Suspension Bridge Goes Out As Hikers Attempt to Cross

A group of hikers had a bit of a surprise while trekking in New Zealand, by the looks of a video recently posted by Adrien Whistle.  While crossing a regularly-maintained bridge, the suspension went out, sending the hikers into the water below. No one was seriously injured, but it raises questions as to what could have happened to a bridge that had recently passed inspection about 14 months prior to the incident. View Now

Snorkeling Treasure Hunter Finds Trove of 19th Century Relics

Last time treasure-hunter Beau Ouimette was featured on RightThisMinute, he had found a stash of GoPros and cell phones. But this time, his booty is a little older. While snorkeling, Beau uncovered a cannon ball and a musket that he believes to be from the Civil War era. It's not confirmed that the 19th century is when his find is from, but even if it isn't, it's still an awesome find. View Now

Wingsuiter Speeds Towards the Earth After Parachute Fails

Wingsuits have a built-in mechanism that can detect how fast the pilot is falling. If they're going to fast, a parachute automatically deploys. Wingsuit pilot Nikolai Nikolaev recently uploaded a video where his parachute fails, and his only option is to speed to the ground in hopes that his backup parachute is triggered. It's a risky maneuver, but it looks like it paid off this time.  View Now

'Watered' Humans and a Beached Whale

When you're not the master of your terrain, any number of things can go wrong. Two kayakers in a race slammed into a bridge, breaking their kayak in two and leaving them in the rushing water. Rescuers who knew the perils of the bridge were standing by, and quickly jumped to the rescue. View Now

Take a Majestic Tour Exploring Redwood National and State Parks

The short film you're about to see is the culmination of weeks spent exploring Redwood National and State Parks in northern California. The parks are home to the tallest trees in the world - the Redwoods - which can easily reach up to 360 feet high and weigh over 500 tons. Sit back and enjoy the wondrous sights the parks have to offer in 4K quality, courtesy of More Than Just ParksView Now

Urban Explorers Gallavant Through an Abandoned Bank

A group of urban explorers came across more than just blueprints and granite pillars while inside an old abandoned bank - they found a cannabis plant growing within the vault. Not sure who deposited it, but whoever they are, they're definitely a high roller. View Now

Wingsuiter Soars Dangerously Close to a Slackliner

Slacklining and wingsuit piloting are both exciting, adventurous activities, and they should never be done near each other. But what if they were? EpicTV got two pros to test it out; they had a slackliner set up his line and get going, all while prepping a wingsuit pilot for takeoff. When the slackliner was out in the air, the wingsuit pilot soared very close to the line. They were pros, so instead of ending up disastrous, it was just plain epic. View Now

Extreme Urban Climbing Looks Like a Dangerous Pastime

Recently, more and more people have been getting the urge to conquer our concrete jungles by means of urban climbing, a hobby that looks as terrifying as it is risky. A feature film is coming out in November called "Urban Endeavors," looks at people who climb cities, and will hopefully give more insight on why people do it, and what measures they take to ensure safety. View Now

Jazz Up Your Selfie by having Wingsuit Pilots Cruise in Your Personal Space

Selfies are popular, wingsuits are popular, why not combine the two? One woman sat with a selfie stick and recorded herself in what will from now on be known as The Selfie Position: Arms extended, camera right on the subject. However her selfies weren't ordinary photos, they were Extreme Selfies! While she sat in The Selfie Position, 15 wingsuit pilots flew past her, each one flying closer than the last.  View Now

Jeb Corliss Talks About His Role in the Upcoming 'Point Break' Remake

The cult classic Point Break - which told an extreme story full of crime, action and surfing -  was one of the first of its kind. And now, 24 years after its release, the Point Break remake is on its way. Jeb Corliss worked as a consultant for the film, and said the producers made sure to keep it as authentic and realistic as possible, while still remaining true to the original. View Now

72-Year-Old Grandpa Loves His First Paramotor Flight

This awesome paramotor is giving his 72-year-old grandfather a gift that is the culmination of many, many years in the making. Grandpa was a smokejumper years ago, and also worked at the FAA. He would bring his grandson to work with him when he was a kid, and often times they'd go to the Air and Space museum nearby. Now it's the grandson's turn to give back, by taking his grandfather on his first-ever paramotor flight. View Now

Fisherman Gets Robbed by Killer Whale Impersonator

While out fishing on the Hawaii coast, one fisherman caught himself a beautiful mahimahi fish. But he had also seen glimpses of what looked like a killer whale nearby, so he started reeling his fish in with caution. His caution did him no good, however, as the sea beast leapt and took the precious mahimahi. It turned out that it wasn't a killer whale, but a type of dolphin known as a false killer whale. And it looks like this dolphin was a pretty good impersonator. View Now

Guy Watches His Boat Sail Away After a Failed Attempt at Ghost Riding

ghost riding is the act of leaving your vehicle while it's in motion. It's usually a good idea to do this with someone else because leaving a car—or in this instance, a boat— without a driver is a bad idea. So when this guy ate it while ghost riding behind his boat with no one else around, it would be safe to assume something bad would happen. But in this case, that would be an incorrect assumption, as he sat back and drank a root beer while his boat circled back around to him. Life just isn't fair sometimes. View Now