Timber! How Many Beer Crates Can These Guys Climb?

How many beer boxes would you be able to climb if given the task? These competitors at UpCycle Club Catalunya put that question to the test while they scaled up a stack of Catalan beer crates. The UpCycle Club is a "place to upcycle old ideas with better ones." And climbing beer boxes is just as good of an idea as any other. View Now

Aspiring Storm Chaser Films Tempests for Two Weeks & Creates Stunning Timelapse

Mike Olbinski took two weeks off to chase storms this summer, and came back with spectacular results. His journey spanned 10,000 miles and went through ten states, and when he got home he had 45,000 frames of footage to sift through. His footage, coupled with a powerful soundtrack, creates a moving film that beautifully portrays the awe of nature. See "The Chase" in full here. View Now

Diver Loses His Flipper 100 Feet Underwater at Jacob's Well

After reaching the third chamber of the underwater cave Jacob's Well, DiegoA's flipper fell off. Now, at 100 feet underwater, it's extremely difficult to swim back up without the proper gear. So when this diver's flipper fell off, he immediately attempted to look for it. When he realized his search was futile, he was able to use the cave wall to climb/swim back to the surface. View Now

Goooooooood Morning Vancouver!

Goooooooood morning Vancouver! It's 0600 hours. What does the "O" stand for? O my goodness, it's a great day to scale a half-built skyscraper! Speaking of half-built, let's hear it for these cranes, perfect for getting the best angles of this beautiful city. View Now