Transgender Man Takes a Selfie a Day During Transition

Selfies are a popular trend on social media platforms; but who knew that they could be so powerful? Jaime Raines, a transgender man, started taking testosterone three years ago. To document his life-changing journey, the 21-year-old college student took a picture a day. Now, 21 years old and 1,400 selfies later, Raines had created a time-lapse video to preserve the emotional (and fascinating) process. View Now

Kate Winslet Makes a 'Butt Face' With Jimmy Fallon

This game is pretty simple. Kate Winslet and Jimmy Fallon just snapped some selfies on an iPad's Photo Booth app. Simple enough, right? Until Winslet turned it up a notch with some funny faces, including the "butt face," created with the "mirror" effect that took away her nose. But when your face is a butt, you're probably better off without a nose. View Now

Tony the Tiger is Back in Raunchy Parody

WARNING: This video is highly suggestive and sexual in nature. Tony the Tiger is not really back, and he's not really helping prostitutes with confidence and illegal, um, transactions. But for all intents and purposes . . . Tony the Tiger is back, and he's grrrrreat! View Now

Guess How Many Rubber Bands it Takes to Make a Pumpkin Explode?

Frank Gil and Ben Read had a pack of rubber bands and a pumpkin just lyin' around, so they decided to do something with them. They recently uploaded a video where they took the pumpkin and started wrapping it in rubber bands, curious to see how many rubber bands would be needed to jumpstart an implosion. Turns out 195 was the magic number, leaving gourd shards strewn about and a cool rubber band ball as a trophy. View Now

Scenes Shot Under Sea: Sharks, Stingrays, Swimwear Models

You've got to see this video shot from a shark cage. You can see great white sharks swimming in the sea. This footage looks frightening and amazing because the photographer was so close to the sharks. Then watch these beautiful swimwear models poses for pictures with stingrays. You've won't believe how amazing these photographs are.  View Now

Aurora Borealis Lights Up The Night Sky

You've got to see these three videos of the night sky lit up. The first is from Tasmania check out the southern lights in this amazing shot. Then from Finland we see beautiful green northern lights. Finally in Norway the Aurora Borealis is an amazing sight to see. View Now

WWII Bomb Explodes in Crimea

This second World War aerial bomb exploded not far from the Crimean coast. This operation was conducted to eliminate mines and make the waters safer.  View Now

Parents Reveal Their Baby's Gender

These little girls find out they are having a baby brother. They aren't happy but at least there is cake. Then these parents pop a balloon and their sons bubble when they reveal they are having a girl. Big brother is visibly upset. View Now

Skiers Rescue Horse Stuck in the Snow

Gone for four days and about twenty-four miles from its home in Santiago, Chile, this poor horse had all but given up. It was stuck in the snow, and most likely would have died, but a group of skiers found the equestrian and were able to bring it safely home. View Now

Go Old School for Halloween With This Black and White Movie Character Makeup

Do you exclusively use the Black and White filter on all your photos? Do you call your friends, "guys and dolls"? Do you prefer using cue cards rather than actually speaking? Then we have the makeup tutorial for you! Beauty by Janelle recently uploaded a great makeup how-to that will have you looking like a black and white movie character in no time. It's like stepping back in time. View Now

Funny Fails: Kayak, ATV, 4 Wheeler

First this kayaker in Vietnam's Ha Long Bay attempts to get in the water but her shorts get stuck on the kayak and she can't swim away. Second these ATV riders can't get it up the hill and it actually ends up flipped upside down. Last this four wheeler flips over while riding in Michigan.  View Now

Three Different Ways to Crash on a Bicycle

If you're in the UK, two great ways to crash on your bike is during a fox hunt or by riding on the wrong side of the road. If you happen to venture out to Russia and want to eat it, just look for a sign warning you of danger and speed directly towards it. View Now

Arsons Torch a Car & Peruvian Traveller Packs a Stowaway

A bold arson recently set fire to a car in broad daylight, dousing the vehicle in flammable liquid before setting it ablaze and running away. Police report that multiple vehicles have been targetted outside of this residence, and are investigating the string of arsons. A man traveling in Peru wanted to bring a friend, but didn't want' to fork out the cash for an extra plane ticket, so they thought they would just stow him away in a suitcase. Unfortunately for them,  dog sniffed out the stowaway before boarding and cut their vacation short. View Now