Riveting Rescues: Dog Attacks Boy, Woman Saved From Cable Car

First up, watch these brave men save a young boy from a vicious dog attack. The owner lost grasp of the animal and then the dog went after the boy and tore off his ear. Second, see this woman get rescued from a dangling cable car in China. Emergency rescue crew members had to use ropes and pulleys to lower the woman to safety.  View Now

Bad Dog, Good Dog, Awesome Chameleon

You've got to check out these funny dog videos. First, you have to see this poor dog who just can't keep up with the other dogs in the backyard. Second, this a maltese dives off of a cliff. The dog sees the people do it and thinks it looks fun. Third, Laura the chameleon likes to pop bubbles. The owner likes to let the lizard hang out on his hand and pop bubbles. View Now

You Have to Watch This Dog's (Accidental) First Front Flip

This has to be one of the funniest - and most impressive examples of dogs being clumsy. See how this dog does his very first front flip when all he was trying to do was fetch! The form and approach is so smooth you would think the pooch has been practicing for months! We give it a 10.  View Now

NFL's Honey Badger Sweats it Out for PETA PSA

Arizona Cardinals safety Tyrann Mathieu — nicknamed the Honey Badger — shows us just how hot it can get inside of a car in warm weather. This big guy can only stand 8 minutes. Dogs have even less time. Remember never to leave a dog inside of a car! View Now

Bubbly Babies & Dirty Doggies

Have you ever washed your dog and thought: there must be a better way to do this? The Woof Washer 360 allows pet owners to wash their dogs outside with an awesome hose attachment. Also, is there a thing as too much bubbles in the bath? This mom gets a bubbly surprise.  View Now

Rescuers Lend a Helping Paw to a Compton Pack of Puppies and Their Pop

Rescuers from Hope for Paws saved this family of dogs in Compton, California. The crew was shocked to learn that it was the dad and not the mom protecting the pack of three puppies living in a steel yard. The father dog was named Wonton and his three puppies are Noodle, Macaroni, and Ravioli. The non-profit organization gave the dogs a bath and a vet check-up. The family is now living at the Hope Ranch Animal Sanctuary and are up for adoption. View Now

Birthday Dog Has a Ball in His Very Own Ball Pit

What can you get Maymo for his birthday that he doesn't already have? Chocolate is a no no, and a brand new car would be useless, since they don't give driver's licenses to dogs. How about a personal ball pit? Perfect. View Now