Disney Cover Band Makes Things Awkward in the Park

A Disney-themed cover band dubbed “The Little Mermen” recently played matchmaker in Washington Square Park. The New York City group targeted unsuspecting parkgoers and sang “Kiss the Girl” in hopes of getting people to kiss on camera. The awkward interaction surprisingly worked for a few couples—but then again, sometimes it didn’t.  View Now

Why 'Sexting' Face-to-Face Just Doesn't Work

This video contains adult language: This video is the reason why "sexting" should be left to our mobile devices and perhaps social media. It just doesn't work in person, unless you want to be that guy. So don't. You can thank The Daily Dot for this public service announcement.  View Now

Woman Admits to Having Alleged Fling With Famous Athlete

During a recent man-on-the-street skit for Jimmy Kimmel Live!, a woman admitted to cheating on her former boyfriend, Ben, with an NHL athlete. But the madness didn’t stop there; she also revealed that his initials are “T.J.," and that he plays hockey for Tampa Bay. It didn't take long for the Internet to figure out that she was referring to Lightning center Tyler Johnson.  View Now

Honey Boo Boo Drops Bizarre Music Video 'Movin' Up' With the Fam

She's baaaaaack. Alana Thompson,10, better known as pint-sized diva Honey Boo Boo, has just crossed over into music and brought her band of misfit family with her. The track is called "Movin' Up" and it involves some awkward rapping and a dance that they like to call the "Honey Boo Boo Bop." Alana got her big break on TLC's Toddlers and Tiaras before scoring her very own reality show. We apologize in advance.     View Now

These Boys Nailed Their Homecoming Proposals

Boys come up with some pretty wild homecoming proposals, but this one may top them all. Two boys from Illinois wanted to do something uniquely over-the-top when asking their dates, Emma and Claire, to the homecoming dance. Filmed in the style of a ‘80s-themed music video, the proposal is nothing short of absolutely absurd. Turtle necks, gold chains and moustaches (which are real)—how could you say no?  According to Total Frat Move, the ladies said yes.  View Now

Men V. Women: The Rejection Experiment

WARNING: ADULT LANGUAGE USED. Mustering up enough courage to ask someone for their number is never easy. Whether you’re a girl asking a guy, or a guy asking a girl; rejection can come in many forms. Turns out women often tend to take a more ruthless approach when it comes to saying nope.  View Now

Why AIM Was the Best Social Media, Ever

Long before the days of hashtags, tweets and Snapchat there was only one way for teens to get in touch with their BFFs outside of school: AIM. If you’ve never experienced the struggle of dial-up Internet you probably aren’t familiar with AOL Instant Messager. Gone but never forgotten, AIM was undeniably the greatest (and most straightforward) form of communication. From away messages and buddy lists, to screennames and SmarterChild — "Generation whY” is bringing back some serious (-ly embarrassing) nostalgia for all of us. View Now

BET Stars Head to 'Paternity Court' In Order to Sort Out Family Tree

A family of BET stars have recently found out there is some confusion in their heritage, and decided to get together wth an old friend to figure things out. But here's the kicker: their old friend is Lauren Lake's from Paternity Court which makes the situation much more interesting. Lauren Lake came on RightThisMinute to talk about the exciting developments that will premiere on her show September 24th. View Now

Miley Cyrus Poses as Australian Reporter to Report on Herself

Miley Cyrus recently hit the streets of Los Angeles to find out how people really feel about her. Disguised in a wig, glasses and dark lipstick, the songwriter transformed into “Janet” the Australian reporter for a Jimmy Kimmel Live sketch. Unfortunately for the "Wrecking Ball" singer, not everyone is a fan. View Now

Ikea Puns so Funny You'll Be Gäsping With Laughter

Shopping at Ikea can be a black hole of Swedish meatballs and simplistic furniture, which is why some people try to find as many ways to enjoy themselves as they can while shopping there. Unfortunately, this can sometimes come at the expense of other people's patience. View Now

Ikea Puns so Funny You'll Gäsping With Laughter

Shopping at Ikea can be a black hole of Swedish meatballs and simplistic furniture, which is why some people try to find as many ways to enjoy themselves as they can while shopping there. Unfortunately, this can sometimes come at the expense of other people's patience. View Now

Kermit, Miss Piggy Are Going Through an Awkward Post-Breakup Phase

Things have been weird for Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy ever since their very public breakup. They still have to be cordial to one another and work together, but that's got to be tough after having such a long relationship together. Here they are doing an ABC promo with Kerry Washington. According to Miss Piggy, Kermit stepped on her dreams, and the frog said they wanted different things in life. Washington, clearly, is very sympathetic. View Now

This Awkward Celebrity Interview Supercut Will Have You Rolling

Is there anything more pleasant to watch than awkward celebrity interviews? These people are in the public eye all the time, so they have to be near perfect all the time. When things get weird, we lean in. And in this package put together by WorldWideInterweb, things get really weird. Awkward! View Now

Hobbyist Drone Flyer Confronted About Flying in Public Field

As drones with camera capabilities become more affordable, the question of privacy comes up more and more frequently. One hobbyist was recently confronted at a public park, where he was accused of filming children. The hobbyist uploaded the footage as evidence that although there was a children's soccer game being played at the park, his drone's camera has too wide of an angle for him to be accused of filming the children's soccer game. View Now

Hot Girl Farting on People in Venice Beach on the Loose

Is it still gross if the person who just farted on you is a hot blond? That's the question of the day in this prank video by Twinzies. Lauren goes around Venice Beach asking for a helping hand and, as they say, no good deed goes unpunished. She lets one rip just as the unsuspecting prankees are in the line of fire, if you catch our drift. Check out the hilarious reactions.  View Now