Was 'Daniel-Son' Actually the Bad Guy in 'The Karate Kid?'

Who would've thunk it? J. Matthew Turner is blowing the Internet's mind with his conspiracy theory that Daniel LaRusso AKA "The Karate Kid" was actually the bully in the movie, as opposed to Johnny — who got the bad rap. Turner even goes so far as to suggest Daniel was a violent sociopath. We hate to admit it but, after watching this video, he has some pretty valid points. Mind = blown! View Now

Playboy Names the 10 Hottest YouTubers

Playboy has named the 10 hottest YouTubers just in time for VidCon going down in Anaheim, California. See who's hot and who's not on the Internet, according to the hot women experts at Playboy. View Now

Aliens Try Earthling Food for the Very First Time

If you've seen any Buzzfeed video, you know they are big fans of "[Enter culture here] eat [enter type of food here] for the first time. Collective Noun took that formula and created this out-of-this-world parody (pun intended). Watch as "otherworldly" beings try Nutella, Doritos and - you guessed it - a Mars chocolate bar. Check it out! View Now

May the Force Confuse You

This is weird. This is cool. This is talent. This is dorky. This is impressive. This is a man balancing on a BB-8 Droid playing  a bagpipe that shoots flames in Portland. Epic. View Now

'Star Trek' Star Tries to Explain 'Star Wars' Day

Tim Russ is best known for his role as Tuvok in "Star Trek" Voyager." He joined Upright Citizen's Brigade to explain what May the fourth — Star Wars Day — is all about, with a lot of made-up information, of course. Happy birthday, Star Wars! View Now

May the Fourth Be With You — LEGO Style

Today is May 4. It's May the fourth. Like, May the fourth be with you. Because fourth and force kind of sound the same. It's a corny, overly-simplistic play on words that have rendered today "Star Wars Day," a day that will celebrate the most successful movie series of all time. Strange things happen on this anniversary every year. To stay weird, WIRED spent 16 hours building an $800 LEGO Super Star Destroyer stet — only to ruin it super crazy fast and film it all in slow motion. Because May 4.  View Now

Teen Sets Rubik's Cube Record, Classmakes Go Bonkers

There's a new Rubik's Cube record, folks. Collin Burns solved a 3x3x3 puzzle in 5.25 seconds in the cafeteria at Central Bucks West High School in Doylestown, Penn., this weekend. It breaks the two-year-old record of 5.55 seconds set by Mats Valk from the Netherlands. The record is great, but his peers' reactions are incredible. View Now

If Wes Anderson Directed the X-Men

If Wes Anderson directed an installment of the X-Men, we think it would be pretty awesome. Combining the beloved mutant superheroes with the quirky hipster style of the polarizing director would be a quite interesting take indeed. View Now

Live Long and Prosper: Leonard Nimoy Dead at 83

Leonard Nimoy helped shape a genre. Synonymous with science fiction, Spock was Captain Kirk's best friend and right-hand man on Star Trek. It is with great regret we report the death of Leonard Nimoy. He was 83-years-old.  View Now

'The Power Rangers' Just Got a Hardcore Makeover

Warning, some may find this content inappropriate. Any 90s kid will be gleaming with excitement after watching. The hit TV show The Mighty Morphing Power Rangers just got a hardcore, ultraviolent makeover. It is so awesome. Also, that is definitely James Van Der Beek.  View Now

Oh, You're a Human? Prove it.

We all know those security codes that make you prove you're a human and not a computer. We all also know the complete frustration how hard it can be sometimes.  View Now

Tennis Player vs WWII-era Tank

You've probably guessed that this video is fake. You're correct. That fact doesn't take away how awesome it is. The filmmaker, Michael Shanks, is extremely talented.  View Now

Camera Trick that Will Definitely Trip You Out

This is one of the trippiest camera tricks we have ever seen. By plugging in the D-SLR camera into a monitor and then shooting the screen, you get this effect. The sound effects really gives it that extra bit of craziness.  View Now