Your Ultimate Guide To The 2018 Super Bowl Commercials

Super Bowl 52 is almost here, and commercials are starting to roll in before the big game. Check back as we update with more ads!


What happens when Alexa loses her voice? Call in some famous reinforcements, including Cardi B and Anthony Hopkins.


The beer giant highlights their relief efforts sending water to places facing natural disasters to the tune of "Stand By Me."


You don't want your "bleep" to stink on the day of the Big Game!


The macaroni and cheese masters are going in a different direction with their first time ad. It will be created on the day of the Super Bowl with fans' photo and video entries on Twitter or Instagram. All you have to do is use the hashtags #FamilyGreatly and #KraftEntry. Learn more information here.

Michelob ULTRA

Chris Pratt takes his shirt off. Need we say more?

NBC Sports

NBC Sports has a variety of commercials featuring athletes from the upcoming Winter Games. Check out snowboarder Chloe Kim and skiers Mikaela Shiffrin and Lindsay Vonn.


The soda brand's taking a trip back through the generations. Look out for footage of past spokespeople Cindy Crawford, Britney Spears and Michael Jackson.


Comic Bill Hader shows off the new stackable chip combinations including BBQ pizza.


The candy brand is going out there for the big game. They've created a commercial to be shown to only one person, a teenager in California. That's not all, actor David Schwimmer has been popping up in random videos that may be scenes from the actual ad.


Hmm I wonder if this is the ad I get to watch #mostexclusivead

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Keanu Reeves cries over how easy it is to make a website.

Stella Artois

The beer manufacturers, and Matt Damon are all teaming up to talk about the importance of clean water.

"The Voice"

The show is back with new judge Kelly Clarkson, and just about everyone you can think of is in this ad!


Love is in the Air

Entire Family Joins Surprise Proposal Celebration

Entire Family Joins Surprise Proposal Celebration

Chris Credendino of Atlanta is one romantic guy and a meticulous planner. Instead of a destination proposal, he arranged for his girlfriend Savanah's immediate family to travel from Michigan to take part the big day. While Chris was downstairs getting on one knee, the family was hiding upstairs waiting for Savanah to say "yes" before joining in the celebration. Not bad for day three in their new home.  View Now
Daughter's Birthday Surprise Leaves Mom In Tears

Daughter's Birthday Surprise Leaves Mom In Tears

Sally Whitford was totally caught off guard when her daughter Alyssha Whitford surprised her for her birthday in Alberta, Canada. Alyssha moved away five months ago and thought that her presence would be a great "present" for her dear mother. The heartwarming video was shot by Alyssha's girlfriend Tay SchneiderView Now


Rescuing Dog From Canal & Puppy Is So Happy To Be Found

Rescuing Dog From Canal & Puppy Is So Happy To Be Found

Sometimes, you just can't predict what your dog is going to do. One owner was walking their dog near a canal when the dog decided it wanted to go for a swim. Firefighters were quickly on the scene to pull the pup to safety. Next, when a cyclist in Argentina stumbled upon a little puppy in the middle of his path, he knew he had no choice but to pick her up and save her. He took her straight to a vet to get checked out, and the little pup is now happy and healthy in her fur-ever home! View Now
Slow Mo Guys Visit Bird Sanctuary

Slow Mo Guys Visit Bird Sanctuary

Everything is better in slow motion. We know it, and The Slow Mo Guys certainly know it. They're usually making a mess or blowing things up, but this time, they're heading to Citizen Potawatomi Nation Eagle Aviary in Shawnee, Oklahoma to get some slow-mo footage of incredible birds doing their thing. View Now
Rangers Rescue Teeny Tiny Mouse Deer From Poachers

Rangers Rescue Teeny Tiny Mouse Deer From Poachers

If you're unfamiliar with the mouse deer, they're the smallest hooved species in the world, and also the cutest, according to us. A couple rangers at the Southern Cardamom National Park in Cambodia rescued a tiny mouse deer from poachers at a checkpoint. Because it was unharmed, they were able to safely release it back to the wild. View Now


Perfectly Executed Concert Proposal

Perfectly Executed Concert Proposal

David and Leanne are big fans of singer and DJ Marc Rebillet, so David wanted to make their concert experience even more memorable. He had been corresponding with Marc for a while, and they were able to plan and execute the perfect concert proposal! View Now

Take the Challenge

Furious Pete Is Gonna Roll Up On Coffee Cup Challenge

Furious Pete Is Gonna Roll Up On Coffee Cup Challenge

Who would buy 100 empty coffee cups if you don't own a coffee shop? Furious Pete, that's who! The wonderful coffee and donut chain Tim Horton's (if Tim Horton's is reading this, we would love some Timbits please) is holding a competition where if you roll up the rims on their coffee cups, one in six have a chance at winning a prize. So Pete bought 100 cups! Was it worth it? Well... View Now
Eating A 5-Pound Burrito In Under 5 Minutes

Eating A 5-Pound Burrito In Under 5 Minutes

Randy Santel is taking the El Diablo Burrito Challenge. He has one hour to finish the 5-pound burrito, and if he wants to beat the previous record, all he has to do is finish in under 30 minutes. But because Randy is an absolute beast, he was able to finish the burrito in under five minutes. We don't think anyone is beating that record. View Now

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