Tired of Interacting With Your Family? Let 'Robot You' Handle It!

Are you so over talking to your friends and family on the phone? Do you want to scream every time it rings? Then "Robot You" may be just the product you've been looking for. It's a device that connects to your smartphone and, with a little simple customization, Robot You will handle all of those bland conversations for you. Watch Friendboat's "commercial" to learn more about this genius product.  View Now

Put Down Your Phone and Pick Up Your Family Life With Ned

Josh and Jenny Solar found a way to carve out at least one hour of uninterrupted quality family time by creating a monster. A friendly monster, that is, and his name is Ned. All you have to do is "feed" Ned at least once a day so you can spend time with your loved ones without being glued to your smart phone screen. Check out their Kickstarter page and learn all about Ned the Phone Monster. What a great concept! View Now

Tracker Lets You Know Exactly What Your Pooch Was Up To

If your dog has the tendency to wander off, worry no more! Whistle GPS is a new tracking system that keeps track of not only your pooch's location, but also his or her activity. You can get all this information right on your smartphone. Check out this video to see how the gadget works. Walter is only too happy to demonstrate. You can pre-order your Whistle here. View Now

Fly Little Kid Fly

Action Movie Kid was trying his hand at gadgets around the house, when he got a bit carried away. The little vigilante took a big trip to the top of his own Batcave by way of his grappling gun in this one. View Now

9-Year Time-Lapse of the Rise of One World Trade Center

In honor of the 12th anniversary of 9/11, EarthCam released this inspiring time-lapse movie of the rebuilding of the World Trade Center. This video captures the development progress from October 2004 up to September 2013 using hundreds of thousands of high-definition images that were hand-edited for this movie. The transformation includes the installation of the spire that took the building to an impressive height of 1,776 feet.  View Now

The Eco-Friendly Smartphone That Really Should Exist

Today, Apple officially announced their new iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c. It seems like every year, phone manufacturers unveil their newest model. This means that people are constantly getting new phones. What do they do with the old phones? Throw them away. That has created ever-increasing tech waste. Phonebloks will solve all of that. View Now

Mum, What Is This Huge Rubber 'Toy' I Just Found?

Kids say (and find) the darndest things. Perhaps Mum should have thought of a better, more suitable, and less accessible place for her, err, adult toy? This hilarious video was shot by the mom's boyfriend. He simply cannot control his laughter after her son finds a very large and very odd "toy" and his mother desperately tries to confiscate the curious object. View Now

Introducing the New iPhone 5S and All It Can Still Do

It's what a lot of us have been waiting for! Apple will be releasing the brand-spanking-new iPhone 5S soon and here's all you really need to know about the new gadget. Matthias created this introductory video to show you exactly what you're getting. To create the new iPhone, engineers started with a design they really loved and then... stopped. Nobody likes change, right? View Now

Do the Safety Bounce While You Ride It Out on the MBTA

You can't blame them for thinking outside the box. The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) used a unique approach to teach their residents about being safe while using their transportation system. They used the universal language of music by creating this hip-hop-themed music video featuring rapper Cedric Crowe. The video includes lyrics such as "Peep the yellow line, the gap is not your friend," when referring to that tricky space between the platform and the subway car. What do you think? View Now
Daily Huh?

The Curious Case of the Shy Spider-Man Wannabe Rapper

Adam works at an Apple Store in San Francisco. He found a USB on the floor while cleaning and this video was on the drive. It appears to be a shy aspiring rapper who will gladly tape his own performance (for critiquing purposes, of course), but only if he can wear his Spidey mask. Adam kindly offers to return the USB to whomever this video belongs to in the video description, but something tells us the masked rapper will not be claiming his device. View Now

Dad Gives Son the Gift of Mobility

Most two-year-olds are known for running around and getting into anything they can. Because Alejandro was born with Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 1, he has not had the chance to be a regular two-year-old, as he is basically completely paralyzed. See the awesome way his dad has given him the opportunity move around and become more independent. View Now