She's Digging For Gold in All the Right Places

Headed back to the Bering Strait with her eyes on the Prize, Emily Riedel is ready to find some gold. Riedel and her all-female team of golddiggers teamed up with her former ex in this upcoming season of Bering Sea Gold on the Discovery Channel. Riedel joined RTM hosts to talk about the upcoming season. View Now

One Man's Mission to Do Missions Across the U.S. for Random Strangers

Everyone has those summer vacation plans, but Daniel Altman's are a little different. He actually has no specific plan. His plan is YOU. He has set out on a mission across the U.S. to do missions for random strangers and you have the power to give him his next destination. Daniel and his travel buddy, Benson, stopped by the RTM studio to tell us all about the Internet Adventure Club.  You can follow Daniel on his journey through Snapchat: danielthepirate View Now

The Herkimer Diamond is Such a Tease

With a name like the Herkimer Diamond, one could plausibly deduce two things: first, that it's from Herkimer, New York. Second, that it's a diamond. Unfortunately, one of those things is true, and it's not that these guys just uncovered a gem worth millions of dollars. View Now

Around the World in 360-Degree Selfies with Friends

He did it once and now Alex Chacón is traveling again in all his video-selfie-taking glory. But this time he was joined by friends for #selfieswithfriends all over the world. However, his adventures are not about taking videos of himself in incredible places, they have a greater purpose. Alex gives back and does charity work in every single country he visits. We caught up with the worldly explorer who took time out of his busy traveling schedule to tell us all about his recent breathtaking journey. View Now

10 Years Ago Today the First-Ever YouTube Video was Uploaded

Today might be the ultimate #ThrowbackThursday. Ten years ago today, YouTube co-founder Jawed Karim uploaded the first-ever video onto the site, titled "Me at the zoo," which at the time of this posting has reached just under 20 million total views. YouTube has certainly come a long way since this video's debut on April 23, 2005, providing us with hours and hours of amazing content, and generating nearly $5 billion in 2014.   View Now

Craigslister Co-opts 1987 Ad to Sell 2002 Taurus in 2015

In order to sell something quickly online, you have to make a catchy ad. An Omaha Craigslister really drove this point home when he took audio from a 1987 Ford Taurus ad, adjusted it to fit the description of his 2002 Taurus, and played it to shots of the car he wants to sell. Unfortunately even a great ad can't sell a "meh" product, and although his ad went viral, the car is still for sale. View Now

Twin Strangers Project Aims to Connect Doppelgängers

Would you recognize your doppelgänger walking down the street? It's estimated that every person has seven doppelgängers throughout the world, and a group of people at Twin Strangers want to find theirs. They're offering rewards to anyone that helps them find their doppelgänger, so check them out and see if you know their unrelated twin. View Now

Take a Look Inside New York's Most Mysterious Mansion

Abandoned for decades, this mysterious mansion in the heart of New York City was recently sold for $55 million. Animal New York got exclusive - although perhaps not totally legal - access to film the dwelling before the new owner makes their mark. What they found was a time capsule of sorts, reminiscent of the 1960's. View Now

How are McDonald's French Fries Made?

McDonald's has been busy putting together behind-the-scenes videos to show just how its food is made. Smart marketing, really. They've showed how the McRib and McNuggets are made, and now they're taking viewers on a tour of the factory to see how its golden french fries are made. Pass the ketchup, please. View Now

Astronauts Grow Water Bubble in Space

So many cool things happen aboard the International Space Station. NASA astronauts Steve Swanson and Reid Wiseman and European Space Agency astronaut Alexander Gerst experimented with the phenomenon of water surface tension in microgravy. This form of water is like nothing we've seen before. View Now

Man Walks Tightrope over Chicago Skyline Blindfolded

Nik Wallenda has achieved some pretty high goals. During a Discovery telecast, Wallenda walked twice across a tightrope. The first, which lasted about 7 minutes, saw him walk across two city blocks from almost 600 feet up. He was blindfolded for the second walk, which lasted about 2 minutes. View Now