Anthill Becomes Art When it's Filled With Aluminium

Anthill Art does exactly what they're name implies - they turn anthills into beautiful spectacles. One of their methods is to pour hot aluminium into an anthill, and when it dries, excavating the metallic cast that has been created. The end result is impressive, and shows just how much work ants put into their intricate homes. View Now

Is This What Our Feelings Look Like?

Prepare to be mesmerized by this beautiful video by Thomas Blanchard. What do you think our feelings look like? What if they were a bunch of colors swimming around each other like you see in this video where the artist used paint, oil, milk, honey and cinnamon? It would make sense since our feelings tend to overlap and work around each other before somehow finding a way to work together and make something beautiful. Too deep? View Now

A Vegetable Smorgasbord of Calligraphy Tools

Calligrapher, Ian Barnard, post beautiful videos featuring his artistic handwriting to his YouTube channel. This video will teach you to turn tasty, healthy vegetables into calligraphy utensils. The veggie line up includes: a carrot, broccoli, asparagus, lemon grass and chili pepper. View Now

Sometimes Art Means Getting Stuck in a Tree — Naked

Art can be a lot of things: beautiful, meaningful, thought-provoking, historical. But the process for making art is usualy none of those things. Just ask artist Hilde Krohn Huse in Aukra, Norway, who, while making her art piece, "Hanging in the Woods," accidentally got stuck hanging naked and upside down in a tree. It took her half an hour of struggling before a friend eventually came out and helped wrestle her free. Make sure to follow Huse on TwitterView Now

Art Just Went BEAST MODE

Inspired by the $250.00 apartment modification fee from his landlord, L.A. Beast decided to instead use that money to create a piece of art for his landlord. But this is the L.A. Beast, so he made said artwork by destroying his groceries with a samurai sword. View Now

Dove Prayer House Attracts Worshippers Throughout the Land

The Dove Prayer House—which totally sounds like a knockoff version of Church's Chicken—is a giant structure built for people to come and pray at. Built in the forests of Indonesia, the Prayer House was built on donated land by Daniel Alamsjah, who says the idea came to him in a vision. View Now

UV Paint on the Naked Canvas

Artist John Poppleton created these amazing works of art. His canvas was the nude body of these models. Poppleton used UV paint to paint a volcano with a lightning strike, Eiffel Tower and the New York skyline. View Now

Prank Falls Flat and Costs City $11,000

Is it supposed to be a prank, a social experiment or just an artistic commentary on society as a whole? No one knows why a duo of vandals bricked off entryways to train cars in Germany, but officials say the damage to fix the deed was around $11,000. Officials are on the lookout for the bricklayers, who will be facing either five years in prison or major fines. View Now

Famous Political Leaders Get a Hipster Makeover

Talk about putting a modern spin on things! Check out this super cool and unique series aptly titled "Hipstory." Artist Amit Shimoni re-imagines some of our most famous political leaders from around the world as if they were hipsters. Everyone from Che Guevara to Martin Luther King to President Barack Obama gets a hipster makeover. Check out all the fascinating portraits.  View Now