M&Ms Get Raunchy in Newest Commercial

This M&Ms commercial is hilarious and toes the line of adult humor to the point in which we want to question everything about our candy friends' sexuality. Titled "Eating in Bed," Scott walks in on his wife and catches her red handed (mandatory joke: chocolate melts in your mouth, not in your hand). He's mad, but anger is certain to switch to confusion when Yellow pops out of the closet. Wait, what? Why is Yellow just peeping in on this whole situation? These guys are kinky! View Now

Cheeky British Wine Ad Implores You to 'Taste the Bush'

Premier Estates, from the UK, offers a full range of wines from all around the world. But just because they're sophisticated doesn't mean they're stuffy. No — they have a sense of humor, even if it's at the expense of Australia. And we love that about them. Now have a glass and taste the bush. View Now

Canada We Mustache You to Groom Your Beards

With all of the time Canadian bearded men spend chugging maple syrup and playing hockey, there isn't much time for grooming their beard, eh? Dollar Beard Club is here to solve that problem with their monthly subscription now available in Canada. Their products include beard oil, mustache wax, beard balm, beard shampoo, brushes and combs. Check out their hilarious new ad featuring a lion with a majestic mane, hockey players, maple syrup tappers and beautiful beard loving babes in a shower. View Now

'Mythbusters' Stars Talk to RTM About New Show 'Thrill Factor'

Kari Byron and Tory Belleci (of "Mythbusters" Fame) came on RightThisMinute Travel Channel's new show "Thrill Factor." The new series looks at the science behind the thrill people get from roller coasters, race cars and all sorts of activities that get hearts pumping. The first episode analyzes the differences that go on between men and women when experiencing thrills, and premieres on August 12. View Now

KFC Buckets Are Now Photo Printers. No, Really

Like KFC Buckets? Duh. They're great. Like selfies and printed photos? Obviously. They're great too. So why not add all of these things into one? Makes total sense, right? Well, KFC Canada has answered our prayers. Here's to hoping my coleslaw container has a bluetooth speaker in it. View Now

Kim Kardashian West Has Bizarre Fantasy in Hype Energy Video

Another day, another bizarre piece of news from the Kardashian clan. Today all eyes are on Kim Kardashian West's super bizarre video ad for Hype Energy Drink. The reality starlet falls off her bicycle carrying over a dozen cans of Hype Energy drinks, passes out, and wanders into a bizarre land of corsets, white hair and those famous "come hither" looks. Okaaay! View Now

The Truth Behind Those 'Shot on an iPhone 6' Commercials

If you've seen Apple's newest campaign, they're showcasing amazing video footage and photos captured using an iPhone 6. Now Elite Daily takes a crack at their approach but show a little bit more of what must go on while trying to capture those beautiful moments. Watch this video of "honest" iPhone 6 commercials using footage shot by regular Joe Schmoes like you and me.    View Now

Fashion Company Uses Self-Deprecation Brilliantly

WARNING: Adult language. Some companies will do whatever it takes to sell you something. Not OTAA.com. They use the art of self-deprecation to sell its clothing items. And guess what? The humorous angle works. And contrary to the end of this video, your merch will arrive in the mail . . . maybe. View Now

Hannibal Buress Auditions for 'The Daily Show'

WARNING: Adult language. Hannibal Buress's stock continues to rise as of late. He's gotten his own show with Comedy Central, and to promote the show — Why? With Hannibal Buress, starting July 8 — Comedy Central has posted this funny and fake audition to replace Jon Stewart on The Daily ShowView Now

If Jeeps Ruled Jurassic World . . .

If the dinosaurs in Jurassic World were actually Jeeps, no one would want to face this Jeep. JCR Offroad put this video together as a promotion for its site, which sells bumpers, sliders and armor for jeeps. Two thumbs up for creativity. View Now

If Fast Food Commercials Kept It Real, Would We Eat There?

It's no secret that fast food is not good for you. Cracked pokes fun at this by creating a faux commercial showing what it would look like if fast food restaurants were completely honest about the food they sell to the masses. It's not all chicken breasts and prime beef, folks. But don't kill the messenger.  View Now

The Growing Beard Movement Has a New Face. And It's Hairy

Not too long ago, Dollar Shave Club waged a war on beards. They were clever. They were well-spoken. And today, they may just have been beaten by Dollar Beard Club, a monthly beard oil service that wants to take care of your monthly beard needs — you know, since bearded gentlemen are too busy doing beardly things to worry about beard maintenance.  View Now