One and Done: UFC Fighter Retires After First Win

WARNING: Violent content. After earning his first ever UFC win — against a role model in Sam Stout, no less — Frankie Perez said he was retiring, saving his family and body from any further stress. That's pretty mature for a 26-year-old man. View Now

Bloody Confrontation Between Clashing Softball-Dads

Two fathers of New Jersey softball players engaged in a heated, bloody and physical altercation at a competition in Maryland. One father challenged the other to a fight via text message earlier in the day. The fight was recorded on a camera phone by a bystander. When police arrived on the scene EMS personnel were attending to one of the fathers who was bludgeoned and bloody. Police charged both fathers 2nd degree assault and disorderly conduct.  View Now

Fast Food Fights

This disgruntled coffee shop employee quit her job mid-shift and decided to make a scene. Watch a scuffle ensue when a manager physically tried to remove her from the building. Then see two fast food customers attack and barrage an employee. One woman throws a tray at the employee hitting her in the face.  View Now

See Some Scary and Shocking Situations

These videos are like scenes from the 'Final Destination' films. Up first, take a look at a man who takes a serious blow to the head when a truck chucks a chunk of wood straight at his skull. Second, this man was saved by his new lucky t-shirt from a speeding bullet. These are two very lucky people. View Now

GRAPHIC: Rihanna Ain't Playin' Around in 'B*tch Better Have My Money'

Warning: This video includes explicit lyrics and imagery. Oh no she didn't! Rihanna just released one of the most explicit and revengeful videos out there, and we love it. Watch RiRi and her crew of misfits wreak havoc on a wealthy couple who owe Rihanna some serious paper in her video for "B*tch Better Have My Money." Check it out! View Now

Taxi Driver Erupts When Asked to Move For an Ambulance

A taxi driver parked in a handicapped parking spot in Canada went off on a racist rant when asked to move for an incoming ambulance. When he was approached by security, the taxi driver began spewing racist vitriol, refusing to move until he personally saw the ambulance. The driver has since been suspended from the livery company he was driving for at the time of the incident. View Now

Behind the Famous Omaha Beach Scene

Warning: Video contains some graphic cinematic imagery. Regarded as the "most realistic representation of war ever put on screen," take a look at what really went down on Omaha Beach in Steven Spielberg's Saving Private Ryan. View Now

Street Justice Warriors Take on Motorist as He Attacks Elderly Trucker

One angry driver gets hit by a semi truck because he cut the truck off, and what does this individual do? Take responsibility for his actions, apologize for the situation, and exchange information? Nah, he just rages on the elderly trucker unsympathetically. Two onlookers see what happens and come to the rescue, and it looks like justice was served. View Now

Young Thugs Wreak Havoc Across UK & Canada

Youth violence is a serious problem. A highschooler in Canada was thrown to grown by a fellow pupil, and hit the ground so hard she got a cuncussion. And in th UK a group of bored kids decided to start shooting into neighborhood homes with airsoft guns. View Now

Teacher Gets Attacked and Beaten in Room Full of Students

A woman in southern Mexico barged in on a high school classroom and beat the teacher to the ground after she found out the teacher was having an affair with her husband. Students and staff alike stood by and watched the attack, and one person even thought to record it - but no one stepped in to help the teacher. The woman was not stopped, but stormed off when she had had her fill.  View Now

This Woman Has Spent the Last Five Years Naked in the Big Apple

Photographer Erica Simone has spent the last five years posing naked around New York City as part of an art project. This has sparked controversy, but not for what you would think - some complain about the double standard of a woman gallavanting freely about the city while men get jailed for public indecency. Either way, this collection of photographs is like nothing you've ever seen. View Now

Oh Snap! Check Out This Bone-Breaking Arm Wrestling Match

According to the official arm wrestling rules of the American Armsport Association, the unfortunate contender on the right was in the classic "break arm" position. The real tragedy here is that if the referee had stopped the match due to this position - per strict AAA regulations - the injury probably would not have occurred. View Now

Scary Brawls in Public Places From Around the World

Two attacks from around the world were recently caught on surveillance cameras. In clip one, an elevator in China was the setting of a female brawl. The fight got so intense that a man was sent to the hospital and a pregnant woman was also injured. In clip two, a man in a bar was kicked in the head twice and knocked out. He was put in a medically-induced coma to protect his brain and the two people that kicked him have been sentenced to jail time. View Now

Horrific Bull Attack Leaves Rider Bruised and Bloodied

WARNING THIS VIDEO IS GRAPHIC...Arlen is a bull rider from South Dakota. While trying to get this bull out of the pen, he literally "got the horns." Arlen was smashed head first into the medal poles by the massive animal and required about 20 staples and a lot more stitches for his injuries. Thankfully, he is recovering and actually went to work the next day. Video Courtesy: JukinVideo View Now

GRAPHIC: Man's Face Gets Stuck to Metal Structure

This one deserves a massive GRAPHIC WARNING! A man was punctured through his neck and jaw by a falling structure in China. Workers were forced to separate the man from the structure with metal bars sticking out of his face. Despite the gruesome injury, he was never in danger of losing his life. He had to have the metal removed from his face and he is expected to have a full recovery. View Now

GRAPHIC: Charles Trippy Guides Us Through His Brain Surgery

Warning, folks. This video could be pretty graphic to the squeamish. It was recently revealed that the popular YouTuber, Charles Trippy, was diagnosed with brain cancer. Since the diagnosis, he has been filming the entire process. Today's post shows his actual brain surgery where they remove the tumor. See what our hosts had to say about the up close and personal surgery.  View Now