Sad Baby Bookworm, Distraught Big Brother, Helpful Dog Owner

First up, this poor little baby boy is the saddest bookworm every time the storybook is over. Second, big brother had a meltdown at the gender reveal when he found out he was getting another little sister. Third, this three-year-old boy loves to help take care of his four corgi dogs. View Now

Oh Baby, Baby, I'm a Grandpa!

You are going to love these two priceless dads finding out that they are going to be grandpas. First, this daughter uses her iPhone to place a FaceTime call to her parents. Mom understands almost immediately, but the father's reaction is delayed and delighted. Second, this grandpa-to-be doesn't even read his shirt and completely misses the surprise, but luckily his wife reads the word grandma on her shirt and starts scream with joy and excitement.  View Now

Little Boys Being Adorable

You've got to see this adorable little baby boy and his dogs trying to get into the dog food. Also, check out this cute little boy passing out while trying to eat an ice cream cone in his car seat. View Now

The Many Emotions of Babies

Angry, hungry, distracted - babies go through a range of feelings and emotions, just like adults. Hunger is probably the biggest motivating force for kids though; not even watching RightThisMinute could distract Kaycee Bennett's baby from her bottle. View Now

Rescued Kids: Stuck in Fence, Locked in Hot Car

Check out these two amazing rescues. First this little girl accidentally got her head stuck in a fence. Rescue crews used a drill to free her from the posts. The girl was playing with other children in the area when she got her head stuck in the fence. Next this baby boy accidentally got locked in hot car. The father took the baby to the car with him to look for his debit card. When he went to check the next seat the doors all locked trapping the baby and the keys inside. The father immediately called 911 and firefighters were able to open the door quickly. View Now

Little Girls React in the Darndest Ways

These three little girls have some pretty priceless reactions to life. First this little baby cries every time someone says Aww. Second this Big Sister is not happy about her parent's baby gender reveal because she just found out it's her third little brother, but at least there's cake. Third check out this 3-year-old little girl having a meltdown when she doesn't want to be photographs. She even uses some sentence enhancers when addressing the paparazzi parent.  View Now

Toddler Falls Seven Stories & Woman Gets Trapped Under Taxi

When bad things happen, good people step into action. A small child fell out of a seventh story window in Russia, and was rescued by people who were able to climb through nearby windows and get close to the child. Another good person saw someone stuck under a taxi in London and was able to gather a crowd to lift the vehicle off of the woman. Both the child and the woman received only minor injuries. View Now

Baby Boy's First Hug With Girl, Baby's First Jam

Baby Will hugged a baby girl for the first time. You've just got to see the toddler's adorable reaction. Baby Kaleb loves the Lego Movie song "Everything is Awesome." He will awaken from a deep slumber every time he hears his jam start to play.  View Now

Woman Gives Birth to 10-Pound Baby in Car

WARNING: This may be disturbing to some. A woman gave birth to 10-pound baby boy in the car while on Texas State Highway Beltway 8 in Houston on the way to the Bay Area Birth Center in Pasadena, Texas, after 45 minutes of driving. The driver of the car, the presumed father, remained unbelievably calm during the entire experience. View Now

Baby on Board: Announcements, Time-Lapse Nursery

These videos might make you cry or catch baby fever. Check out these adorable surprise baby announcements. First, see a husband find out he's going to be a daddy and almost pass out from the joy and excitement. Then, see some family members learn the stork is on its way to bring a bundle of joy via skype. Last, watch this mom-to-be decorate her nursery in a time-lapse video. The time-lapse video concludes with mom and dad bringing home baby. Try not to smile from all of the sweetness.  View Now