How Cats Can Literally and Figuratively Take Over Our Computers

Artist Kelsey Goldych imagines a very surreal, yet literal interpretation of how cats take over our computers with this playful short starring a mischievous cat. If you know anything about the internet, you know cats pretty much rule it all. Check out this super clever animated piece Goldych created for her senior project at Savannah College of Art and Design in Georgia with original music by Zack Bogucki. View Now

Rambo and the Quadcopter

Riaan Roux's adorable Jack Russell Terrrier, Rambo, might only be 7 months old, but the little guy is old enough to know about one of the coolest tech trends: mini quadcopters! View Now

How to Get a Proper Bear Hug From A Huge Great Dane

This video is one of the countless reasons why dogs are the best. When this Great Dane's owner comes home, he knows he'll be greeted by a big bear hug from Rosco. It takes a little effort, but is so well worth it. Can you feel the love? View Now