Two Dogs Get Rescued From Tight Spots

It's important to look out for all animals, and in these cases, two of man's best friend needed help out of tight spots. A kayaker came across one dog who got stuck in the foliage near the river. The kayaker was able to get it free from the mud and vines that trapped the poor dog. Another dog got trapped in a gate in India; luckily Animal Aid was nearby and rescued it. View Now

SUV Squirrely Stowaway

This woman found a squirrel stowaway in her passenger door compartment. Rescuers retrieved the rodent from the vehicle and it went to the veterinarian. After a few days of healing and resting the rescued squirrel was released back into the wild.  View Now

When the New Jersey Heat's Unbearable, Bears Go Swimming

A New Jersey family got quite the surprise when they looked out into their backyard and realized they wouldn't be going swimming today. An entire bear family, which included five bear cubs, had taken over their backyard for a little fun in the pool. View Now

Angry Bear Attacks Vehicle That Ran It Over

This bear was trapped under this SUV in Russia. A group of three men and one woman hunted down the bear and ran it over. The people in the car discussed whether to stab or abuse the bear when the bear escapes the SUV pinning it to the ground. The bear then flattened the tire with its teeth and ran after the car of people. Police are still searching for the hunters in this video.  View Now