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Identical Twins Switched at Birth In Real Life

Imagine you're a fraternal twin, until one day you discover that you're not a fraternal twin, but an identical one, just mixed up with another set of identical twins at birth. No, we're not talking about Big Business starring Bette Midler and Lily Tomlin. View Now

See How Men's Fashion Has Evolved Over the Past 100 Years

Let's take a trip down memory lane, shall we? Check out this awesome video by Mode Glam that shows you how mens' fashion has evolved throughout the last 100 years from 1915 to now. See how double-breasted blazers morphed into "greaser" cool and eventually turned into today's laid-back tight jeans and denim hipster shirt look. Sounds about right. View Now

The Official 'Dating Game' Song for Single Guys With Average Looks

This song goes out to all the single fellas with average looks. You're not alone, dudes! JaackMaate just dropped this rap music video that you should be able to relate to. Tired of taking girls out, spending money on them, and not hearing back? Yea, so is Jack. Let this be the unofficial official anthem for all the nice guys out there just looking for someone to love. View Now

Men, Young and Old, Discuss the Meaning of 'Be a Man'

Whatever the situation, whenever the time — we've all heard the phrase "be a man." It's a phrase many of us feel and hear differently. Cut Video decided to take those words to a group of males, ranging from ages five to 50, to find out what they thought "being a man" was all about. Their responses were eye-opening. Click here to see what the RTM hosts had to say. View Now

Sometimes It's Hard Being Really, Really, Ridiculously Good Looking

Before he was RightThisMinute's number one Hong Kong/English/Singaporean transplant, he was a model. And if industry-insider movies like Zoolander have taught us anything, it's that modeling isn't easy. Because when you're not off grabbing orange mocha frappuccino's and having gasoline fights with your fellow models, you're showing all of your physical vulnerabilities to a group of people whose job it is to judge you. So in honor of this stressful and intimidating time in his life, Oli found the demo reel of a fellow Singaporean model for everyone to watch and enjoy. View Now

If 'Fight Club' Was For Kids

Acclaimed author Chuck Palahniuk tries to adapt his cult classic Fight Club for the younger generations. Yeah, no, it's a great idea! If by "great" you mean "absolutely terrible, who thought this was a great idea?" View Now

Sometimes it Hurts to be a Guy

It's not easy being a guy, getting all sorts of crazy ideas tat will probably end in pain. Like sliding down a ramp with shoes - sounds like a blast! Until face meets pavement, that is. And why not take the kite out and let it take you around for a bit? All is well and good until you've been dragged for way longer than you thought and the beach is scribbled with the lines of your body being dragged through the sand. Poor guys. View Now

Have a Ball With This Getting Your Junk Stuck in a Bike Prank

Warning: Please don't watch this video if you're easily offended by fake, prosthetic genitalia jokes: It's not every day you come across a dude who's gotten his "crowned jewels" stuck on the spokes of his bike. That's exactly what controversial prankster Vitalyzd and Jesse from Prank vs Prank pull off in this video. Watch as unsuspecting passersby try and lend a hand. You will definitely cringe at this one. View Now