Stunning Sneak-Peek Shot From Upcoming Film, 'unReal'

This amazing, four-minute single shot of Brandon Semenuk strutting his stuff in the film unReal has just been released online. The incredible skill of Semenuk on his bikes is matched with the impressive camera work, as the shot is smooth and pleasant throughout the entire clip. If the whole movie is anything like this shot, it's a must-watch. View Now

It Looks Like 2016 is Going to be Hot. Really Hot.

Love a man in uniform? Well these firefighters aren't exactly wearing regulation gear, but for the 2016 Firefighters Calendar Australia, they're willing to take the risk. And something tells us the people buying these calendars don't mind one bit. If you can handle it, watch the full teaser trailer here: View Now

Instantly Ageless or Ageless for an Instant

This video features a product called Instantly Ageless. In the footage, you can see a woman apply it to her skin and her wrinkles seem to vanish instantly. The problem is many of the customers of this product say that the results don't last long and that should instead be called, "Ageless for an Instant." Unfortunately, at $85 a pop one might be better off hitting up the department stores for a jar of night cream.  View Now

'My Giant Life:' A Tall Order, but Someone's Got to do it

The average height for an American woman is roughly 5-foot-5. TLC has created a five-part series called "My Giant Life" documenting the life of four very tall women, all 6-foot-6 or taller: Colleen "Coco" (6-foot-6), Lindsay (6-foot-9), Haleigh (6-foot-7) and Nancy (6-foot-9). Our crew at RightThisMinute took some time to chat with Coco, a former pro volleyball player, and Lindsay, an actress and former pro wrestler, about how they lead their lives — one giant stride at a time. View Now

Honey Do List: Braid My Hair

Buzzfeed is teaching boyfriends to braid hair for their girlfriends. Let's just say it is not pretty. You have to see these hot-mess braids to believe it.  View Now