Plane Combating Forest Fire Crashes into Lake Skadar

Planes are often used to drop water on forest fires, but usually the main danger the pilot faces is the flames. Unfortunately for one such pilot fighting fires near Lake Skadar in Montenegro, he had more trouble with the lake, and crashed into it. Reports say the pilot has suffered no serious injuries. View Now

It Looks Like 2016 is Going to be Hot. Really Hot.

Love a man in uniform? Well these firefighters aren't exactly wearing regulation gear, but for the 2016 Firefighters Calendar Australia, they're willing to take the risk. And something tells us the people buying these calendars don't mind one bit. If you can handle it, watch the full teaser trailer here: View Now

Switzerland Building Smoke, Fire and Explosion

Check out this video of an explosion that took place in a building in Switzerland. After the fire started, a large plume of smoke emerged and several explosions occurred. Fire crews arrived on the scene and tweeted warning neighboring people in buildings to keep windows shut due to the smoke. Several angles were captured on video and luckily no one was injured in the incident.  View Now

Explosive Car Fire, Firefighter Firework Footage

These two videos seem to be scenes cut straight out of a movie. First, see a nasty nitrous race car fire explosion. Then, see helmet camera footage from a brave firefighter who got the wind knocked out of him during a hand-lit firework show. He insists that the show must go on; that is dedication to patriotic performance.  View Now

If You Can't Take the Capsaicin, Don't Drink the Beer!

YouTube Viral Video Vlogger, Chuck from the Bronx, was challenged by a fan to ingest two extremely spicy beers. The beers were in plain brown bottles and infused with varying amounts of something called The Source. The Source is a liquid extract that is 7 times hotter than a ghost pepper. Chuck's face gets very red and he vomits on camera. That beer is going to be the source of one hot hangover. View Now

Fail of July — Explosive Firework Footage

This is some scary footage from a celebration gone wrong in the city of San Gabriel, California. Party guests were enjoying fireworks when one firework exploded in front of a vehicle. The crowd of people ran away. Luckily, everyone was unharmed. Fireworks are illegal in this city, but police issued no citations.  View Now

Firefighter Footage Behind-the-Scenes

You've got to see this firefighter's body camera footage from a fire. In the video you can see the point of view the firefighter has while fighting this firefighter. Then, watch these fire victims escape a building fire by creating a ladder from bed sheets. Firefighters arrive by ladder and are able to get them down. View Now

Fantastic and Failing Firework Footage

RTM brings you the best and the worst firework footage from the Fourth of July. First up is an epic fail, from Lake Bonaparte in New York, watch as a barge is accidentally set on fire. Second is another fail, a drone vlogger straped fireworks to his drone and accidentally blew it up. If you feel generous you can donate via GoFundMe to help him get a new drone. The last video, by DRT Nation, will restore your faith in drone footage. View Now

Trolley Catches Fire and Keeps Driving & Smart Car Rams a Parked Car

Sometimes the aftermath in an accident can be even worse than the accident itself. A trolley in Ukraine caught fire earlier this week, but things got worse when it kept driving down the road. Then in the UK, a driver ran into someone's car that was parked in their driveway. The best thing to do would have been to approach the people in the home, but this and passengers driver instead made things worse by leaving the scene. View Now

Summer Means Wildfires From Saskatchewan to Kansas

A massive wildfire Saskatchewan forced residents to quickly evacuate their homes, including this driver who barely made it out in time. Another unfortunate fire in Kansas resulted in a wind turbine billowing in black smoke with pieces of it crashing to the ground.  View Now

Celebratory Bonfire Ends Disastrously

What was supposed to be a innocent bonfire in celebration of a popular nighttime festival turned into horrific disaster. The gas can used to light the fire exploded creating a fireball that injured, reports say, as many as 12 people. View Now

Security Guard Rescues Man From Burning Vehicle

An SUV fell from a bridge and burst into flames in Saudi Arabia, trapping the driver in the vehicle. Onlookers attempted to rescue the driver, and a nearby security guard was able to drag him out through the windows. The driver's current condition is unknown. View Now

This is Probably the Most Fun Anyone Has Had With Steel Wool Ever

Ever finish doing a deep clean of your place, but don't know what to do with all the leftover cleaning supplies? Here's one thing we don't recommend because it's dangerous (but if you end up doing it send us the video) - set your steel wool on fire! The Creatably Team took some steel wool into the wilderness and made an awesome fireworks show out of it. Definitely a lot more fun than using it to scrape three-month old spaghetti sauce off your counter. View Now