Dad Sings Adorable Lionel Richie Remix to Baby

"You wanted a snack and I said, 'fine.' In your dreams you've eaten this a thousand times. I sometimes see it walk outside your door — Jell-O! Is it me you're looking for? I can see it in your eyes. I can see it in your smile. It's all you've ever wanted, and your arms are open wide. And I wonder where you are. And I wonder what you do. Are you somewhere eating Jell-o? I love you." View Now

Students Surprise Longtime Café Worker and Family With Trip to Disney World

Kathryn Thompson, an employee at Acorn Coffee Shop at Elon University in North Carolina was surprised with an all-expenses paid trip to Disney World. Elon Local News reports adoring students surprised with her the trip Monday night before she started her shift.  Students Lucy Smith-Williams and Taylor Zisholtz rallied students at the university to come together via a GoFundMe campaign. Kathryn has worked at the café five days a week for over 10 years, sometimes leaving as late as 2 a.m. Watch her heartwarming reaction.  View Now

Handicapped Kitten Gets Tiny Wheelchair

A tiny two-legged cat can now live an active life with the help of an itty bitty wheelchair. The adorable cat named Cassidy lost both of his hind legs below the knee soon after being rescued. Veterinarians weren’t optimistic that the kitten would survive, but Cassidy proved the doctors very wrong.  View Now

Man Serenades Dying Wife With Love Song

A sweet moment captured between an elderly man and his dying wife will melt your heart. The video features Howard Serena, 92, singing “You’ll Never Know” by Rosemary Clooney and Harry James to his wife, Laura, who was living in a hospice facility at the time. The Florida couple has been married for 73 years and have nine children and 18 grandkids. After posting the tear-jerking video, the couple’s granddaughter revealed that her grandmother is now back at home resting peacefully. View Now

This Donkey in a Hammock Wins the Internet

Leo the donkey has officially gone viral, and rightfully so. Don't you wish you were him right about now swinging on a hammock without a care in the world? And don't miss the adorable tail-wagging. This is a daily ritual for Leo. Must be nice.  View Now

Dog Begging Owner for Forgiveness is Too Cute for Words

Prepare to melt as you see this pooch adorably ask for forgiveness from his owner. Watch as Ettore listens to his owner Anthony Federica Granai's calm reprimand. Ettore knows he's done wrong. He's going to do whatever he can to get forgiveness. Even if it means bowing his head, climbing like baby on top of Granai and pressing his head firmly onto his chest until he's forgiven. Mission accomplished.  View Now

100 Years of Hamster Beauty in 60 Seconds

OK, the hampster hasn't really changed its appearance in the last hundred years, but Mashable's Watercooler did a good job at poking fun of the recent "beauty-over-the-years" videos that have gone viral. And really, it's great to see that the hamster has pretty much stayed consistently adorable. View Now

This Couple Swiped Right

Tinder is for people who want to find lasting relationships, right? Not usually. But these two lovebirds are proving that romance really can be found on the ‘hot or not’ app. After months of talking via text, the couple finally met in-person and made an adorable video to prove that their relationship is the real deal.  View Now

Journalist Hangs Out With Rescued Baby Elephants

We want this man’s job! Investigative journalist Bryan Christy recently traveled to East Africa to expose unethical practices in the poaching industry. During the trip he also managed to relax with some orphaned baby elephants and captured the encounter in this heart-melting video. View Now

Husky's Owner Comes Home After 2 Years And He Can't Even

At RightThisMinute, we sometimes get very emotional when we Skype with guests. Ace the Husky in Limassol, Cyprus, however, is on a totally different level. Ace is Skyping with his owner, Styliana Eleftheriou, whom he hasn't seen in two years. When Styliana finally came home, Ace lost his mind! View Now

Amazon Prime Delivers Priceless Reaction in Pregnancy Announcement

Amazon Prime gets the assist in this awesome pregnancy announcement video. Josh used his birthday dinner as a stage to announce his wife's pregnancy to her family. He opened special gift from his wife; inside of the Amazon Prime box was a framed message displaying the message that he nonchalantly showed to the family. The reactions are priceless. In the second video, the little boy wants Mom's next baby to be a boy and the girls want another girl. The gender reveal yields mixed reactions from the kids. View Now

Father, Daughter Honor Late Mother in an Inspiring Way

Warning: This heartwarming video is a tearjerker. A widowed father is paying tribute to his late wife by recreating photos they had taken together…but this time their daughter is stepping in. Rafael del Col lost his wife two years ago after she was tragically killed in a car accident. In an emotional video with the couple's two-year-old daughter the pair poses for some familiar photos. View Now