Diver Loses His Flipper 100—Feet Underwater at Jacob's Well

After reaching the third chamber of the underwater cave Jacob's Well, DiegoA's flipper fell off. Now, at 100—feet underwater, it's extremely difficult to swim back up without the proper gear. So when this diver's flipper fell off, he immediately attempted to look for it. When he realized his search was futile, he was able to use the cave wall to climb/swim back to the surface. View Now

Goooooooood Morning Vancouver!

Goooooooood morning Vancouver! It's 0600 hours. What does the "O" stand for? O my goodness, it's a great day to scale a half-built skyscraper! Speaking of half-built, let's hear it for these cranes, perfect for getting the best angles of this beautiful city. View Now

Fearless Explorer Spends 11 Days on Newly—Created Island

A recent volcanic explosion in the ocean near Tonga resulted in the formation of a small new island — one that is expected to sink back into the ocean within a few months of its formation. Not one to waste a perfectly good island, adventurer Ian Stuart lived on the island for 11 days, surviving on seagull eggs and squid.  View Now

Climber Hits the Wall Hard & Gets Rushed to Hospital

A young man's rock climbing adventure was cut short when he slipped mid-climb and was sent careening into the mountainside. He was rescued, found to be coughing up blood, and rushed to the hospital. The sickening crunching sound heard in the video was his ribs fracturing, and a reminder to always be extra cautious when free climbing a mountain. View Now

Paragliding Adventures Turn Into Swim Party & Free Fall

In what may be one of the luckiest crashes over water, a paraglider falling to the earth with a bad wing crash lands not in the middle of the ocean, but near a boat. The sailor was able to help the paraglider get to safety. And sometimes, even when things are going well in the air, it's fun just to kick the motor awa and free fall a little bit. View Now

Longboard Languish & Tubing Torment

The great thing about action cameras is that they can catch all your great moments, like a fun longboard ride or a relaxing afternoon tubing at the river. The bad thing about action cameras is that they can catch all your worst moments, like running into the neighbors dog while longboarding, or wiping out while tubing. View Now

One Man's Mission to Do Missions Across the U.S. for Random Strangers

Everyone has those summer vacation plans, but Daniel Altman's are a little different. He actually has no specific plan. His plan is YOU. He has set out on a mission across the U.S. to do missions for random strangers and you have the power to give him his next destination. Daniel and his travel buddy, Benson, stopped by the RTM studio to tell us all about the Internet Adventure Club.  You can follow Daniel on his journey through Snapchat: danielthepirate View Now