted was an epic fail. The drone was whipped and thrashed around by high-speed winds. After it crashed it was returned to the operator by a neighbor, slightly damaged. View Now

Jet Ski's Are Hard Whether You're Rich and Famous or a Regular Joe

When he opens a new hotel, Petter Stordalen likes to make a splash. However, jet skiing onto dry land and eating cobblestone probably wasn't his original idea of making an entrance. But don't worry Petter, you're not alone; just the other day a man named Kasia went flying off of his jet ski. It happens to everyone! It's just a little more noticeable when it happens to a multi-millionaire hotel tycoon. View Now