Shocking Footage of Human Wearing a Collar

This man decided to test out a dog boundary collar. His friend fastens on a red collar around his next and walks away to find out how it works. After walking very far, he noticed that nothing had happened and his friend who was shooting the footage reminds him it goes off at 90 feet. Then suddenly he is shocked on the neck and it is so painful he twitches, screams and doubles over. He understandably proceeds to take the device off immediately.  View Now

Woman Makes it Rain Out of Her Window to the Tune of $2,400

A man in China withdrew $2,400 from his bank, only to come home to have his wife throw it out the window. It's unclear as to why she acted this way, but even stranger is that the money was collected by people outside of their building and returned to them in full (of course, the police station across the street may have helped people do the right thing). View Now

How to Lose a Friend With One Tattoo

Josh and Serena of the "Our Story So Far" YouTube Channel chronicle Josh's attempt to tattoo his long time friend. In their new video titled, "I Try to Do a Tattoo" the pair narrates the whole story of the tattoo process. Serena is shocked that Josh's friend would trust him to do a tattoo. The tattoo is off a cute little acorn and not bad for a rookie.    View Now

Would You Eat Food Cooked in a Dishwasher?

Check out this new video from PopSugar Food's YouTube channel called, "How to Cook in the Dishwasher: A Whole Super Clean Meal." Would you eat food cooked in a dishwasher? The food is cooked with a method called sous-vide. Sous-vide means "under vacuum" in French. The dishwasher dinner process involves prepping and sealing your dishes in sealable mason jars that will lock out the hot water and soap suds. Your dinner will come out cooked perfectly moist and your dishes will be spotlessly clean. View Now

Stuart Edge Blows Lindsey Stirling's Mind—With Magic

Stuart Edge is a big supporter of his fellow Youtubers, and when he heard Lindsey Stirling wrote a book, he couldn't help but grab some memorabilia from the book cover photo shoot. And bake it into a cake. And randomly run into Stirling. And have her pick the card that was in the cake. Let's face it—any sequence of events is possible when one is a magician. View Now

Decaplane Featured on Flite Test

The crew at Flite Test is featuring an aircraft called the multiplane or decaplane. It has 10 wings and it was previously unsuccessful. Peter built this proof of concept small-scale model of the original plane. Peter then led a group of kids in a project to construct a 10 foot model of the plane. A large crowd gathered to watch the kids and Peter test it. The question on the crowd's mind at the launch was: Will it fly? It was a success as it soared high in the sky. View Now

Rope Swing Fails, Frights and Freakouts

A woman having a good time at the lake hit the water hard when she fumbled on the rope swing. Meanwhile, at the world's largest rope swing, no one gets hurt, but plenty of people's hearts are skipping beats at the sheer awesomeness of a rope swing with a 300-meter arc (that's almost 1,000 feet). View Now

Man Attacks Officer With Knife & Teens Ripoff Convenience Store

Two violent crimes in the UK and Australia were caught on camera, one of which has been resolved. Last March, a man wielding a knife lunged at a police officer. One officer was stabbed in his vest, while the other apprehended the knifeman. The criminal in this case received three-and-a-half years in prison, but the robbers in Australia have not yet been caught. They were seen on camera stealing from a convenience store, easily breaking through the protective partition at the cashier's desk, stealing cash and cigarettes. View Now

Car Crook Captured in China Thanks to Social Media

Eric Ong took to social media to help his brother Joe Ong locate his stolen white Honda Civic in China. Eric posted a plea for help on Facebook and people helped trace the thief online. Joe left his vehicle at a car wash with his credit card inside. When he came back to get it he was told it had been driven off by, "his friend." The credit card was used twice at Johor Bahru Mall and Eric was able to get security camera footage to help the social media hunt intensify. Facebook users reported seeing it driving around with new plates at a Port, school, mall and Hotel. View Now

Terrifying Accidents Caught on Tape

First, this woman is hit by a big blue bus in Bogota, Colombia. The woman was on her cell phone and crossing the street when the bus struck her. Second, you've got to see this scary accident that happened in Russia. The collision occurred very close to a Catholic church in the area near the intersection.  View Now

Two Snakes and One Lucky Dog Rescued

First up, this snake was rescued after its tail was chewed on and it bit a dog named Bosco the Boxer three times on the face. The dog Bosco's heart stopped from the ordeal but, fortunately a nearby vet was able to revive it. The snake was captured and taken to the Aussie Zoo to be treated. Second, watch this nervous couple attempt to rescue a snake that got stuck in their garden pea netting. View Now

Jay the Pizza Guy Involved in a Scary Altercation

YouTube personality and New Mexico Traffic Vigilante Jay The Pizza Guy was a little shaken up in this last video. He confronted a driver who was driving down a residential road in the wrong lane. Jay The Pizza Guy was threatened by the driver who was brandishing a baseball bat. At the close of the video, police have arrived on the scene and are on the hunt for the driver. View Now

Give Back Films Provide Care Package For Homeless Campers

Give Back Media met two homeless men and were invited to visit their living quarters. They had created a campsite just out of town where they kept their belongings, because according to them, if they were to stay in town they would be constantly asked to move by police. The guys at Give Back Films presented their new friends with a care package, complete with groceries, hammocks, and camping supplies. View Now

You've Never Heard (or Seen) 'La Bamba' Quite Like This Before

How cool is this video? And who doesn't love "La Bamba?" Google pops its translation collar in the coolest way with this video where employees hold up lyrics to the classic song by Los Lobos and Google Translate automatically translates each and every word in the song "en Español" to English. Check it out! View Now