This Model Has Been Deemed 'Too Big' For the Industry

The standard for women in the fashion and entertainment industry has gotten worse and worse over the years, and Agnes Hedengård is a perfect example of how warped this industry's standards have become. Hedengård has been told by multiple people in the modeling industry that she needs to be thinner in order to get work, and she got sick of it. So she posted a video (first in Swedish, then in English) telling people what it's been like for her, in hopes to bring to light the changes that need to happen in the entertainment world.  View Now

Miss Texas Raps, Asks Taken Golfer Spieth For Date

Miss Texas can pretty much do it all. Shannon Sanderford threw out the first pitch at a Texas Rangers game, then during an in-game interview she performed an original rap that was great in the "aww, isn't that adorable?" kind of way. And in the rap she asked golfer Jordan Spieth out on a date. Awesome, right? Except for the fact that Spieth was at the game, sitting next to his high school sweetheart. Well, she is in Texas — go big or go home. View Now

Canada We Mustache You to Groom Your Beards

With all of the time Canadian bearded men spend chugging maple syrup and playing hockey, there isn't much time for grooming their beard, eh? Dollar Beard Club is here to solve that problem with their monthly subscription now available in Canada. Their products include beard oil, mustache wax, beard balm, beard shampoo, brushes and combs. Check out their hilarious new ad featuring a lion with a majestic mane, hockey players, maple syrup tappers and beautiful beard loving babes in a shower. View Now

Beyoncé Shoots VHS-Style Video to go With Vogue September Cover

Beyoncé is the cover girl for the September issue of Vogue — the most coveted cover month in the year for the publication. To go with the cover, Queen B has also created an artsy video that is more interpretive than anything else. It looks like an old-school VHS tape, and features Beyoncé wondering through a mansion, playing with toy airplanes. It's creepy, cool, sexy, weird and totally great. View Now

Is This What Our Feelings Look Like?

Prepare to be mesmerized by this beautiful video by Thomas Blanchard. What do you think our feelings look like? What if they were a bunch of colors swimming around each other like you see in this video where the artist used paint, oil, milk, honey and cinnamon? It would make sense since our feelings tend to overlap and work around each other before somehow finding a way to work together and make something beautiful. Too deep? View Now

This Guy Is Throwing Shade on These Sunbathers

This prankster is making skin cancer prevention his mission. He took to the beach armed with only an umbrella to protect sunbathers from the sun's harmful UV-A and B rays. He even offered some of the gals some free sunscreen. Needless to say, the bikini-clad beach bums were not happy that he was diminishing their sun tans. View Now

Bride's Got Back, Groom Liked It So He Put a Ring On It

Check out the first dance of Hollie and Dave Smith from their wedding reception. It should win the award for best first dance as a married couple ever. The bride and groom are accompanied by the rest of the wedding party for some dance classics including the Soulja Boy, Baby Got Back and Bump N' Grind. All you other wedding parties just got served. View Now

Stunning Sneak-Peek Shot From Upcoming Film, 'unReal'

This amazing, four-minute single shot of Brandon Semenuk strutting his stuff in the film unReal has just been released online. The incredible skill of Semenuk on his bikes is matched with the impressive camera work, as the shot is smooth and pleasant throughout the entire clip. If the whole movie is anything like this shot, it's a must-watch. View Now

It Looks Like 2016 is Going to be Hot. Really Hot.

Love a man in uniform? Well these firefighters aren't exactly wearing regulation gear, but for the 2016 Firefighters Calendar Australia, they're willing to take the risk. And something tells us the people buying these calendars don't mind one bit. If you can handle it, watch the full teaser trailer here: View Now