Rare Whales Swim With Paddleboarder In Australia

A man recently got a ginormous surprise while paddleboarding in Esperance, Australia. Paddleboarder Dave Price and amateur drone operator Jaime Hudson were able to capture two Southern Right whales swimming in the water nearby. The marine mammals typically grow to be up to 55 feet long, and there’s only 7,000 worldwide. View Now

See 100 Years of Wedding Gowns in 3 Minutes

Seeing a century of wedding dresses in just three minutes is now possible, thanks to Mode. While the wedding gown has evolved over time, bridal veils and long dresses have been the style since 1915. From embellished and lacy, to outlandish puffy sleeves—this one is worth watch until the very end. View Now

Dolphin Gives Heat Dancer Her Phone Back After Retrieving it From the Ocean

While in the Bahamas, Miami Heat dancer Teressa Cee got the opportunity to go swimming with dolphins. And she was having a blast, too, until her phone was accidently dropped in the water. It sank to the bottom forever lost in the deep blue — or so she thought! Cacique, the hero dolphin, was there to save the day! #Unbelievable is right! View Now

Resilient Little Boy Beats the Odds and Celebrates His First Birthday

Get ready, you're about to get hit with so many feels. Jack was born at 24 weeks gestation and weighed just over one pound. He was almost small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. His twin brother, Greyson, was stillborn and doctors gave Jack a 50/50 chance of survival. But after spending 16 weeks in the Neonatal Intensive-Care Unit, not only did he surrvive, this incredible little boy is thriving. He just celebrated his first birthday. So here's to you, Jack! View Now

This Man's Voice Will Give You All the Feels

Coaches on The Voice were so blown away by a man’s chilling cover of Sia’s “Chandelier,” that the performance earned a quadruple-chair-turning. Jordan Smith of Kentucky showed a jaw-dropping vocal range, surprising fans and judges alike with his insane rendition. In the end he picked Adam Levine to be his coach. After the show the Maroon 5 singer took to Twitter to write, “Jordan!!!! Are you a unicorn? Did I just find a unicorn?” Well, we definitely think so. View Now

Fearless Mountain Biker Rides Across Slackline High Above the Ground

If you thought people walking on slacklines across canyons was scary, wait until you see this! The fearless professional mountain bike-trial rider, Kenny Belaey, crossed a 60-foot slackline strung between two peaks in French Alps 370 feet above the ground, all while riding his bike. Yeah... Our palm sweat is all over the keyboard.   View Now

The Craziest Ping Pong Rally You'll Ever See!

Chinese professional table tennis players Xu Xin and Zhu Linfeng really put the "super" in the "Chinese Super League." Their ping pong skills are unreal, almost as good as ours... Ha, just kidding. You have to see this rally! Although one of them did finally score the point, they both win in our book.  View Now

History Made: America Finally Has a 'Ninja Warrior'

Isaac Caldiero. Remember that name folks for he has done what no other person has (expect the guy he beat) before! He completed the ubeatable stage three course of "American Ninja Warrior" and ascended Mt. Midoriyama the quickest, all on his way to winning one-million dollars and becoming America's first "Ninja Warrior." Did we say he made it look easy too? View Now

Sometimes You Just Have to Stop and Smell the Cumulus Clouds

With all the fails, surprises, pranks and crime we talk about on RightThisMInute, sometimes it's nice to take a step back and enjoy something beautiful. Up Next: Watch as these pranksters get arrested while attempting to break into a jewelry store to steal engagement rings to surprise their pregnant girlfriends with (just kidding). View Now

Pro Surfer Pulls Off Extreme Move, Snubbed By Judges

Surfing champion Kelly Slater may have caught the attention of his fans, but the judges weren’t so easily impressed. Slater recently competed at the Hurley Pro in Southern California and wowed the crowd with a unbelievable aerial move. Yet, he was only given a rating of 4.17 on a 10-point scale. Do you think the score was fitting? View Now

Father, Daughter Honor Late Mother in an Inspiring Way

Warning: This heartwarming video is a tearjerker. A widowed father is paying tribute to his late wife by recreating photos they had taken together…but this time their daughter is stepping in. Rafael del Col lost his wife two years ago after she was tragically killed in a car accident. In an emotional video with the couple's two-year-old daughter the pair poses for some familiar photos. View Now

11 Year Time-Lapse Follows Construction of One World Trade Center

The One World Observatory opened on May 28, 2015. Before that was a decade of contruction on what might be one of the most important buildings in our recent history. A sign that we will never forget, the One World Trade center stands tall over New York City. Watch as EarthCam’s time-lapse spans 11 years of construction in just two minutes. View Now

Man Builds 9/11 Memorial in His Front Yard

Like so many of us, Tim Jorgensen of Edgewood, Washington, watched helplessly on TV as American lives forever changed that devastating September day. Despite the years it took to plan and months of work, Jorgensen designed and built his own memorial in his front yard. View Now

Woman Takes on 20 Cheeseburger Challenge

A beauty queen turned competitive eater is showing off her impressive (yet gluttonous) eating skills. The pageant winner from New Zealand recently consumed 20 McDonald’s cheeseburgers with ease. In the past, she has participated in other epic pig-outs such as downing five Subway Footlongs and ten McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish.  View Now