Don't Be 'That Guy' at the Independence Day Party

Meet the 5 People You Meet At A Fourth of July Party: The American Bro, The Misinformed One, The One Who Couldn't Get Out of Work, The Historian, and The Overly Concerned One. This video will get you in the spirit for the big parties this weekend. Remember, don't be "that guy" at the Independence Day bash! View Now

Make Your Own Tetris Tater Tots

Whoever told you not to play with your food? They obviously weren't privileged enough to ever have Tetris-themed tater tots. They're easy enough to make, then you can just drop them in place and eat the completed rows as you go! View Now

Birthday Dog Has a Ball in His Very Own Ball Pit

What can you get Maymo for his birthday that he doesn't already have? Chocolate is a no no, and a brand new car would be useless, since they don't give driver's licenses to dogs. How about a personal ball pit? Perfect. View Now