This Model Has Been Deemed 'Too Big' For the Industry

The standard for women in the fashion and entertainment industry has gotten worse and worse over the years, and Agnes Hedengård is a perfect example of how warped this industry's standards have become. Hedengård has been told by multiple people in the modeling industry that she needs to be thinner in order to get work, and she got sick of it. So she posted a video (first in Swedish, then in English) telling people what it's been like for her, in hopes to bring to light the changes that need to happen in the entertainment world.  View Now

Controversial Alabama Sorority Video With Director's Commentary

WARNING: Adult language. Recently the University of Alabama Alpha Phi sorority recruitment video caught a lot of flack, resulting in the original video being taken down. FunnyorDie brings us the director's cut (we know this is a parody, guys; just go with it). Finally we have the editorial reasons behind the video. "This just looks like a bunch of great, smart, educated women — all happen to be blonde." View Now

Hobbyist Drone Flyer Confronted About Flying in Public Field

As drones with camera capabilities become more affordable, the question of privacy comes up more and more frequently. One hobbyist was recently confronted at a public park, where he was accused of filming children. The hobbyist uploaded the footage as evidence that although there was a children's soccer game being played at the park, his drone's camera has too wide of an angle for him to be accused of filming the children's soccer game. View Now

'I'm Tired' Project Sends Powerful Message From People Who Are Fed Up

The "I'm Tired" Project is powerful. It's an ongoing collaborative project that started in June. Their Facebook page features people who have chosen to write what they're tired of, in terms of society and its expectation and realities, on their back... literally. Check out this powerful slideshow of some of the photographic submissions this project has received. View Now

'Mommy Can I Have This Twerking Toy Doggie?'

Nope, this isn't a practical joke. There are actually plush toy dogs with sunglasses that twerk reportedly being sold at Walmart. Yep. Don't take it from us. Watch and see for yourself.  View Now

Serbian Lottery Under Fire After Winning Number Appears Before Selection

When the winning numbers for the lottery appear on screen before the balls are selected, that means either that night's technical director is incredibly lucky, or something scandalous is afoot. The Belgrade Higher Public Prosecutor's Office suspected the latter after this exact scenario occurred during a nightly drawing of the Serbian State Lottery, and has launched an investigation. View Now

Cab Driver Violently Attacked by Racist Passenger

Footage of a cab ride in 2013 has recently surfaced showing a passenger in Calgary, Canada verbally and physically abusing his cab driver. The driver came out against his treatment to Global News, as the passenger was billed for the damages to the cab, but faced no consequences for his behavior towards the driver. View Now

Controversial Video of Police's Use of Force in Skate Park Arrest

What started off as a routine noise complaint at a skate park in Ripon, California, quickly escalated into a controversial arrest. Police were initially called to the park because an individual was playing loud music, but when police approached the individual, his friends got involved. One of his friends, Eduardo Maldonado, demanded to know why his friend was being approached. Some yelling, multiple tasings and a trip in the back of a patrol car later, and the video of Maldonado's arrest has ignited outrage online. View Now

Adults Taking the 'Hot Car Challenge' Is Tough to Watch

We should all know the dangers of leaving babies or pets in hot cars by now. In case you need one more reason to triple-check you're not forgetting someone you love in the car during the summer, Kars4Kids did this social experiment to showcase their Kars4Kids app. People were offered $100 to sit in a hot car for 10 minutes. See who took the challenge and how the experiment turned out.   View Now

Watching This Air Conditionor Get Installed Will Make Your Heart Stall

This is the epitome of a dangerous working condition. An air condition installer in Singapore is shown with an A/C unit roughly half the size of the installer, with him attempting to walk around the window ledge to install it. Then the audience sees just how high up he is, and... wow. It doesn't matter how hot it is in that apartment, someone should have taken the time to properly harness both the installer and the A/C unit. View Now

Skip Showers For Beef is Either Pure Satire or Extremely Smug

California is having a serious water problem at the moment, and newly founded non-profit Showers for Beef thinks they have the solution. According to their estimates, it takes approximately 1,800 gallons of water to hydrate what amounts to one pound of beef. In order to save all that water, the group - who has well-known artist and vegan Moby as their spokesperson - suggests two options: stop eating beef, or stop showering. How hard could it be? View Now

What Does a Porn Star and a Graffiti Artist Have in Common?

Warning: The following contains adult language and content: What does adult film star Carter Cruise and NYC-based graffiti writer SABE have in common? Not much except that they both hit the Big Apple to leave their mark - literally. Watch Carter picking up some tips from SABE on how to tag walls and how to apply pressure while spray painting to get the perfect effect. Look out, LA. Cruise is coming to tag your walls! via ANIMAL NewYork View Now

Child Caught Driving in Phoenix During Rush Hour

WARNING: Adult language. A man was spotted in Phoenix, Arizona, allowing his child to drive the car during rush hour. "I have my hand on the e-brake," the man responded when confronted. Father of the year? View Now

Texas Police Officers Use Excessive Force on Kids, are Suspended

WARNING: Adult language. A police officer in Texas has been placed on administrative leave after a video went viral that shows him pushing a teenage girl to the ground, shoving her face into the grass, and pulling a gun on another teenager. Police were reportedly dispatched after a call was made about a fight between two women, but when cops arrived, many kids — attending a pool party — started running, which caused mass confusion for the officers, leading to profane language and excessive force used by the police. View Now

What Does the Word 'B*tch' Mean to You?

WARNING: Obvious adult language used here. When you hear the word "bitch," what does it make you think of? That's the heavily-charged question Cut Video posed to a group of women ranging in age from 15 to 50 years old in a word association-type of exercise. This is what they had to say. What does the word mean to you? via Cut Video View Now

Jon Stewart to Caitlyn Jenner: Get Ready For Criticism

The outpouring of positive remarks about Bruce Jenner transitioning into Caitlyn Jenner was very positive. But, as Jon Stewart of Comedy Central's The Daily Show points out, there will always be some sort of criticism — intentional or not — because she is now a woman in America. View Now

Cyclist Hits Toddler, Yells at Parents and Flees the Scene

Tragedies often occur in the blink of an eye. When Lauren Howarth took her daughter Lucie out of the car, she had no way of knowing that only moments later, Lucie would be bloodied on the ground. A cyclist accidently hit the girl as he rode past, and Lucie was stuck to the bike for about fifteen feet as he slowed to a stop. But surprisingly, the cyclist yelled at the parents and rode away. Police are on the lookout for the hit-and-run cyclist, and Lucie is expected to make a full recovery. View Now

Help Guys Overcome the Difficulties of Being a Man: A Parody

Did you know men only make 25% more than women? And that they're 90% more likely to contract testicular cancer? That's just cruel. So why don't we all come together, for a change, and unite to help men overcome the difficulties of being a male in this, err, male-driven society. Yea, it's a parody - just in case there was any lingering confusion. Good one, Twinzies! View Now

Tensions Rise Rapidly as Tow Truck Driver is Caught Damaging Vehicles

Being a tow truck driver must be hard - mostly because nobody likes them. But guys like the tow truck operator in Pueblo, Colorado aren't doing much to help their reputation. Tasked with moving a group of illegally parked cars, the driver towed the vehicles away in a fashion that damaged the vehicles, and hit them against the fence as he pulled into the tow lot. The towing company is currently under investigation, and could potentially lose their operating license due to damage of personal property. View Now

The Victims Hotline We Never Thought We'd Need

We were all shocked to hear woman after woman coming forward with rape and date rape drug allegations against iconic comedian Bill Cosby. So of course who could have predicted there would be such high demand for a victims hotline to address the influx of alleged victims. That's where the fellas from Scotch Tape come in. Don't watch this video if you're a staunch supporter of Bill Cosby, or if you don't have a sense of humor.  View Now