Bloody Confrontation Between Clashing Softball-Dads

Two fathers of New Jersey softball players engaged in a heated, bloody and physical altercation at a competition in Maryland. One father challenged the other to a fight via text message earlier in the day. The fight was recorded on a camera phone by a bystander. When police arrived on the scene EMS personnel were attending to one of the fathers who was bludgeoned and bloody. Police charged both fathers 2nd degree assault and disorderly conduct.  View Now

GRAPHIC: Rihanna Ain't Playin' Around in 'B*tch Better Have My Money'

Warning: This video includes explicit lyrics and imagery. Oh no she didn't! Rihanna just released one of the most explicit and revengeful videos out there, and we love it. Watch RiRi and her crew of misfits wreak havoc on a wealthy couple who owe Rihanna some serious paper in her video for "B*tch Better Have My Money." Check it out! View Now

Behind the Famous Omaha Beach Scene

Warning: Video contains some graphic cinematic imagery. Regarded as the "most realistic representation of war ever put on screen," take a look at what really went down on Omaha Beach in Steven Spielberg's Saving Private Ryan. View Now

What Really Happens When Blood and Hydrogen Peroxide Are Mixed?

A three-percent solution of hydrogen peroxide is commonly used as a wound antiseptic. You've scraped a knee or an elbow and have used the stinging solution to treat the cut, right? It burns! Well, in this video you can see what a lot of hydrogen peroxide — a three-percent and a 35-percent solution — does when it mixes with a lot of blood. Trippy! View Now
Daily Huh?

Zombie Teddy Bear Is What Nightmares Are Made Of

Holy smokes! This might be the creepiest toy we've seen since Chucky came slashing into our collective consciousness. Check out Undead Ted. He's a "horribly cute" zombie teddy that likes to play peek-a-boo. He's not shy and will gladly show you all his insides, too! Needless to say, Undead Ted is our Daily Huh? video. View Now

Insane Co-Ed Fight Breaks Out in Hotel Lobby

This footage shows an extremely violent fight in a hotel that took place after a guest supposedly threw up in one of the rooms and refused to clean it up. The fight between both guests and hotel management goes form a pushing/shoving confrontation to full-on blows with anything they can find in the room, including a coffee pot. View Now

Violent and Reckless in Restaurants

The two videos in this clip may be hard to watch. In the first, a fight turns deadly when guns are drawn in a fast food restaurant. Then, a brutal beating in a bar leaves the place and victim a bloody mess.  View Now

Driver Hits Cyclist and Takes Stuck Body Along for Six-Mile Ride

Warning: this video may be hard for some viewers to watch.  A man, who later was found to be intoxicated, hit a cyclist and continued to drive until outraged witnesses stopped his vehicle. The incident, which occured in Curitiba, Brazil, was partially captured on camera and shows the cyclist's body dangling from the windshield of the driver's car. Unfortunately, the cyclist did not survive. The driver was arrested and awaits trial. View Now

The Serial Killer That People and TV Can't Get Enough Of

If you didn't have time to watch the serial killer that everybody loved, Dexter, you now have a second chance. While many people might try and catch up on the talked about thriller series by renting the DVDs or spending hours online trying to illegally download the episodes, NUVOtv is offering a much easier (and legal) way of watching the Robin Hood of murder. That is, because they will be airing all 8 seasons on cable television for your viewing pleasure. View Now

Rocky Point Resident Talks With RTM About Deadly Shooting That Rocked Resort Town

You would think that Melissa Jacobsen, who lives in the resort town of Rocky Point, Mexico (about an hour from the Arizona border), has got it made, with a condo that overlooks the ocean. Early this morning, however, that picture perfect life was rudely interrupted... by the sound of gunshots and grenades. Jacobsen caught much of the sounds on camera, and even visited the villa nearby, where the showdown between cartel and police went down. She Skyped with RTM to tell us about the scary situation. View Now

DUI Arrest Turns Bloody When Police Officer Slams Suspect

Dealing with a drunk person can be really irritating, and we are sure this Corrections Officer has had to deal with them on plenty of occasions. When he brought in this particular man suspected of drinking and driving, he kept his cool while the man rambled, but may have overreacted when he thought the man was spitting at an officer. The officer now faces fines and possible some jail time. View Now

Vegas Mall Brawl and Crazy Naked Man Bites Police

Here are two videos where men are caught on their worst behavior. In the first video, a man hits a woman and immediately regrets it. In the next video, a man bares all in 25-degree weather before fighting and biting the police officers attempting to restrain him. View Now

Drunken Dummies and Falling Trees

The two videos in this clip show that man and nature have a lot in common... when it comes to falling over. First, a drunk driver and his bud think being arrested and bloodying their faces is nothing more than a big joke. Then, a tree silently falls on top of a car, and although no one was around to hear it... we're pretty sure it made a noise.  View Now

A Video to Remind You Just How Dangerous Power Tools Can Be

When a man's sleeve gets caught in the motor of this lathe, things get extremely dangerous very quickly. Although help runs to the man's aide to shut off the machine, he is left with injuries on his arm and face. As graphic as this may be, it might be a good video for shop teachers to show their students as a reminder to dress for the machine they wish to use. View Now

Man Removes Bullet from His Own Body Like It's a Splinter

Bassem Abdolrazek might be the most badass dude we've seen. After being shot over two years ago, he lived with a bullet in his side, as it slowly moved from one side to the other. When he had finally had enough of the foreign object floating around his body, he decided it was time to cut it out, and the home removal is just as gross as you would expect it to be. View Now

Drunk and Delusional and Lying to Granny

Criminals still don't seem to get that there are cameras EVERYWHERE. In the first video, a man suspected for driving under the influence slams his head into the door of the police car, and then accuses police of hitting him. In the second video, a man preys on a little old lady by pretending to be a cop and telling her that her grandson is in need. View Now

Extreme BASE Jumping Looks Extremely Painful

You've seen BASE jumping videos before, and you've probably seen some that claim to be "extreme." This BASE jumping video is extreme for an entirely different reason. That reason being that these guys seem to have a high pain tolerance... and extremely thick skin. View Now