KFC Buckets Are Now Photo Printers. No, Really

Like KFC Buckets? Duh. They're great. Like selfies and printed photos? Obviously. They're great too. So why not add all of these things into one? Makes total sense, right? Well, KFC Canada has answered our prayers. Here's to hoping my coleslaw container has a bluetooth speaker in it. View Now

Kim Kardashian West Has Bizarre Fantasy in Hype Energy Video

Another day, another bizarre piece of news from the Kardashian clan. Today all eyes are on Kim Kardashian West's super bizarre video ad for Hype Energy Drink. The reality starlet falls off her bicycle carrying over a dozen cans of Hype Energy drinks, passes out, and wanders into a bizarre land of corsets, white hair and those famous "come hither" looks. Okaaay! View Now

The Truth Behind Those 'Shot on an iPhone 6' Commercials

If you've seen Apple's newest campaign, they're showcasing amazing video footage and photos captured using an iPhone 6. Now Elite Daily takes a crack at their approach but show a little bit more of what must go on while trying to capture those beautiful moments. Watch this video of "honest" iPhone 6 commercials using footage shot by regular Joe Schmoes like you and me.    View Now

Fashion Company Uses Self-Deprecation Brilliantly

WARNING: Adult language. Some companies will do whatever it takes to sell you something. Not They use the art of self-deprecation to sell its clothing items. And guess what? The humorous angle works. And contrary to the end of this video, your merch will arrive in the mail . . . maybe. View Now

Volkswagen Encourages Fans to Make Sounds for Next Video

The "Man of 10,000 Sound Effects," Michael Winslow teamed up with Volkswagen to create this hilarious promo in which he is making the sounds of a Volkswagen Golf R driving on a track. The car company is encouraging fans to do the same and send their best motor-mouth performances in for a chance to make it onto the next video. Ladies and Gentleman, start your vocals! View Now

Hannibal Buress Auditions for 'The Daily Show'

WARNING: Adult language. Hannibal Buress's stock continues to rise as of late. He's gotten his own show with Comedy Central, and to promote the show — Why? With Hannibal Buress, starting July 8 — Comedy Central has posted this funny and fake audition to replace Jon Stewart on The Daily ShowView Now

If Jeeps Ruled Jurassic World . . .

If the dinosaurs in Jurassic World were actually Jeeps, no one would want to face this Jeep. JCR Offroad put this video together as a promotion for its site, which sells bumpers, sliders and armor for jeeps. Two thumbs up for creativity. View Now

If Fast Food Commercials Kept It Real, Would We Eat There?

It's no secret that fast food is not good for you. Cracked pokes fun at this by creating a faux commercial showing what it would look like if fast food restaurants were completely honest about the food they sell to the masses. It's not all chicken breasts and prime beef, folks. But don't kill the messenger.  View Now

No Disappointment For You! The Soup Nazi is Thirsty

Larry Thomas, the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld, is on a street food tour in Tel Aviv, Israel, and he's thirsty — for Pepsi Max, as it were — in this new commercial, which has it all: Multiple fast-zooms on the face; the Soup Nazi gets a taste of Pepsi Max and his own medicine; and he finishes the clip with a pretty decent Jerry Seinfeld impression. No disappointment for us! View Now

Teens React to Old Cigarette Commercials That Would Shock Us Today

They say hindsight is 20/20, and boy does that ring true with this latest reactions video by The Fine Bros. Watch teens react to old Mad-Men-style cigarette commercials from the 1950s and 60s that will shock you. The teens' reactions pretty much say it all. We're not used to see celebrities endorsing cigarettes or people casually smoking on-screen anymore so this is a great reminder of how much we've learned about smoking cigarettes and their effect on people's health.  View Now

Fleas and Ticks Make Jane Lynch Really Angry

Jane Lynch doesn't know what purpose fleas and ticks serve in the universe — or if they have necks. But one thing is for sure. They make her really mad. And you don't want to mess with a mad Jane Lynch. View Now

Poor Little Miss Puffytail

"Smash me. Dear God, smash me into a million pieces," Little Miss Puffytail thinks every time someone enters this room. For while the people who come in here can use Quilted Northern, a toilet paper that works so well they can completely forget their experience, Little Miss Puffytail can never forget. She can dream. Dream for the sweet, sweet swing of her careless elbow. View Now

Pizza Hut Turned its Pizza Boxes into Movie Projectors

Some things were just made to go together. Pizza and movies are one of them, which is why Pizza Hut created boxes and a lens cap that allows customers to create a projector. Pretty simple, and pretty inventive. Now if only they can find a way to include wine into this mix . . . View Now

McDonald's is Getting a Big, Fat, Fake Facelift

WARNING: Adult language. Under the guidance of Barely Political, McDonald's is getting a complete overhaul. The Hamburglar isn't the only thing about the brand that's changing. Grimace is jacked, there's a McCarrot Burger, there's a gumball apple pie, and Ronald McDonald is now Ronald McDoctor. And then there's Randy. What the heck is going on here? View Now

The Most American Burger Commercial Ever

Thursday was National Burger Day, so Carl's Jr. released a commercial that turned out to be the most American burger commercial ever. What's more American than a cheeseburger loaded with a hot dog and potato chips, in the hands of All-American model Samantha Hoopes, in a hot tub, in a pickup truck, driven by an American bull rider, on an aircraft carrier, under the gaze of Lady Liberty, as she admires the most American thick burger, with a split hot dog and kettle-cooked potato chips on a fresh-baked bun? Nothing. View Now