Epic Antics: Cart, Kite

You've got to see these silly men doing some crazy stunts. First these dudes decided to take a ride on a hotel cart and the rider ends up taking a tumble. Second this guy tried to fly dangling from a power kite.  View Now

90+ MPH Zip Line in Canada

You've got to see this amazing point-of-view footage from a zip line is Whistler, British Columbia, Canada. It's the longest zip line in Canada. It's 1.2 miles long and 600 feet high. The rider zips through the sky at 93 miles per hour. View Now

Boats With Jet Engines Racing

These boats are awesome because they feature a jet engine. Check out this footage from the 2015 World Jet Boat Racing Marathon in Taylor, British Columbia, Canada. This was shot on the sixth day of the event. One of the boats was filming when the engine suddenly failed and lost control right in the path of other boats. Fortunately, the oncoming boats were able to spot the breakdown and veer out of the way.    View Now

Thrilling Zip Line in the Philippines

Check out this amazing footage from the Philippines. This is the Lake Sebu Seven Falls Zip Line. In this video, you can see the rider's reaction to the drop off of the earth beneath him as he soars over a waterfall. The zip line features a red sail that slows the ride down so the rider can enjoy the breathtaking scenery below. Now doesn't that look exhilarating?  View Now

Tanks for the Memories Moscow

Check out this footage from The International Tank Biathlon Championship in Moscow, Russia. One of the tanks flipped on its side after speeding down the track. A local blogger said that the tank was only slightly damaged and the Kuwaiti crew that were inside are okay just bruised.               View Now

Black Knights Catching Some Epic Air

Check out the Black Knights of the Republic of Singapore Air Force and their awesome air stunts. They are performing a synchronized 360 air roll in a diamond formation. This is the gear up for the 50-year celebration of Singapore's Independence.  View Now

Great White Shark, Huge Halibut

Check out this amazing great white shark on facebook and "like" the page. This shark was about 8 feet long and 4 feet wide. That's about a third the size of the boat they were filming from. The video of the shark was captured using a GoPro. Next check out this amazing 150-pound halibut. The fisherman caught it in Alaska, took a photo with it and released it.  View Now

Mission Impossible Paintball Trick Shots

The dudes from the Dude Perfect YouTube Channel and their panda team up for an impossible mission promoting the new Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation film. You've got to see these epic paintball trick shots: Paintball Pictionary, Wakesurf Shot, Cody Trust Shot and Twin Shot. You are sure to be entertained by these hilarious antics. The dudes don't recommend you try these stunts at home.  View Now

"Oh-Man-Ches-Ter-Is-Won-Der-Ful" -Jack

Manchester United, soccer stars, play an amazing game of head ball while they wait in a hotel. Each player head butts the ball to the next and the last player makes a goal in the trash can for a fun finale to the silly match. Then watch RightThisMinute's video editor, Jack, try to get the crowd pumped at a Manchester United game. He is able to successfully get to two fans to chant along with him.  View Now

Aspiring Storm Chaser Films Tempests for Two Weeks & Creates Stunning Timelapse

Mike Olbinski took two weeks off to chase storms this summer, and came back with spectacular results. His journey spanned 10,000 miles and went through ten states, and when he got home he had 45,000 frames of footage to sift through. His footage, coupled with a powerful soundtrack, creates a moving film that beautifully portrays the awe of nature. See "The Chase" in full here. View Now