This Pug Sure Knows How to Relax

It's hot as heck! Can you blame this guy for lying in a bucket of water, wearing his red shades and catching up on his beauty sleep? Of course not! If only all of us could look that cool taking a nap. The snoring is just the cherry on top. View Now

Frozen's Anna Calling Little Girl With Brain Tumor Is Adorable

This is such a sweet video! Watch little Avery Talbert receive a very special phone call from none other than Anna, one of the two main characters from Disney's "Frozen." Avery was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor a few months ago. See her sweet little face change expressions from confusion to excitement and then downright delight when she hears the sisters would like to make her an honorary princess. View Now

Laura the Pet Lizard Popping Bubbles Is the Cutest Thing

Just when you think you've seen it all, comes this video. We're used to seeing cats and dogs and other domesticated pets doing cute things that make us go "Awww." But once in a blue moon we see a not-so-common household pet doing a not-so-common trick. Now we've got Laura the lizard who likes popping bubbles... a lot. Now that's certainly something we don't see every day. View Now

There's a Reason Dog's a Man's Best Friend

First of all, dogs are helpful. RightThisMinute superfan Denny Maes' dog Bella has mastered the art of getting the paper—even the massive Sunday edition! Also, they share common interests; Mikey Johnstone got a GoPro, and his dog Maddie immediately took up a fascination with it as well. What other animal is as dedicated as a dog? View Now

Turns Out Londoners Aren't So Bad After All

Citizens of London sometimes get a bad rap for being rude and unfriendly. Action Productions decided to set up situations around London that would allow Londoners to choose to be a good person, or to be something worse. Whenever someone did something nice, the AP team would burst into song congratulating them. If only that happened in real life... View Now

The Baby Life is the Simple Life

For kids, life is simple: apples are apples (and so are cherries, cows, etc.); talking means making sounds come out of your mouth; and people belong on the ground, not flying through the air on some wacky contraption. View Now

Cool Dogs and Smelly Skunks

When you're a dog on the go, few things feel as good as ice cold air blasting in your face after a long, hot day. And when you're a tiny skunk with odor issues, it feels good to follow a robotic vacuum around, because maybe, just maybe, it can suck up your stench. View Now

Guy's Secret Excited Dance to the Surprise Baby News is Just Aww-Some!

A throwback that's trending now features the priceless reactions of soon-to-be grandparents discovering the wonderful news. Needless to say, they were excited, especially grandpa! But he made sure nobody was around to see him express it. Lucky for us, the camera captured everything! via JukinVideo View Now

93-Year-Old Man Has Touching Song for Hillary Clinton

It doesn't matter what your political stance is, you have to admit this is pretty great. Jerry is 93, could easily be in a barbershop quartet, and he wrote this song for Hillary Clinton, which was posted by a volunteer at the elderly home where Jerry lives. View Now