First-Person View of a Wingsuit Pilot Almost Slamming into Fellow Wingsuiter

Two wingsuit pilots in Italy almost had a head on collision while flying over Viale Palmiro. One pilot was wearing an action camera, and from his vantage point, the proximity between him and the other wingsuiter looks incredibly dangerous. It's suspected that it was planned, because wingsuit pilots are notoriously safe, and leaving something like this to chance seems very out of character. View Now

Urban Explorers Gallavant Through an Abandoned Bank

A group of urban explorers came across more than just blueprints and granite pillars while inside an old abandoned bank - they found a cannabis plant growing within the vault. Not sure who deposited it, but whoever they are, they're definitely a high roller. View Now

Man Catfishes Kids, Parents Lose It

No parent wants to think that their child is dumb enough to meet a stranger that they’ve talked to online. Well, viral video star Coby Persin “catfished” some unlucky kids under the profile name “Amanda Green.” With their parents permission, Persin arranged some (potentially) very dangerous situations to see if the teens would take the bait. Spoiler alert: they did. View Now

Bad at Driving & Smart at Fixing

A tourist proved herself to be a terrible visitor to Majorca, Spain, when she made a U-turn on the freeway. Somehow only one vehicle was damaged in the debacle. And if the damage was only a dent, here's one way to try and get rid of it: douse the damaged area with piping hot water, then reach inside the car and pop that dent right out.  View Now

Woman Arrested After Pit Bulls Attack Man

WARNING: GRAPHIC VIDEO. SOME MAY FIND IT DISTURBING. A 62-year-old man was viciously attacked by two pit bulls outside a New York church. Police say the dogs' owner ordered the animals to attack the man after an argument. The man suffers from lacerations all over his body, including a severed ear. Officials say the female owner was arrested for reckless endangerment and assault, and the two pit bulls may have to be euthanized. View Now

Officers Pull Out all the Stops in This Arrest

When a dangerous individual is making trouble in a public space, police must act quickly. A man that police believe had PCP in his system went into a fast food restaurant in Maryland, where he starting talking to himself and punching tables. The police were caled, but it was not until after he was tased and maced that he calmed down enough for the police to arrest him. The man went back to the restaurant the next day, not even realizing he had been there the day before. View Now

Shark Addicts on the Hunt for Injured Sharks

Shark populations have decreased drastically over the years, and the Shark Addicts want to do their part to change that. They dive into the sea and remove hooks from sharks, as well as fishing line and other man-made items. The Addicts came to RightThisMinute  talk about their mission and shark preservation. to View Now

Hail Takes on the Sky, Roads and Even Seas in Naples, Italy

Anyone who was planning on participating in outdoor activities in Naples, Italy last week was probably very disappointed in the weather. Hail rained down upon the city, damaging everything from cars to boats. It's a pretty amazing sight, but the weather definitely made it difficult to get around. View Now

Motorcyclists Jumps Median into Oncoming Traffic, Fatally Wounds Other Rider

In a tragic accident in Mexico, one rider's actions resulted in the death of another. The reckless driver was taking sharp turns very quickly, and ended up losing control and rode over the median, into oncoming traffic. A motorcyclist on the other side of the median swerved to avoid getting hit, but was hit and fatally wounded by another vehicle. This tragic incident is a grave reminder to ride very carefully. View Now

Guy Watches His Boat Sail Away After a Failed Attempt at Ghost Riding

ghost riding is the act of leaving your vehicle while it's in motion. It's usually a good idea to do this with someone else because leaving a car—or in this instance, a boat— without a driver is a bad idea. So when this guy ate it while ghost riding behind his boat with no one else around, it would be safe to assume something bad would happen. But in this case, that would be an incorrect assumption, as he sat back and drank a root beer while his boat circled back around to him. Life just isn't fair sometimes. View Now