Dave Franco, McLovin & NFL Stars Team Up in Hilariously Absurd 'Madden Movie'

Well, it’s Madden season again folks and that means it's time to decide whether or not you're going to cough up the cash for the next installment in the popular video game series. But after watching the "movie" you're going to want to play Madden 16. This is what happens when an epic team of playmakers, consisting of Dave Franco, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Julio Jones, Rob Gronkowski, Colin Kaepernick, Antonio Brown and Rex Ryan assemble to take down an evil boss in a game of Madden. View Now

High School Football Hype Video Will Give You Goosebumps

The Arickaree/Woodlin football team is back to defend its title after an undefeated 2014 season. The hype video for this team in Anton, Colorado — about 100 miles east of Denver — will give you goosebumps. If you don't want to take over the world after watching this video, crank up the volume and watch it again. View Now

The NFL is Way More Exciting on Telemundo

There are so many things more exciting than a 25-yard field goal to break a 0-0 tie in the first quarter of a meaningless preseason NFL game. Unless you are Telemundo Wisconsin's Epigmenio Guerrero, who yelled "GOOOOAL" for an astounding 21 seconds in a Packers game against the Patriots. View Now

Feel-Good Friday: Football Coach Surprises Player With Scholarship

You don't have to be a fan of Notre Dame, college football or sports in general to really appreciate how great this video is. Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly asked walk-on running back Josh Anderson to model the team's new uniforms in front of the entire team. Once the coach went over the details of the new uniforms, he turned his attention to the senior wearing the gear and told him that as a result of his hard work, he has earned a scholarship. A scholarship in Division I athletics results in tuition and fees paid, sure, but it's much more than that. It's recognition. View Now

Ohio State Football Players Get Pranked Again

When you're the defending national championship team and the preseason No. 1 team, you're allowed to have a little fun. The Ohio State Buckeyes are doing just that. First there was the "dummy" prank in the locker room that scared the crud out of players. Now there's the haunted trash can! View Now

Gronk, Big Papi Release 4th Dunkin' Donuts Song

Forget drinking the Kool-Aid. We're drinkin' Dunkin'. The brand has released the fourth "Summer Chill" song by Rob Gronkowski and David "Big Papi" Ortiz called "4 Things We Love," which are dirt roads, a pickup, Dunkin' Iced Coffee and America. View Now

NFL's Honey Badger Sweats it Out for PETA PSA

Arizona Cardinals safety Tyrann Mathieu — nicknamed the Honey Badger — shows us just how hot it can get inside of a car in warm weather. This big guy can only stand 8 minutes. Dogs have even less time. Remember never to leave a dog inside of a car! View Now

Video: Florida State QB De'Andre Johnson Punches Woman

WARNING: Graphic violence. A video of Florida State University quarterback De'Andre Johnson punching a woman has been released by the State Attorney's Office in Tallahassee. The incident happened in a bar June 24. Johnson, 19, is being charged with misdemeanor battery. View Now

Summer Jam Alert: Gronk Ft. Big Papi: 'Sippin'

Everyone grab your iPods now and immediately put this song at the top of your "Summer Fire" playlist. Rob Gronkowski and David "Big Papi" Ortiz have an incredibly odd — yet satisfyingly catchy — summer jam, "Sippin" to promote Dunkin' Donuts coffee. The video is corny, funny, cool and just perfect overall. Brb — going to make a Dunkin' run. View Now

Gronk Lost His Shirt, Found a Puppy & Stole our Hearts

You have to love Rob Gronkowski. You have to be a fan. It's only American. So even after watching this strange Dujour video, we don't bat an eye. It's Rob working out, swimming, petting a dog, playing on the beach with a gaggle of women, eating fruit, getting a haircut, reading, wearing gladiator outfits, sailing away on an inflatable boat with aforementioned gaggle — all spliced intermittently with old-timey footage and the song "Stars and Stripes Forever," which is from 1897. View Now

Rob Gronkowski's Tips for Tinder

Today is Rob Gronkowski's 26th birthday. To celebrate Gronk's big 2-6, let's look at his tips and tricks for any bros out there trying to up their Tinder game. 1) Don't be too picky. Swipe right on everyone, just to get the ball rolling. 2) Search online for "pickup lines on Tinder." 3) You can't  be serious. 4) Send a photo of yourself with your shirt off. 5) When all else fails, be Rob Gronkowski. View Now

Rob Gronkowski Responds to Deflategate

Rob Gronkowski has been getting a lot of questions from the media about deflategate lately, but why won't folks ask about all the good stuff he's doing for multiple charities? Here's Gronk's response to the media. View Now

Lingerie Football Player Wins MVP, Slams a Beer

The Legends Football League — formerly known as the Lingerie Football League — has been full of serious athletes since its creation 12 years ago. These women play the sport a lot better than many guys could. And apparently they celebrate a lot harder than many guys, too. Take Chicago Bliss' free-safety Alli Alberts, for example. After being awarded the game MVP honors, she promptly chugged a full beer at midfield. Epic. View Now

Student Government Hopeful Gets Obliterated By College Linebacker

Danny Siegel is a student at UCLA, and he's hoping to be elected as the school's next USAC General Representative. To show his fellow students just how badly he wants it, he has elected to take a hit by UCLA linebacker Myles Jack, the 2013 Pac-12 defensive and offensive player of the year. What this stunt has to do with school politics is beyond us, but we applaud him for his bravery and wish him a speedy recovery. View Now