RTM Hosts Open Their Reddit Secret Santa Gifts

The Reddit Secret Santa broke even more records this year, but more surprising is the fact that the RTM gift actually came on time this year! Yay! Now the hosts get to play with some cool little figurines. Thanks Secret Santa! View Now

Fun in the Snow: Dad Films Son's New Toy in Action

The day and days after Christmas are filled with the unwrapping and unboxing of presents. Its every kid's duty to play with their new toys. This 11-year-old asked his dad to film his new remote-controlled car in action. The results are spectacular.  View Now

Lesser Known Facts About 'Home Alone'

For having a comparatively limited budget, Home Alone instantly became an American Christmas classic back when it was released in 1990. It's been 24 years (yup, that's right), but the movie is still beloved today, so if you'll be dusting off the old VHS (haha, just kidding it's available on DVD now) to reminisce with your family, check out these fun facts so you can wow them with your "infinite" knowledge. View Now

Soldier Offers the Greatest Christmas Surprise Ever!!!

Patrick Conwell made a surprise appearance at his family's Christmas celebration. The soldier had been deployed to Afghanistan and wasn't expected home for the holidays. However, it turns out that he offered a gift that his loved ones would never find in stores. He popped out of a large wrapped gift to reveal the surprise. View Now

The Science Behind Santa's Christmas Delivery

Merry Christmas, boys and girls. By the time you've read this, Santa will (if you've been on the Nice List) already have been to your house to deliver goodies and stuff his face eat your cookies. According to a recent super scientific study but AUT University in New Zealand, Santa has to get to five houses per second to deliver gifts to all of the girls and boys throughout the world. How does he do that? Science! He uses a rocket-powered sleigh, a cloaking device, yoga and other stuff to make spirits bright. It all makes sense now! View Now

Dressing Up for the Holidays

It turns out, everyone dresses up for the holidays. In clip one, two pets were given ugly Christmas sweaters and hilarity ensued. In clip two, a woman recently dressed up as a reindeer and her dog went into attack mode. First Video Courtesy: Viral UK Video View Now

Santa Claus Isn't a Hit With Everyone...

Santa Claus showed up at a home, but unfortunately, he couldn't wake up the little boy of the house. After he did finally wake up, the little kid went back to sleep. He then woke up the other kids in the house, who seemed pretty happy to see him. You can't please everyone, Santa.  View Now

Dog and Little Boy Enjoy Christmas

A dog named Bear (yes, we're confused too) anxiously awaited Santa Claus with his buddy. Unfortunately, his little friend locked him in a cage with his Santa toy. After some time, Bear went out of the cage and played with his friend. View Now

Suffering From Holiday Blues Syndrome? You're Not Alone

Warning: This video contains graphic language. Are you suffering from anxiety and stress from all the holiday hoopla? What you're experiencing is Holiday Blues Syndrome, or HBS. Allow "life coaches" Malorie Bryant and Bruce Jones to give you some tips on how to deal with annoying questions from family members and other unpleasantries during the season of giving. Just remember one thing: Visualization is key.  via CYA Collective View Now

Using Scare Tactics to Keep Your Kids Off Drugs and Alcohol

When you have to lay down the law with your kids about drinking and taking drugs, perhaps using scare tactics is the way to go. That's where this faux D.A.R.E. horror flick comes in where Mike Carrier and his buddies hilariously demonstrate the highly-dramatic results of drinking and taking drugs. Make sure to stick around for the surprise ending. View Now

Reindeer Gets Put on the 'Naughty List'

Rudolph was hanging out by Santa’s sleigh in Nova Scotia while the other reindeer were hanging back by the food. It looks like the reindeer with the red nose was scratching himself on the sleigh when his antler got caught, and he absolutely destroyed it.  View Now